Petticoat JUNKtion


Distress furniture using baby wipes with this wet distress no mess technique.

I found the table at my favorite junk shop in Kentucky. 

The finish on the table was not in great shape, so I decided to paint it. The top had several rough parts and splotches of white paint in some areas. 

This gave me a solid color base for the top coat. I like to have the primer tinted gray because gray is so much easier to cover than white primer.

I’m still trying to use all my leftover paint before buying more. I mixed three colors of Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint together to make a beachy blue color.

The blue was beautiful but just ho-hum. I knew there were some pretty details along the top edge so on to the distressing.

I grabbed the pack of baby wipes and rubbed the paint off the raised details.

Swipe Up for all the Details