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Super Bowl Game Day Party Food Ideas

You might think the Super Bowl is all about football, but is it really? In my book, the food is the real player. We can’t forget the social aspect of the day where millions will throw a party or attend a party. 

Super Bowl Party Food

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Whether you will be an attendee bringing a dish or the party host/hostess cooking up a lot of food, we have you covered. This list of party favorites will get you started.


Pot of Chili
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You can’t go wrong with Chili. It is a dish you can use to create many different dishes. Think chili dogs, frito pie, chili mac, chili smothered baked potatoes….you get the idea!

Chicken Wings

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Ah, chicken wings. You can buy the wings at your local grocery or specialty market cooked and ready to serve. Or you can make the wings yourself. There are endless recipes, from garlic parmesan coated wings to the old standby buffalo wings.

Dips and Chips

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Hot dips or cold dips? It doesn’t matter as long as you have the right chips or crackers for the dips. Hot dips like spinach artichoke taste great loaded on tortilla chips and cold dips like ranch or French onion taste awesome on salty potato chips.


Nachos for Super Bowl Sunday
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Load your tortilla chips with barbecue beef, grilled chicken, or maybe chorizo, then pile on the cheese, onions or jalapenos, and guacamole. Just some suggestions….the topping list is endless.


pizza party
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You can never go wrong with pizza. Make your own or order ahead. If it were me I would order and have it delivered. Order a variety of toppings and sides.

Barbecue Pulled Pork Or Ribs

pulled pork
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I love pulled pork because there are so many choices when it comes to dishes. Make sandwiches, cover baked potatoes with pork and cheese, make mini sliders, etc.


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Make a whole dish of sliders at once using premade rolls, ham, and seasonings. Of make several pans of rolls at once with different meat selections.

Pigs in a Blanket

pigs in a blanket
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These little bites are one of the best party finger foods. Make these ahead of time and warm in the air fryer.

Loaded Potato Skins

loaded potato skins
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Inexpensive to make and select the toppings according to your likes. Scoop out the skins, leaving a small amount of potato, then mix up a dish of twice-baked potatoes with the scooped-out taters.

Taco Bar

taco bar
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Think outside the box with the taco bar, include shrimp, white sauce, and tasty ranch slaw in the fixings.

Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers
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Buy these appetizers from the frozen section in your supermarket and heat them as needed. You will want them to be hot.

Sausage Balls

sausage balls
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Sausage balls are where you can get creative. The original sausage ball recipe from Jimmy Dean calls for sharp cheddar cheese. Now I see recipes using pimento cheese or cream cheese. Also, you can spice them up with Italian seasonings or spicy stuff like Tony Chachere.

Lil’ Smokies

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The guys really like this dish. Just fry them up in a pan basically to warm them or throw them in a crockpot with jelly and cook on low for a few hours.

Wonton Cups

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Wonton cup appetizers are another finger food and the recipes for wonton cup foods are everywhere. Try jalapeno popper cups, taco salad cups, or sausage wonton cups. Mix the filling a day or two ahead of time.

Cowboy Caviar

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Also known as Texas Caviar. Customize this dish with your favorite ingredients. You can even select your favorite salad dressing base.


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It’s not all about the beer. Girls and guys like a great cocktail. Mix up a pitcher of Margaritas and open a container of guacamole, or make your own guac.


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Let’s move on to the sweet stuff! Who doesn’t like chocolate brownies? Maybe top them with caramel sauce or marshmallows.


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Keeping with easy-to-grab sweets….serve cupcakes! Make a recipe or two of the usual favorites like chocolate or vanilla.


Santa Trash Cookies aka Christmas Kitchen Sink Cookies
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Last but not least on the list of sweets are cookies. Make this recipe of kitchen sink cookies and add your favorite ingredients.

Game Day Foods

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What are your party food favorites? Please share, and I will add them to the list. Thanks for being here, Kathy

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