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Lamp Transformation…..Brassy and Dull to Silver and Stunning

Sunday, March 11th, 2012
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Don’t you think this lamp is just stunning. Wait till you see her pre-makeover.


Kind of dull and brassy


Have any of you guys ever used metal leaf?  It sounds like a difficult process but really is so simple.
First you apply  Sticky Size to your project.  Just paint on a very thin layer with a paint brush.


This is what the silver leaf looks like, multiple, very, very, thin sheets of silver paper.


After you apply the Sticky Size, wait about 20 minutes until it is tacky and then apply the silver leaf with a brush. The Sticky Size is clear when it dries and is ready for the leaf when it feels sticky. You can even wait several hours or until the next day because it will stay sticky.


You don’t need to cover your project completely with the leaf unless you just want to.  A little of the original finish showing through takes it to another level. No cookie cutter look. 


Hope you noticed that my project piece is in a cardboard box.  The metal leaf pieces are very fine and can end up everywhere.  FYI, do not use metal leaf under a ceiling fan or in a breezy area, you and anything within a ten mile radius could end up silver.


Use a soft cloth and gently wipe
your project piece to smooth the leaf and also remove loose fragments. You are done after this step unless you want to “kick it up a notch” as Emeril says.


This is where I apply toner to give it a little aged look. It sinks down in the little grooves so well.  Don’t do this step until the leaf is dry and be gentle. Brush the toner on and wipe off excess with a soft cloth.


So lovely.




Wasn’t that easy. For a final touch apply paste wax or clear acrylic to the project. The leaf will tarnish and turn green over time just like real silver, bronze, gold, etc.
The leaf comes in several colors and you can purchase it at craft stores. I use Caromal Colours Sticky Size, Silver Leaf and  Toner.
Here are some tips from Caromal Colours on using the leaf.

Be gentle when you handle the leaf as you will get more coverage.
• If you want complete coverage with the leaf, take small amounts in
your hand and gently rub them into open areas. This will squash the
leaf into the small open areas.
• Using leaf is tricky because if you rub it too hard it will scratch; however,
you don’t have to be afraid of it as you push it and mush it onto the
• Wear gloves when you handle the leaf as it is easier to handle and won’t
leave fingerprints in your application.
*Using a soft cloth, “burnish” or gently rub the excess leaf off the surface.

I would love to hear about your metal leaf projects or if you haven’t tried it and take the plunge, let me know.
Well, I’m off to work on some paint projects.
Have a great weekend,
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5 Responses

  1. Beautiful!!!! And, great tutorial. :)

  2. It's been years since I've done this! Your project looks SO wonderful, I'm itchin' to do it again now!

  3. Please hold back the “HAPPY DANCE” thats more than my brain can cope with at the moment :)I only ever tried gold leaf..years ago..I got so frustrated..Some one should of told me about drafts and fans…lol…I love how you brought this piece up to look modern but with the aged effect..I love it.

    • Oh, you're so funny! You should give it a try again. I bet it want be as difficult as you remember. I'm glad you liked the makeover. It was so easy and does bring it into the 21st century.

  4. I LOVE metal leaf! It is amazing stuff. You did good…beautiful job!@

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