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Workshop Construction, Grandkids, Flowers……Today at the Owen Homestead

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
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Workshop construction is on-going here at the Owen house.

The Owen men, meaning my son Jay and husband Ray, have taken on the job of putting up the drywall.  I think I’ve mentioned to you guys that I don’t want the place to be too fancy.  I want to be able to bang around and sling a little paint without having to worry about messing up the walls or floor.  With that in mind we are putting up the drywall and the tape and the mud????(doesn’t really sound like anything I would want on my wall, but they assure me it will be OK),but no paint. Oh, I’m sure the walls will eventually be adorned with paint splatters but nothing rolled on.

While the men are working  I’m keeping an eye on Sofi, the youngest grandchild.  Tenley at age 8 is helping the guys?

A few pictures from today….










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Had to share a photo of my hydrangeas.  The bush is right outside the kitchen window and it’s really  beautiful this year.

I haven’t had much painting time lately but I do have one piece almost finished and it’s a doozy!

I’m hoping to finish it up today so stop by tomorrow to check it out.

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4 Responses

  1. Extremely jealous of that workshop!! And love that pink desk, great colour!

  2. thanks, I can't wait to really get to work in it. My granddaughter loves to draw and write so she loves the desk.

  3. Suthengrl says:

    Beautiful! but what kind of hydrangea? What are the pink flowers?

  4. It's called a lace cap hydrangea and the pink flowers are part of the hydrangea bloom. There are little purple thingies in the middle and the flowers bloom around the edge. Boy I know all the technical terms for the flower don't I! All I know is they sure are pretty. Thanks for the comment. Kathy

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