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How To Paint A Flower Box

Paint a plain wood box, add a decorative transfer, and you have the perfect flower box for artificial or real blooms. 

paint a wood box and add decor transfers (2)

I’ve had this wooden box for a long time and have no idea where I got it. It was just that—an unpainted box. At one point, I started a project with it and decided to nix the project. Before nixing the project I painted the box 3 or 4 different colors. 

Then the new plan came together. Read my tutorial and then take the Thrift Store Decor tour. Today is the day! Because of vacation time and other issues our tour is a little shorter this month. 

paint a wood box and add decor transfers (3)

This time, my project idea came together. The first order of business was to paint the soon-to-be flower box black. I used Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, color Caviar. I love this black color.

Redesign with Prima- Decor Transfer - Sweet Apricot for diy project

Now that I’m over my fear of decor transfers, I can’t stop incorporating them into my projects. Jamie at the shop gave me this set of re-design by Prima transfers. She is always giving me stuff to work with—so sweet. 

paint a wood box and add decor transfers (5)

Once the two coats of black paint dried I applied the butterfly transfer to one end of the box. As you can see, the transfer was too big, but that’s okay. The pretty part of the design will go on the box.

paint a wood box and add decor transfers (6)

For some reason, those wooden sticks they include in the transfer set don’t do the trick for me. I like using a paint key (paint can opener).

Redesign with Prima- Decor Transfer - Sweet Apricot

I’ve also found that short paint stirrers work well. The stirrers are flexible, and most items are not completely flat or level, so the give in the sticks works perfectly. 

I rubbed and rubbed over the transfer using a lot of pressure. You really can’t mess up the design unless you somehow cut through the top vinyl layer.

paint a wood box and add decor transfers (1)

I find the transfer will adhere better to the item and release from the vinyl sheet covering if I roll the vinyl back instead of pulling it straight up.

how to paint a wood box to display artificial flowers w (3)

The side of the box needed something, and it took me a while to decide what. I cut the words “flower and garden seeds” from another transfer.

how to paint a wood box to display artificial flowers w (4)

Next I distressed the black paint and even the transfers a little bit.

how to paint a wood box to display artificial flowers w (5)

I only placed the two transfers on the flower box so two sides of the box are plain black.

how to paint a wood box to display artificial flowers w (7)

After distressing the black paint and the transfers I went over the box with Howard’s Paste Wax, color walnut. They don’t make the colored wax anymore and that is so depressing. They have a dark wax for furniture but I am not a fan. 

how to paint a wood box to display artificial flowers w (1)

The dark wax gives the transfers an aged look.

how to paint and decorate a wood box for a planter

Doesn’t the “flower and garden seeds” wording on the side look so much better after distressing and waxing? The design blends into the paint and looks like it has been there for a while.

paint a wood box flower container

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and these faux hydrangeas are so pretty.

how to paint a flower box

I didn’t realize the black background would be visible beneath the butterfly transfer but it looks okay. 

paint a wood box for flowers

Leave a note for me if you have the time. I would love to know if you have used decor transfers, any brand. 

painted wood flower box

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paint a wood flower box

My Favorite Dixie Belle Products:

As always, thanks for being here, Kathy

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  1. Kathy, I love the way the box turned out. Just my style. I have never used a transfer but would like to try. I really like all the designs you can get them in. And the way they give things a vintage look. Thanks for sharing this project with us!

  2. I like how the black from the background shows through on the butterfly. Your old box looks great.
    You must really love that wax; you’ve used up the entire can! 🙂


  3. I love these types of projects – easily do-able in an afternoon! I have used stencils in the past, but it was way back in my shabby chic days. I love that Prima has brought them back in trendier patterns!