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Make A Multi-Color Flower Wreath

This wreath is made with artificial flowers of all types and colors glued to a grapevine wreath.

The multi-color wreath is a bit different from the kind I usually make. For this wreath, I pulled out all the stops and used an assortment of artificial flowers from my tote of thrifted flowers. I’ve never been a fan of this type wreath….but now I am. Take a look and let me know what you think.

before makeover

I have grapevine wreaths in all sizes, shapes, and styles. I pulled this one with the oranges and ribbon (Fall decorating) from the shelf and stripped all the stuff from the grapevine wreath.

tote full of artificial flowers for a wreath project

I have a tote packed full of flowers I bought at thrift stores or from craft stores when they were on sale. Some of the flowers are from old, outdated grapevine wreaths I purchased and then stripped of flowers.

flowers for wreath

I took out the brightly colored Spring and Summer looking flowers to work with.

greenery on wreath

My first thought was to glue the large greenery stem to the grapevine wreath as a base for the flowers.

yellow flowers for wreath

Then I changed my mind. I found the bright yellow sprigs of something? and decided to use them along with a few green leaves to fill in around the flowers once I glued them to the wreath.

placing artificial flowers on a diy wreath

I first cut the stems from the flowers and laid them out on the grapevine wreath in what I thought looked like a pleasing arrangement.

use a glue gun to make a wreath

Then I began gluing the flowers in place with my hot glue gun. Of course, as usual, I changed up the arrangement as I worked. After the flowers were all in place, I filled empty spaces with a few green leaves from the cut flower stems and the yellow stem thingies (I still don’t know what to call them).

how to make a multi color flower wreath using a lot of flowers

And this was the outcome. I love the wreath, and I’ve never been a fan of the craziness of the different kinds of flowers and colors. But I’m a fan now.

How to make a Summer wreath with many colorful flowers

I saw a photo online or in a magazine recently with a mixture of flowers and colors, and that is what inspired this wreath. I wish I could remember where I saw the inspiration piece.

How to make a multi-flower multi-color Summer wreath


It is so sweet…..but what do you guys think? Yall are the people who count.

Feature image floral wreaths

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Leave a note if you have time, and thanks for being here, Kathy

make a Summer wreath

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  1. I absolutely love it, Kathy! Perfect timing since I need a wreath but don’t want to spend a fortune!