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10 Surprising Garage Sale Finds Worth Big Bucks

Garage sales boast treasures disguised as everyday articles. Seasoned bargainers know what to look for when perusing garage sales for loot. Below are ten instances of garage sale findings that gained individuals a generous sum of money, according to the internet.

1. The Hobbit 

The Hobbit Book
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At a local estate sale, a neighborhood resident picked up a copy of J.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and fished over five bucks for the novel. Once he got home, he noticed the book had a signature on the title page and was an original copy printed in 1938. The novel’s fair condition depreciated from $100,000 to $10,000. Still, the seller profited from his coincidental find.

2. Blender

Woman using Blender
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Five dollars bought this shopper a $1,200 commercial bar blender in excellent condition. 

“Blenders are no joke. My ex-roommate couldn’t understand why I kept my mom’s 15-year-old (and kind of dated) Vitamix blender instead of “just buying a new one”…it’s because I don’t have $600 to drop on a replacement, and it may be 15 years old but man is that thing built to last,” someone raves. 

3. Guitar

Old Couples with guitar
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A lucky musician noticed an authentic Martin D-28 guitar lying around a yard sale. When they asked the seller about the price tag, he shrugged and said $40. Little did he know those guitars retail for around $4,000.

4. Arcam A/V Receiver 2500

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A contributor shares their golden purchase. “Arcam A/V receiver for $50. In 2006, it retailed for $2500. I think the deceased husband lied to his wife about how much he paid for it.”

5. Scuba Gear

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A morose story tells an evicted woman who sold $2,500 of scuba diving equipment for a measly $50. She had two days to move out and needed money for food.

6. Lawnmower

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This shopper struck gold when they found a one-year-old John Deere 22-HP riding lawnmower for $100. The couple who sold the mower couldn’t bring it with them on their move, so they settled for one Benjamin, but the retail value comes in around $2,000.

7. Fly-Rod

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Fishing is an expensive sport, especially if you invest in a lightweight fly-fishing rod. One bargainer explains that they bought two bamboo fly-rods for $3.50. The fly rods weren’t in the best shape at the time of purchase, but the buyer cleaned up, repaired the rods, and sold one for $4,000.

8. Supreme X Louis Vuitton Shirt 

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Another thrifter writes that they purchased a Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration shirt for $2 in 2010. He put the shirt in a plastic bag and had an agency check its legitimacy. The top is 100% authentic and costs $1,800. 

9. Snowboard 

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One person says their father stumbled across a vintage Burton snowboard at a garage sale and coughed up three dollars for the piece of wood. Later, the father read an article about a vintage Burton board selling for $31,313.13 on eBay. 

10. Fairy Books 

Fairy Books 
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“I found a complete first edition set of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books in excellent condition for $25. The set in good condition goes for about $6,500 today,” a thrifter shares. 

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