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13 Dollar Tree Items My 93 Year Old Dad Says Everyone Needs

Do you talk to many 93-year-olds during the day? My Dad is 93, and I talk with him regularly. I have to say he is full of good information and is quite witty. I’ve learned a lot from him over my 68 years. There are a lot of things he does that cracks me up but also some things that are pretty darn smart. If he says you need this stuff, you do.

1. Clothespins

Dollar Tree items wood clothes pins

Dad has several uses for clothespins, including holding the cash for his cleaning lady and clipping together bills to pay or invitations that need further evaluation.

2. Note Pads

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (2)

Dad keeps notepads on the table beside his chair to jot down notes from people who call. The pad also has a handy list of phone numbers.

3. Rubber Bands

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (1)

I picked up this tip from Dad and use it at the house when I have rubber bands handy. Instead of chip clips, wrap large rubber bands around your bag of opened chips. Just fold down the top of the bag a couple of times and wrap the rubber band around the whole bag. 

4. Vinyl or Plastic Bins

Plastic bins Dollar Tree

These bins come in handy for corralling Dad’s prescription bottles, and he uses one bin to hold stamps, envelopes, ink pens, and return address labels.

5. Scissors

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (12)

Scissors are a must-have for those difficult-to-open potato chip bags. I can’t open some of those bags either so I keep a pair of scissors in my kitchen silverware drawer.

6. Photo Frames

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (9)

Not everyone is a digital fan and Dad has lots of photos of kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids sitting around on tables and hanging on the wall.

7. Large Bowls

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (4)

If you are a snacker, these large bowls come in handy for holding small packs of cookies, peanut butter and crackers, and honey buns. Keep the bowl on the kitchen counter.

8. Night Lights

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (5)

Every home needs a night light or two. Dad has them in the hallway, bedroom, and bathroom.

9. Notebooks

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (10)

Notebooks are our go-to at Dad’s house for writing up the grocery list and also making notes on what needs to be done that day or week. The notebook also resides on the kitchen counter.

10. Pens

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (3)

Dad says the fatter the ink pen the better, because they are easier for him to grip!

11. Paper Plates

Dollar Tree items everyone needs (8)

Paper plates may not be environmentally friendly, but they make things easy for a 93-year-old.

12. Envelopes

Dollar Tree envelopes

A few bills and letters go out by snail mail instead of online, so Dad has a stash of large and small envelopes.

13. Pudding Packs

Dollar Tree Snack Pack Pudding

Dad says when you need a quick snack and your sweet tooth talks to you, these pudding snacks taste good. Not like a home-cooked dessert but they will do.

My 93 Year Old Dad

My Dad

To say this guy is our family’s hero and Superman is an understatement. He made it through 12 days in the hospital after surgery for a ruptured appendix at age 88 and 17 days in the hospital for Covid at the age of 90. Dad still lives at home but has many relatives nearby to visit and lend a hand. We just had a large celebration with friends and family for his 93rd birthday. You can find past photos of the Arkansas farm and Dad here and here.

12 Dollar Tree Items My Granddaughter Thinks She Had To Have

shopping at Dollar Tree with my granddaughter (5)

If there is one person who likes Dollar Tree more than me, it is my granddaughter Sofi. We visit Dollar Tree regularly and she shops her favorite aisles, which include food, makeup, gifts, and decor.

12 Dollar Tree Items My Granddaughter Deems Essential To Her Lifestyle

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Thanks Kathy, I’m 72 and retired. I have 9 out of 12, not too bad. I’ll catch up on my next outing. Thanks again for the update.

  2. Great list . I also agree with everything on it ! Love the organizing containers and bowls !

  3. These are my Dollar Tree staples also. Except for rubber bands. I have cats and if a cat (or dog) swallows them, it can be fatal.

  4. Wow Kathy! Your dad is amazing!!!

    All great tips for shopping at the Dollar Tree!!


  5. I think I must be a 93 year young man…I can’t do without all these items either!! I think I buy notepads and scissors every time I go to Dollar Tree.
    Your Father is a treasure. ♥️

  6. My Mother is 91 and still lives alone. I love your Dad’s ideas. I use a few of them myself. Especially the clothespins.

  7. My mom is 93 and about to battle breast cancer – isn’t life weird? She dodged covid and a number of other things even though she kept having mishaps along the way. She still lives alone, too, despite being blind in one eye and losing her hearing. Still a tough old lady. I also use the rubber band trick – it works so much better than the clips. Wish I could talk her into paper plates! But she does use the clothespins until they fall apart – she still hangs her laundry on the line. (: I hope you and I both have our 93 year olds a bit longer!

  8. Hi Sharon, Yes, I have a sister and brother and sister-in-law who look after him very well. He also has two grandsons who live very close to him. It’s great that your Mom can still live at home too.

  9. Wow, your Dad definitely does not look 93! My Mom is going to be 93 in August and still lives by herself. That is so wonderful that his family is within close proximity so they can check up on him and spend time with him. My Mom is 300 miles away from me, but I have a brother who lives nearby & checks in every so often. You’re Dad is right on target with his tips!

  10. GREAT post about your Dad! Reminds me of mine, whom I miss everyday. My Dad used all these items and so do I at 92. Thanks for the post!

  11. How wonderful! That’s great news that your dad survived COVID. What a trooper! It took my dad in 2021, he was 91 and a few weeks away from getting the vaccine. Crushing. Your dad’s tips are solid! Thanks for sharing.

  12. How wonderful to still have your dad and that he can still be on his own. It’s clear he’s got his own system and really good ideas for simple staples to keep up with his needs.
    We should all be so organized!
    My dad passed in ‘94 and mom in April 2020. She was just 6 hours shy of her 93rd birthday. Congratulations to him!!

  13. These are great! My parents are in their 80’s and already use most of these ideas. But I think I’m going to get them a few notebooks. Your dad sounds like an amazing guy!

  14. Your Dad & I would get along just fine – I’m a pen & paper gal! While I don’t like dusting picture frames, it is nice to catch glances of loved ones during the day. Good picks.

  15. Dads correct!!!! I’m also 68 and yes I could keep notes on my phone or iPad …but really note pads work best…..and lots of pairs of scissors around the house…..but I’ll add one more items…4 or 5 pair of readers around the house too….lol