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Funfetti Dollar Tree Gift Basket Idea For Home Bakers

I’m making a name for myself in the Dollar Tree gift basket world. I have some great gift basket ideas, and this one is new. This gift is inexpensive and you can put it together in five minutes. If you have a friend or relative, niece or nephew, who likes to bake, this gift is for them.

Dollar Tree gift basket idea with baking pan and cake mix

I came up with this idea because my 12 year old granddaughter is a baking phenom. I bought a sheet cake pan, cake server, kitchen mitt, dish cloth, and a Funfetti cupcake mix and canned icing. The cost was under $10.

Dollar Tree gift pan and cake mix

Then I just arranged all the stuff in the baking pan. I changed up the layout several times until I decided on one that worked. The kids especially like the Funfetti mixes because they are colorful and the best part is the sprinkles.

Funfetti baking set for home bakers 1

My granddaughter, Sofi, walked by the gift set after I finished photographing it. She immediately wanted to know what I was doing with it. So it’s hers now.

Dollar Tree gift basket idea for the home cook

You can wrap a ribbon around it for gift-giving. The pan is the “basket.” You can use anything for a gift basket. I’ve used car wash pails, large pencil containers, plastic bowls, mugs….you get the drift.


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Funfetti Dollar Tree Gift Basket For The Home Baker

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