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Inexpensive Dollar Tree Nursing Home Staff Gifts

Dollar Tree nursing home staff gifts or gifts for the residents are inexpensive and are fun to put together plus the recipient will love the gifts!

My family and I spent a lot of time trying to think of a gift we could give the nursing home staff to show our appreciation…..one that wouldn’t break the bank but would be halfway decent. I put together 24, easy to make, inexpensive, Dollar Tree nursing home staff gifts in less than an hour.

I finally hit upon the coffee mug filled with goodies idea. This isn’t a project I set out to make and post about but I decided to share the idea in hopes it would help someone else.

To bring you new guys up to speed, my Mom has Alzheimer’s. We finally had to move her to the nursing home in May of this year. The staff at the nursing home is wonderful. We tell them all the time how much we appreciate them. Giving each of the staff members who work on Mom’s hall a small gift during the holidays is another way of showing our appreciation.

boxes of stuff from Dollar Tree

Now to the gift making. I went to the Dollar Tree and spent $71.00. I bought enough supplies to make 25 gifts or so I thought. I was short one cellophane gift bag so I ended up with 24 gifts at a little less than $3 each.

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places. I can go in that store to pick up a couple of things and come out with 20. Where else can you buy 20 items for $20 plus tax…..and sometimes I’ve been in the store when everything is 10% off. Even Better.

stuff I bought at Dollar Tree

I set everything out on my Dad’s dining room table and prepared to put the gifts together. I told my Dad he needed to help but he just took a seat at the table and watched for a while. That’s okay, I had a little one-person assembly line going.


I was able to get two styles of mugs. The store carried plain old white mugs, which are fine, but a little spice is always nice.


My original plan was to place a packet of hot chocolate in each mug then add a bunch of candy to fill the cup. But…..I saw the candles……and they fit perfectly into the cups. I bought 25 candles, all different kinds and scents.candy snacks

I also bought cellophane bags (3 different designs), tiny ornaments, candy canes, bubble gum, peppermints, gift tag stickers, and toffee.

small candles in coffee mugs

I placed a candle in each cup……

making a gift mug for caregivers and Nursing Home Staff

……filled the cup with candy….

wrapped coffee mugs for gifts

…… set the cup inside the cellophane bag and tied it closed with curly ribbon and a small Christmas tree ornament. I removed the plastic tie that came on top of the bag.

The cinched bag and curly ribbon tie are a much better look. In my box from Dollar Tree, I had a pad of sticky gift tags. I wrote the staff member’s name on the tag and slapped the tag on the bag.

Inexpensive Dollar Tree Nursing Home Staff Gifts

The employees at Dollar Tree were nice enough to find boxes for me to carry all the mugs and candles to my car. I packed the finished nursing home gifts in the boxes to transport to the nursing home. It worked out great.

Inexpensive Easy To Make Nursing Home Staff Gifts 1

Nursing Home Staff Gifts / Fun Filled Coffee Mugs

The mugs, candles, and candy are not holiday-specific. The only thing that says Christmas is the bag and ornament. This is the type of gift that can be given for any occasion and as I mentioned earlier the variations for this project are endless.

I bet they have cute mugs or cups for kids that could be filled with small toys, drink cups with straws that could be filled with hair bows or clips, and a mug with small gadgets for the guy in your life. See, all kinds of ideas. I bet you can come up with some good ones.

make Dollar Tree gift bags for nursing home residents, teachers, everyone
make Dollar Tree gift bags for nursing home residents, teachers, everyone

Another idea is to find cute little plates or ring holders like the ones above and put together sweet little gifts for the nursing home staff or any caregiver. See how I made them here….Dollar Tree Gift Trays and or Gift Basket Ideas

I’m home now after being in Arkansas for eight days with my parents. My sister and sister-in-law will take all kinds of baked goodies to the nursing home this week and next.

When I visit, I often take baked goods to the staff, too. They love peanut butter cookies, my dad’s favorite, and I promised to make a banana cake for a birthday in January.

Best Dollar Tree Gift Idea

Food is always appreciated, and it’s an excellent way of saying thanks. I just thought I would toss out this gift idea for you. (Dollar Tree did not sponsor this post)

My Mom is doing well. We were torn, worried, emotional, when we made the decision to move her to the nursing home. We think she is doing better in the nursing home than she was at home. So that makes us feel better.

My Dad usually visits Mom twice a day and my sister, brother, nephews, and other relatives visit often. If you would like to read my Arkansas Family / Alzheimer’s stories you can start by clicking here….Stepping out of my comfort zone and getting personal.

That’s it for me. You guys have a great day, Kathy

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  1. Thank you for this idea. I’ve been searching for ideas for my parents nursing home so I think I’ve hit a jackpot. Plus I will make some for my local bakery girls. Thanks again. I understand the dementia stages, it’s very hard I know. Jane from the Land Down Under.

  2. What a nice little gift for the nursing home staff. It’s good to hear stories like this and what a great idea as my father in law is currently in a nursing home. Thanks for sharing and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless…….

  3. Such a nice idea, Kathy that I know they’ll love! I always referred to Mom’s care staff as angels. They work so darn hard. Merry Christmas to you and yours! xo

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your comment Inga. I think it’s amazing that you are still working at 69 and such a humble profession. Yes, we asked the director to give us a list of names so we could put names on each of the gifts. Some of the staff who work the night shift we have never met. Thanks for loving my site 🙂 Merry Christmas

  5. Thanks Cathy, I am a retired Nurse and still working in a Nursing Home in Canada. Your generous gift to the front line workers caring for your Mom is very thoughtful and kind of you. A little gesture goes a long way. I know they will really appreciate your gift. Adding a name to each gift makes it so much more personal. My Mom is 91 and I am hoping when the time comes she will be accepted into the home I work for. My staff are amazing. Guess that’s why at 69 I am still working.
    Ps love your site.

  6. I LOVE Dollar Tree!! I did NOT know that they had days with 10% sales! Kathy, I’m sharing this with a cousin who has a sister in a care home right now as she battles trying to find out what is making her sick. This is a super idea for the people who take care of our loved ones. I have learned if we treat them well, our family in the home will also be treated well. It also pays to go regularly! My mom was in a nursing home twice and I know it’s a hard decision for people to make. Thankfully, mom had been there the first time just for rehab and knew the routine, so she wasn’t afraid to go back when I could not care for her any longer. Thank God for good caregivers! Merry Christmas, Kathy.

  7. Yes, caregivers often don’t receive even a thank you. Some residents don’t have family and the caregivers at the nursing home are all they have.

  8. I am sure that your thoughtful gifts will be much appreciated at the nursing home. Like many others who follow your posts I had a similar situation with my mother. I know how much it hurts but I am glad that she is doing well at the home. I will light a candle for you and your family here in the UK. God bless.

  9. I love this idea❤️And the caregivers everywhere should get gifts. We all know it’s a hard job. I’m so glad your Mom is doing well in her new home. That’s all we can ask for, to be happy and safe. Have a great Christmas.

  10. You are so creative! I really like the idea and it is so kind of you to share and inspire others.