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Father’s Day Dollar Tree Gift Baskets For The Car Geek

This is an inexpensive Dollar Tree gift basket men will love

The hubby liked this project, and here’s why……I went to the Dollar Tree and bought manly stuff to make cool gift baskets for Father’s Day (cost under $10). He got his basket already because he agreed to be in the photo shoot for this gift basket post. 

Dollar Tree Guy Gift Baskets (2)
Impressive Dollar Tree Gift Baskets For Men

He says the stuff in his gift basket is just what he needs! I made two gift baskets, and they are perfect for dads, Grads, teenage boys, car geeks, and just about anyone….even the gals.

The first basket I made was for the guy who cleans and shines his car from top to bottom every week. You know who I’m talking about! I put the car care gift basket together for a total price of $9 plus tax. Can’t beat that for a cool guy gift, and it looks totally awesome. I did a good job.

gift items from Dollar Tree to make a guy gift basket

The only thing more fun than putting the gift baskets together is going through the store and picking out items for the basket. For the car care basket, I bought wash and wax stuff, a sponge, car smell good stuff, cleaning and buffing rags, tire polish, and a bucket with a handle as the basket.

The bucket is for the car wash water. Always pick something for your “basket” that can be used with the gift stuff. I also bought a smiley design plastic tablecloth for the “wrap.”


Gift Baskets for guys (13)

Now the bucket of goodies needs to look nice, so I added filler to the bottom so the gift goodies would set up nice and high in the bucket.

Gift Baskets for guys (14)

Next, I cut a piece of the “smiley” tablecloth and put it inside the bucket to cover the paper filler and spill over the edges of the gift bucket.

Impressive Dollar Tree Guy Gift Baskets (2)

The only thing left to do is add the car stuff. I started with the tallest and biggest things in the back of the bucket, then filled in the other stuff on the sides and front.make gift baskets for Dads and grads from Dollar Tree items

I have to say I was impressed. It looks like something you would spend $50 for in the gift store. I didn’t plan it this way but the colors all worked together too.

Care Care Gift Baskets for guys (2)

Here is hubby taking a look at all the goodies and “modeling” the Dollar Tree gift basket for men! Moving on to the second guy basket I put together.

Gift Baskets for guys (2)

The second basket is a car kit for under the seat. One that has a few items in case of emergency repairs, maybe. I bought a screwdriver, pliers, bungee cords, a multi-tool knife, duct tape (do you know a guy who doesn’t use duct tape), and a charger to plug into the lighter space to charge cell phones?

Gift Baskets for guys (8)

I used the smiley paper to showcase these goodies in a plastic box I also got at Dollar Tree. The total cost of this basket was $7 plus tax.

Gift Baskets for guys (4)

To get the tools to stand up and look nice in the “basket,” I put duct tape on the back sides of the plastic container to hold the lid up.

how to make a car care gift basket for guys from Dollar Tree items (2)

Another nice-looking basket. Just so you could see how handy this kit is and how it will slide right under the car seat, I did this…

Gift Baskets for guys (11)

I took everything from the packages and packed it in the plastic container. It will fit perfectly under the seat now.



Impressive Dollar Tree Gift Baskets For Guys

What car geek wouldn’t love this gift basket? What do you think of these gift basket ideas? Other ideas are a basket for the gardener Dad, a basket for the Lady’s man with lotions, colognes, and stuff, or maybe a food basket for couch potato Dads!

I have Dollar Tree gift basket ideas for the ladies and nursing home staff, teachers, etc., here…..Inexpensive Dollar Tree Gift Baskets | Ideas For Mom, Grads, Anyone!

As always, thanks for being here, Kathy

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  1. Well done! Very clever ideas! Thanks,Kathy. (Didn’t know about the duel port car charger at the dollar store!)