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How To Find Estate Sales Online Or Local

Tips for finding estate sales in your local area or online. There are many resources for finding local sales you may not know about.

Tips For Finding Estate Sales Near You

With diminishing newspaper circulation, we are finding local estate sales and auctions in other ways.

1. Search Estate Sales Online For Sales In Your Local Area

I found the estate sales in Florida on EstateSales.net. I use this site to search for sales near our home too. All you do is put your zip code in the box and a list of cities in your state will come up.

Just click on the one nearest you and hope for good results! The estate sales are held in the home of the person downsizing or moving or whatever. Photos of some items for sale will be found under the individual listings.

estatesales.netProfessional estate sale companies run most of the estate sales listed on this site. They go into the home and price everything. Usually the first day, everything is full price, on the second day (or the third day, depending on the length of the sale), everything is 50% off. This is what I’ve found. It may not be true for every sale.

Craigslist is another online source for finding estate sales, auctions, yard sales, and freebies. Check your local listings for upcoming sales.

Garagesalefinder is another great online resource. Just type in your zip code and find estate sales, garage sales, etc. in your area.

I’ve visited enough estate sales in my area to know some estate sale companies price things reasonably, and some are a bit high. There is a learning curve to these sales. Also (sorry, I keep thinking of new stuff) if the estate sale starts at 9 a.m., there will be a line of people at the door waiting to get in at 8:45 or earlier.

steel casters

The plastic-coated wire tray and the steel casters came from an estate sale. The casters were $15 for all four and the basket was $4. A good deal on both items.


2. Find Estate Sales And Auctions On Facebook

Another place to find estate sales is on Facebook. Just type estate sales and your city or a nearby city in the Facebook search box and see what comes up. 

You can also find auction houses on Facebook. My friend Greg has a weekly auction, and the Facebook page is Red River Auctions. The auctions are live and online. You can live in another state but still bid and have your items shipped straight to you.

3. Search Newspaper Ads For Estate Sales And Auctions

I bought the antique mirror at an estate sale several years ago. This estate sale was listed in the local newspaper and was being handled by the family, not a specialty company. Family-run estate sales are tricky.

Usually, the reason for the sale is the death of the homeowner. The relatives handling the sale may not know about pricing, and the prices will be way too high or too low. When the prices are really low, it makes me sad. The relative didn’t do their homework or either they didn’t care.

4. Look For Local Advertising Circulars

We also have an advertising paper that comes out weekly and has lists of estate sales and auctions. The paper is free and can be found in stands at the drugstore, local restaurants, charity shops, etc. Maybe your area has something similar.

Local antique shops and flea markets are good sources for estate or auction flyers advertising special one-time sales. They often have flyers on upcoming sales that people have dropped off.

how to find estate sales and auction listings in your area

I bought the blue metal cabinet at an auction while in Arkansas several months ago. It was only $40.

How To Find Estate Sales And Auction Listings In Your Area

5. Search Auction Zip

AuctionZip.com is a great online site for finding auction listings in your area. Just type in your zip code and select the mile range in the search boxes and see what comes up.

You can also filter by categories. This site will have a big list of online-only auctions along with local live auctions. You don’t have to be present to bid on and buy items from online auctions.

This is great for small items but watch what you’re buying because those shipping fees can add up. Most of the listings on AuctionZip will also have photos of the items for sale.

Furniture bought from online auction
Furniture bought from online auction

When we lived in Florida, there was a great auction we went to several times a month. Sadly it isn’t open anymore. We do go to a weekly auction here in Clarksville on Thursday night, and the JTS and a friend always go to Saturday auctions. I can’t take the Saturday auctions. Spending all day at an auction is not my thing.

When I looked at the auction listings over the weekend, I found an auction house we hadn’t been to before. We made the hour-long trip Monday night but didn’t buy a thing.

This place had really good prices, but the items Monday night were vintage toys and things we really weren’t interested in ……….or maybe interested in but sure didn’t need. The site had photos of the items, so we knew what would be there. I’m just checking it out, plus we weren’t doing anything else Monday night.

6. Storage Units

There are several websites with listings of storage unit sales. I found most of them to be rather useless. The CubeSmart storage auction listings, though, were right on the money. They actually have the sales listed by state.

When you click a state listing it takes you to the StorageTreasure website with all of the storage listings but I tried going directly to the Storage Treasure website and clicking on the state and came up with no listings.

So start with the CubeSmart website first. You can find listings for online storage unit auctions and in-person live auctions too.

7. Google ” How to find Estate Sales in my Area”

Let’s face it: Google is awesome. If you can’t find what you are looking for, try a search with terms like local estate auction or local estate sale, or even estate sales nearby. 

Tips For Finding Estate Sales And Auctions

That’s all I’ve got. I hope this information helps you guys. Have you used any of these sources or know of sources you could share with us? If I run across new places or if I’ve forgotten anything, I’ll update this post. Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Thanks for all the good information, Kathy. Especially the on-line sites. Your list makes it convenient to check them out.

  2. Hi Kathy. Have you tried GarageSaleFinder.com?
    It’s a great resource here in the Chicago burbs.

  3. Another place for bargains can be a storage unit. Since you can’t Really see everything you are really taking a chance.

  4. Excellent post, thank you. My husband and I love going to estate sales. The person in charge of the estates sale we attend, send out emails to everyone of upcoming estate sales she will be hoisting. On the last day, everything is 50% off. For the most part, even on day one, prices not bad. The areas the estate sales she host is Indiana and Illinois . She is greeeeat!

  5. Yes, I agree Naomi. The estate sales are much more relaxing. I hope you get to go to some this Summer. So much fun.

  6. Great information, Kathy. Thanks for your time spent researching. I don’t really like auctions. Bidding makes me nervous, I guess! I do enjoy estate sales, though, where you can just wander around at your leisure. I haven’t been to one in a long time, though, as I don’t have a care at my disposal unless my daughter isn’t using hers. Maybe I’ll make more of an effort this next summer. I have a friend who likes thrifting. She has a car and might be up for it some day.

    Thanks again for this post.

  7. Wonderful information! Even though I’m not looking to buy. I already have too much :o) I really enjoyed this information. Thank You!

  8. Great info! A few more things: in our area (Albuquerque, NM) different estate sale companies send out emails of upcoming sales. It’s easy to get on their lists. Also, besides having home sales, one company has 2 warehouses and often has 50% off sales. Also send out email notices. Happy hunting!

  9. There is also estatesales.org, but i don’t like them as well as estatesales.NET. I had never thought of facebook…I’ll try that one too. When my last parent died I handled the sale by myself. It took weeks to go through everything in the home and two buildings. But I cleaned, priced and arranged everything I found. Hubby thought I was daft….no one would want a plastic goose planter. What do you think was gone the first day ? 🙂 I did research everything of value. I called in help from friends who were there the days of the sale to assist with crowd control. I did it myself because it was SO personal. I wanted to handle all of my mom and dad’s things for the last time. And I didn’t want to give such a high percentage of the profit to someone else. I’m just want to stingy! Make that “frugal.”

  10. Kathy, thanks for taking the time to put this together, lots of valuable info in this post. I don’t have issues with finding estate or yard sales, I use the same online sites that you do! The only issue I have is arriving on the third day and finding they don’t reduce pricing to 50% off until after noon! My biggest issue is the over pricing of the merchandise – I know they split the sales with the homeowner, but really do they want to sit on all of it and have a fire sale in the last hour? I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos from online resellers and am getting some good ideas. One thing I did was download an app called Yard Sales. It pulls listings from Craigslist and puts them on a map with the listing as a pop up when you tap the bubble on the map. It’s very helpful because it updates in real time, so when someone lists at the last minute you’ll see it. I agree about family run estate sales. And I also have several estate sale companies I won’t deal with and some I love. You just have to get up and go each week and see what you can find – sometimes two items, sometimes a truck full!