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Going Overboard At The Auction And Favorite Junk Shop

I probably spent way to much at the last online auction. Only time will tell. I went to my favorite junk shop and you guys know I didn’t spend too much there. The prices are always more than reasonable.

Since the big “C” craziness all the auctions are online and for some reason I tend to spend more. At in person auctions I have better control over my hands.

load of boxes from the auction

I bought 7 giant box lots of stuff, some vanity mirrors, and a couple of pictures. In all I spent $85 at the auction. Yes, I know.
What was I thinking. I went through all the boxes and it took a few days working on them a bit at a time.

box lots of auction stuff

I unwrapped and unwrapped stuff. Some of it was headed to the trash can, some to me, and some to the booth to sell. Hopefully I’ll at least get my money back but it would be nice to make a bit.

It was fun going through the boxes hoping to find the perfect treasure.

auction box

I didn’t find a lot of things I wanted to keep but the ones I did keep…..are great.

vintage lead crystal bowl

Like this cut lead footed bowl. It’s not as small as it looks in this photo. I’m not big on cut glass but I love this piece. I can see it being used year round as a fruit bowl, holiday display, or just being empty.

gold tone vintage vanity tray

The vintage vanity tray got a spray paint job today. I’ll share it later.

vintage alarm clock

The wind up alarm clock doesn’t work but it’s a nice display piece.

Johnson Brothers Pomona vintage dinnerware

I’ve always loved the Johnson Brother’s china pattern “Pomona”. And I didn’t even know they were in any of the auction box lots. There was so much stuff in the pictures online it was hard to see everything.

Several of the pieces are chipped, or most of the pieces are chipped. I haven’t looked that closely yet. I was going to take them to the shop but now I’m thinking of displaying them in the China cabinet we have in our family room. It would be something a little different and it doesn’t matter if the dishes are chipped. No one will ever know.

glass tomato ornament

How about this glass tomato ornament? The funny thing about it is our family grew tomatoes on the farm and took them to the “Tomato Market” to sell when I was growing up. It was hard work.

So the tomato ornament seems very fitting. I’m taking it to Dad’s house next time we go to Arkansas.

vintage juicer

The “presser” will make a cute planter.

blue first aid box

The blue metal box first aid kit is a keeper.

glass juicer

Was going to keep the glass juicers but decided to take them to the shop.

large copper pot

The copper container with two handles is sitting on the hearth right now. The container is bigger than it looks in this picture. One of the best things to come out of the box lots.

yellow pottery bowl, in auction box lot, in

The chipped pottery bowl is a pretty color and might look good on the counter filled with fruit. Or it might make a nice planter.

ceramic box made in Mexico

The ceramic box from Mexico is too colorful to give up.

decorative plates Made in Japan

So are the pair of plates “made in Japan”.

vintage decorative molding

The next photos are things I found at My Favorite Junk Shop on the last junkin’ trip. I also forgot to add the video to my last junk shop post and no one called me out on it. You get to see it in this post. The decorative wood trim was too nice to pass up at $2 for each piece.

large wood vintage corbel

I also got several large wood corbels.

antique iron Christmas tree stand at my favorite junk shop

This is my favorite find of the day at the junk shop……a really rusty vintage Christmas tree stand. Isn’t it a beaut??

antique Christmas tree stand, auction buy, auction buy

See the little design on the side.

old pottery in brown and turquoise, junk shop buy

I bought the chipped pottery vase to sit in our newly decorated bedroom. After I cleaned it up the colors are really bright.

Limoges gold trimmed creamer

How about the pretty Limoges creamer? I picked it  up at the Goodwill when I went to the junk shop in Kentucky.

gold trimmed pottery

The gold trim is in almost perfect condition.

Now it’s time to look at the Junk Shop Video…..

Butler’s Antiques (My Favorite Junk Shop)

Find my number 1 furniture auction buy here……If Painting Antique Wood Furniture Makes You Happy Then Go For It

Did you have a favorite of all my purchases? Leave a note if you have time. Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Bought one of those “pressers” in a junk shop – how would you make it a planter?

  2. I love everything! I was unable to open the video in order to view it. I saw the title, bolded in black, but I noticed that all other links were in pink. Thanks.

  3. I love auctions! My favorite thing is the box lots. So fun to see what is in there. And I have found many treasures…cheap! That should be my middle name; “cheap”. I like most all of your haul, just not the tree stand, too much rust for me. Keep doin’ what you do. Love ya!

  4. There was no link to the video for me, either.

    When you said $85 was too much to spend, I thought it wasn’t until I realized that you don’t really know what you are buying. It sounds like the show Storage Wars!

    Of your purchases, I like the first aid kit and the platter.

  5. My favorite is the metal container with the handles. It’s so fun to go through auction items. I haven’t been to one for a long time. And it’s nice to see your ideas for something that I might not have thought about.

  6. I was wondering if you’ll sand the rust off the christmas tree holder and paint? Or just seal it the way it is. Yes! Most the fun is going through the boxes. I made a HAUL at the last auction I attended, for $70

  7. I’ve been spending more on the auctions too. Love the Limoges creamer

  8. Overall cheap entertainment and going through the boxes is a big part of the fun! Treasure hunt 🙂

  9. I always enjoy your emails and your creativity. You see possibilities for use in things that I never would have thought of. My favorites are the copper handle container and the tomato Christmas tree ornament.

    I hope your hubby is healing well and not going too stir crazy!!

  10. When I was young, I did a lot of shopping all over the world. Hubby was in the Air Force & we lived a lot of places in which to shop! Now I shop on line. It was sooooo interesting to see your shopping take. I am suck now to doing just little outings. I look at you on-line every day that you post. We are kindred spirits. KEEP up the postings!!! Love ya, lore

  11. Fun! My favorites are the copper handled container and the Christmas tree stand. I love auctions! Thanks for sharing your finds!