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Junk And Flea: Metal Funeral Baskets, Wrought Iron Ice Cream Parlor Stool, Cobalt Blue Glass Hazel Atlas

It’s time to look at my junk, flea, and auction buys from the past couple of weeks. I actually made it to the Nashville Flea Market for the last show of the year!

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (12)

If you are a youngster you will not know what these metal baskets are. I remember them but just barely. They are funeral or cemetery flower baskets. You guys know I love metal and rust so these were a must have for me.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (3)

I actually bought three of them since the price was $5 each and three was all Mr. Butler at my favorite junk shop had.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (13)

I also bought these two candlesticks.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (4)

Not sure if I like them are not. They are different from any I’ve seen before.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (1)

The red and clear plastic nut chopper came home with me too.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (6)

The choppers are usually glass so this one is unique. Ha, I just Googled it and this piece is new. You can order them on Amazon here! Just goes to show sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking at….

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (2)

The teacup and saucer came from the Salvation Army. There were 3 saucers and two cups. I love the pattern.


junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (9)

This snowman is so cute and I don’t know why I didn’t buy him! That was a mistake.

blue glass auction buys

I got the three cobalt pieces from my local auction house…..bidding online only. The three piece set of creamer, sugar, and milk are the Chevron pattern made by the Hazel Atlas company.

iron soda fountain stool bought at the Nashville Flea Market by Petticoat Junktion

I bought the ice cream parlor stool at the Nashville Flea Market. It was $15. I plan to change the seat cover but I don’t know what type of fabric or design to use. The cover on it now is definitely not original.

Nashville Flea Market find by Petticoat Junktion

This bell has me scratching my head. I don’t know what it is made out of and if it is new, old, or just a little old.

old rusty bell from the Nashville Flea Market

The bell is heavy and it was white originally…. I think. Anyone know what it’s made out of?


glass bucket from Nashville Flea Market

I bought the little glass bowl at the flea market too. I find it hard to pass up glass ice buckets. Not sure this is an ice bucket because it’s a bit short.

odd things from Nashville Flea Market

I don’t know what the two brass things are but I plan to put them on an old wood board or architectural piece. I think they would be great for organizing my necklaces. What do you think?

green glass vase

I have a thing for old glass toothpick holders too …..and also green stuff.


don't know what this is but I found it at the Nashville Flea Market

I have no idea what this is. There is writing on the tag but I can’t hardly read it.


auction cabinet cost 5 dollars

The JTS bought this cabinet at an auction for $5. It has two glass shelves that go inside. I don’t plan to paint it because I learned a long time ago how difficult it is to paint pieces like this. I will take it to my booth and sell it just like it is.

junk shopping with Petticoat Junktion (15)

And this is a piece I passed on at the junk shop. It was a lone headboard but the detailed design is so pretty.

Well, that’s it. What do you think of my purchases? Any favorites or any ideas for me. Leave a note if you have time. I really appreciate all the comments on my Christmas decor post and the Putz houses post. I love you guys, thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. always enjoy seeing your finds. you have a great eye. Love the blue glass and would love to have that beautiful headboard. try to make a rubbing of the oval that may show what is on it.

  2. I am always attracted to cobalt blue pieces. I have a small collection of blue bottles. You made a great haul, Kathy. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoy seeing what you choose and come home with as well as what you pass up! Happy Christmas!

  3. Yes, the handle is cast iron. If the bell is cast iron it is covered with something white. Maybe it is powder coated like someone commented earlier.

  4. That bell looks like it’s made of cast iron that has badly rusted. Even the handle looks like cast iron!

  5. A lot of great finds you got there. I loved that headboard piece you passed up. I have one of those cobalt glass pieces you purchased. Found it at the small antique store uptown. Sadly, they closed their doors. I miss the little place, found some neat stuff there.

  6. I love when you share your junk and flea purchases. Could the tall candlesticks be stands for the funeral baskets possibly?

  7. Hi Kathy! Love your finds! The 2 metal things you want to use for your necklaces are curtain rod holders. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Really an interesting collection. I think the bed part is beautiful, could make an interesting piece in the garden. Great haul. Fabulous prices. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  9. I really miss thrifting…I think the bell may be powder-coated metal or some sort of enamelware. Love the blue set!

  10. Wow, what great finds! I love all of the metal items and suggest that you do a “rubbing” to find out what the metal tag says. The cabinet was a steal for $5. I’m always looking for pieces to display my collections and never find anything in that price range. What a deal 🙂

  11. good shopping!! I am also attracted to green things….fun stuff. Happy Holidays!!!

    ang (from NJ)