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Need Furniture Paint Color Ideas For My Flea Market Finds

Help Me With Furniture Paint Colors Please

I have some great finds from a local flea market. No great finds from the Nashville Flea Market, blah. You guys always help me out when I need furniture paint color ideas. So take a look at what I bought and at the end of the post I share a couple of photos for you to be thinking on.

rusty chipped vintage metal lawn chair

My first purchase doesn’t need painting at all. I fell in love with the vintage metal chair. The paint is chippy and the colors are nice. Actually after I got the chair in the sunlight to load it in the truck the red color looked more orange. Oh well, I still like it…….just maybe not as much. It’s going to get cleaned up and waxed.

Need Furniture Paint Color Ideas For My Flea Market Finds

Need Furniture Paint Color Ideas

The handmade chest/trunk was $35. At least that’s what I thought. When I got home and looked at the receipt the price was $17.50. The vendor must have been having a half price sale. I thought the price was good at $35. Win-Win for me.

green cedar chest


I would like to put legs on it similar to the ones in the photo above. I also like that green color. What do you guys think?

FolkArt Barnwood Finish Flower Caddy

Since the wood is unfinished I could do the faux barnwood finish like the wood tote in the photo above. The process is really easy, only two products involved. The only thing that concerns me is the oil or whatever has blackened the wood around the hardware. Don’t know if that would show through the barnwood finish.

My Flea Market Furniture

I bought the solid wood chest for $40.

furniture paint color ideas

The chest is in great shape and I see it in gray because it has a masculine feel. Also no worries with hardware. I love that. Although hardware is like furniture jewelry. Adds to the total look.

Need Furniture Paint Color Ideas For Flea Market Finds

As I mentioned earlier I didn’t find any furniture at the Nashville Flea Market this trip. I did pick up four chairs at a yard sale on the way back from the market. $20 for the four.

wardrobe with mirrored doors



Flea Market Shopping

I didn’t buy this wardrobe but I may go back and get it this weekend. It is at the Southern Kentucky Flea Market in Guthrie Kentucky, That’s where I bought the metal lawn chair, wood trunk, and chest of drawers.

used table from the flea market

I also didn’t buy this table but I might need it to go with my four chairs. What do you guys think? It was $60. So I would have $80 in the table and four chairs before I ever start the makeover. I need paint and fabric then have to pay commission at my booth when the table set sells. I’ll have to think about it.

flea market furniture

I almost bought the entertainment cabinet, $50. I don’t like painting the inside because it’s a pain.

recycled door and mirror make a hall tree

How pretty is the red hall tree?? I love it. No place in my house for it.

flea market rooster picture

Not the best art I’ve ever seen but the painted rooster caught my eye. Didn’t buy it.

Pictures for thought……

bedroom before collage

Photo above is of our blue bedroom at 10:00 yesterday morning.

blue bedroom ready for makeover

The photos above shows how it looked 45 minutes later.

Let me know if you have any paint color ideas for my new furniture finds. See you next week. As always thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Kathy, I see the masculine-looking dresser in a distressed navy blue and I like green for the trunk, but a bit darker than the example with the legs. And I don’t think you should put legs on it partly because it looks too small to sit on the floor plus I just like it the way it is. At least don’t use ones like on the example. Something plainer if you must.

    I will be interested to see how the metal chair turns out after you clean and wax it. I do like the patina on it.
    I don’t know about that table. I think you might be able to find something more in keeping with the style of the chairs. The ornateness of the spindles and back on the chairs makes me think they should be kept the focal point and the seats done in a not-too-busy fabric. I see the chairs themselves in a distressed black finish, the seats in a muted grey and off-white print. (Not red!)

    I just looked at the table again and noticed that it looks like it has pull-out extensions on each end which makes it pretty unique. But I still don’t think it goes particularly well with the chairs in addition to the price being too high. The wardrobe in nice-looking but don’t see a price listed nor what the inside looks like. If it’s a good price and doesn’t need any repairs it would probably be a good buy. Color? Nothing comes to mind off-hand but something lighter than it’s wood finish I think.

    Well, are you totally confused now?? You will, of course, do a great job on all your pieces and I can’t wait to see what inspiration and/or suggestions strike you as the right ones. Have fun!

  2. Don’t know what was going on with the wardrobe photo but thanks for letting me know. I had to delete the photo and upload it again to my website. Thanks Carolyn!

  3. I don’t know what color for which item but greens, with no yellow undertones, red, not orange, and medium to dark browns-Espresso etc. are my usual go to colors. Have used blue or yellow as accents, small accents. I am not into girly froofroo stuff although some flowers are good.

  4. Meant to add that my wardrobe picture did not come through either-gray box covering 80-90% of photo.

  5. Pass on the table; by the time you invest your time and paint, you will have too much in it. If you wait, I think you can find one at a better price. I agree with Rebecca above in that a gate leg or fold down might be more practical. I have not had a lot of luck with selling full size tables. I love the green for the chest and would like legs but some that are less clunky.

  6. I would go back for that table and paint it distressed white, but fix the top and leave it as wood. What are you doing with the blue bedroom, or is that the color of it now?

    Btw, the wardrobe pic didn’t come through on my end. There is a big gray box over it. 🙁

  7. Love the metal chair just as is. Because I don’t look at these pieces as a seller, it’s hard for me to be objective. I live in New Mexico and I tend toward Southwest colors. I do agree with Rebecca that barnwood red for the chest would be awesome …. the infamous china cabinet is to die for! Love your work, you see what I don’t and I so enjoy your blogs!

  8. I like green for the chest too, but also think different feet, not so clunky. Also the green could perhaps be a little fresher and not too heavy handed with the brown as it looks a little dirty in the picture rather than just aged? Can’t wait to see the waxed finish on the metal chair!

  9. I personally love Robin’s Egg Blue, but I know that color is really buyer specific. I like to stick with antique whites, greys, and browns (blue brown, green brown) for pieces that I sell. I don’t have a booth (that’s a dream of mine). I put my pieces into an upscale consignment resale shop. The split is about half with the store, but I just love bringing old beaten up pieces of furniture back to life (and it keeps me out of trouble – lol).

  10. Love all your finds! I see the chest in barn wood red like your infamous china cabinet. Pass on the table, it’s big, bulky and imo, a hard sell. A gate leg or fold down table is practical, if you happen to run into one. Have fun with the transformations!

  11. Love that table> I’d go back and get it but then I’d probably want to keep it. I like the green on the trunk but the feet-not so much-maybe a different style of feet?

  12. You could paint the entertainment center white below and leave the top stained. I love the green chest but kinda like it plain with no paint. It depends on the room it’s going in. The table is too expensive. If you paint it, that’s too much work for an $80 investment. With all the places you’ve got near you, I think you can find something cheaper. You do a great job and I always enjoy your blog.

  13. I love the idea of the green paint of the little chest. Tell me more about waxing the metal chair?

  14. boy are you lucky I live near Portland Oregon and there is nothing cheap I mean nothing! I would love to get some furniture like the photos above especially the green well no ideas for me except for the dining chairs. i think they would go nice with table striped and then varnished and waxed and the chair seat in and sail blue and use it as a picnic set. well gotta go. good luck