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Rusty Wrought Iron Table Junk Find And New Projects

I bought a cool wrought iron table at my favorite junk shop along with more fun items for the lawn or garden. I also have a new piece of furniture from an auction to work on and you get to help me pick a color.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (2)
Wrought Iron Table

This is a really nice wrought iron table. It has to be old and it’s in perfect shape although it’s rusty….. which I consider perfect. I paid $25 for the table.

wrought iron garden decor

The pair of white wrought iron garden pieces were $14. You can’t see in the photo but the tops of the pieces are rounded and have a hanger for a planter. Really cool pieces.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (3)

I bought the rusty holey enamel pan for $2. It’s the perfect planter! Already has drain holes.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (4)

Mr. Butler, the owner at my favorite junk shop, always poses for photos. I bought the two screen doors (?) for $5 each.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (5)

The welcome sign was $5. It’s made out of a wood pallet.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (6)

And I bought a bunch of little stuff. The white enamel water dipper is in almost perfect condition. I got three pretty artificial sunflowers, a vintage grinder, and a colorful leaded lamp shade.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (8)

The chest of drawers is an online auction buy. I paid a total of $67 for it. Isn’t it a great piece! I love the design. It is pretty dirty and the paint is yellowed. I think it was painted with lead based paint. I know it’s oil base for sure. You can usually tell by looking at the finish if the paint is oil based. Just something about the sheen.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (7)

I can’t decide on a paint color. I go back and forth between a shade of blue or a soft pink. What do you guys think? Also there will be a change of hardware since some of the pieces are missing. I don’t know if I will use new drawer knobs or some vintage ones from my stash. I’ll have to wait and see what works after the chest is painted.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (9)

I bought this table and I wish I hadn’t. It was at the Salvation Army and the price was $33. Whoever painted the top of the table made a mess of it. Also the stain on the base is chipping and the wood has the red tint that tends to seep through the paint. Will have to see how it turns out.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (10)

The JTS bought the rustic bench at an auction for $25. The bench is almost 6 feet long. I’m painting on it already.

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (11)

The next photos are of my fireplace mantel. You might remember where I decorated a few weeks ago and posted about here….Junk Finds Decorate My Home. I edited the things on the mantle meaning I removed things. Sometimes I overdo it. The mantle is something I see everyday, sometimes all day long, since the fireplace is in the room where we hang out. 

junk finds and projects from Petticoat Junktion (1) Looking at it over a few days convinced me it was a little too busy. This is how the mantle looks now. You might notice I replaced the red fishing box with a red tool box I bought a couple of weeks ago. 

What did you think of my junk finds? Have a favorite? Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. oooh that 3 tier table would be fabulous with the base painted either a dark grey/blackish color and the top… you could use some type of marbelizing technique! or maybe a pretty transfer? I would definitely marbelize it tho…it has that cool classey vibe to it!! You have that skills to make that old girl come back to life again in some type of Hollywood gangster glamor! LOL

  2. Hey, you made a great haul!! That dresser, OMG, that is a beautiful piece!!
    I have a wrought iron table and bench that was my husbands grandmothers. I can’t wait to see what
    you do with yours, I want to see how you do it, so I can repaint mine!
    Thanks for being such a great DIYer and showing off your finds!

  3. Boy I wish I lived near that shop! It is such a treasure find!!! All those funds I’d have picked myself and see them transformed in my mind. What town again is that junk shop?!

  4. I’m glad I’m near that wonderful store. I’m getting rid of stuff after shopping vintage and antiques for 40 years. I have vintage furniture from estate sales that still needs painting in my garage. Some pieces were as low as $3. I don’t know where to put them in my house so I’ll probably have to part with more in my house to use them. You find the greatest things. thanks

  5. You really found some great treasures. I wish I could shop where you go. The long bench I would use a blocker first to stop the red bleed thru. Then I would paint it. If you had a barn red, not a Christmas red, but a dark red it would look great. But I’m sure you’ll do something great with it.

  6. Looking forward to seeing finished product. I think the iron table top should be painted deep blue and legs white.

  7. You found some great pieces. The rusty holey enamel pan is a little worrisome, though. It looks like the whole rusty bottom could break apart at any time, but for $2 it’s worth trying to save. The dresser is really nice. I could see it in a little girls room — how about a very soft pink?

  8. Girlie ~ you always score such fab pieces!! Luuuv the “screen doors” & the adorbs enamel dipper!!!
    You’re so much fun to live vicariously through ?❤️

  9. I also wish I lived near your junk store! We don’t really have anyplace like that here. I like pink for the dresser, maybe with some sort of ombre’ effect like someone else suggested. And the wrought iron table is awesome!

  10. Buyer’s remorse! I like the little 3-tier table, and everything actually! That dresser is fantastic! And that wrought iron table is wonderful! Have fun with your projects!

  11. I like the little stand, it would make a good plant stand. Love the bench also, benches always catch my eye. It’s good thing I don”t have room for everything I like.

  12. Love the chest of drawers. As to colors. . . how about white, though mauve or dusty rose would be beautiful, too.

  13. I LOVE the bench, did I say I love the bench, I agree with Bev, about the table, Mr. Butler looks like a good soul…
    You are a lucky lady to have such great finds in your area, Good Luck with all your
    I would prefer something between beige, and coffee colored for the dresser..

  14. Awesome finds! What about good old black for the dresser? Everyone needs a nice piece of black furniture in their homes. The wrought iron table is so cool – just beautiful to look at! Pieces that I have regretted buying ended up selling the fastest when finished. Maybe the tiered table will surprise you?! Happy Spring!

  15. Turquoise for the plant hanger, black for the wrought iron table. Blue for the dresser..and if you hate the little table, just redonate it back and cut your losses. Just did that. I thought I would have tremendous guilt but it was actually freeing. And mr. Butler is lucky to have you!?‍♂️

  16. I wish I lived near your junk shop – I’d be broke! Paint the dresser an ombre of blue

  17. great finds it is just the issue to get things done i had to stop doing this because i ran out of house space just watch the colors u pick for certain items enjoy the site

  18. Kathy,
    Have to say , Love the wrought iron table ,what a buy! Like the gate’s too. The dresser is work but think I’d go blue. Nothing against pink but girls are grown now and not in my color scheme . You got some great deals.