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What Can You Buy at An Auction?

I bought a bunch of stuff at an auction this past weekend. Want to know what you can buy at an auction? Well, I bought vintage glasses, new clocks, used plastic food containers, a graniteware canner, a purse, and more! The JTS bought some ammunition and in the past he has bought old coins for his coin collection. He has been to auctions where they have cars and farm equipment. You can buy almost anything at an auction.

What can you buy at an Auction?
What can you buy at an Auction?

I bought this set of vintage glasses in a metal holder. The set didn’t look nearly this good when I bid on it. I think it had been sitting in a garage somewhere for a while. It was covered in dust and some kind of gunk. I have a photo of how the glasses looked further down in the post.

you can buy this at an auction (34)

These strainers are another of my favorite buys. Second to the vintage glass set.

you can buy this at an auction (1)

The one with the wood handle is really cool. I’ve never seen one like it. I’m not sure what the strainer is made of. It could be a gourd or some kind of wood. Not sure!!

you can buy this at an auction (8)

I bought the Kromex canisters because they were paired with something else I wanted. The canisters aren’t in the best of condition but they’re okay.

you can buy this at an auction (9)

The camera bag complete with old camera lenses like I’ve never seen before and more accessories was $2.

you can buy this at an auction (10)

The canner lid was a mess but the pot was good and there was the metal basket inside and 3-quart jars. For $2 I knew my sister could use it this Summer. She is the canner in the family.

you can buy this at an auction (11)

I bought the purse for $2. It’s real leather and it’s bigger than the ones I usually carry. I can load it up with stuff this Summer when traveling.

you can buy this at an auction (12)

I forgot how much I paid for the box of little metal candle holders and planters but it wasn’t much. I have an idea for the small lanterns and watering cans. They all have hooks and there are 5 of them. I’m thinking to hang them from twine for a short garland. What do you think about that idea?

you can buy this at an auction (5)

You guys can laugh at this one. I did. I bought the 6 pack of bottles with rack for $2. No one else wanted them so I bought it for the rack mostly. When looking at them at home I discovered they had LED votive candles inside. How did they get inside and how do you turn them on? Then when I picked up the bottle there was no bottom to the bottle and you could turn on the candle. Funny. I already sold them in my booth. You never can tell what people are going to buy.

you can buy this at an auction (6)

I bought the wood bench for $7. I plan to repaint it and distress the paint.

you can buy this at an auction (7)

The train picture was $2 and I bought it because I like the yellow train.

you can buy this at an auction (13)

Now you get a look at the dirty glasses. It took me a while to scrub them clean. I’m scared to put them in the dishwasher.

you can buy this at an auction (2)

I don’t know who this gentleman is but it is a cool photo and definitely old. He could be someone famous!

you can buy this at an auction (3)

Crystal bar glasses for $2. Two dollars seemed to be my number for the day.

you can buy this at an auction (16)

The Go Vols branding iron was in a box lot of stuff I bought. I do live in Tennessee but not a Vols fan so it’s for sale.

you can buy this at an auction (17)

I bought the box of old keys and locks on the cheap. Don’t remember the price but I was surprised I got them for the price I did.

you can buy this at an auction (18)

The price was $5.

What can you buy at an Auction?
What can you buy at an Auction?

The metal tackle box was $5 and it had three tools in it.

you can buy this at an auction (20)

The stained glass bird was in a box lot of stuff and I bid on it just for the bird. I had to have it and I think the price was $8.

you can buy this at an auction (21)

Here is my big box of plastic containers for $5.

you can buy this at an auction (22)

I got these items in a box lot. I bought it because of the metal piece on the left but I also like the concrete angel candleholder on the right.

What can you buy at an Auction?
What can you buy at an Auction?

A close up look at the metal flower piece. It is to hang on the wall but not sure what it holds.

you can buy this at an auction (14)

I paid $3 for the two birdhouses.

you can buy this at an auction (24)

Not sure what this weird thing is but it had a tissues hanging from it’s nose. I guess it’s a tissue holder?

you can buy this at an auction (25)

I bought the large folding screen for $10. It’s plastic but I like it.

you can buy this at an auction (26)

The duck lamp was in a box lot and it works.

you can buy this at an auction (27)

Anyone know what this oriental piece is for?

you can buy this at an auction (28)

Thomas Kincade mugs.

you can buy this at an auction (29)

Kermit the Frog was in a box lot of stuff.

you can buy this at an auction (32)

The three small clocks were $2 each. I plan to paint all three using a different paint technique for each. Stay turned.

you can buy this at an auction (33)

The potato masher was a little pricy. I think it was $7. I couldn’t resist the color.

you can buy this at an auction (15)

The red handle mixer was $3. And that’s the end of the auction show and tell.

What did you like the best? Leave a note if you have time. Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I love all the treasures you found at the auction! I think that the metal floral item is a plate/frame holder. I have a collection of glasses just like the ones you have in the holder. They are “Swanky Swigs”, a term coined by Kraft Foods (1930`s), and they held cheese spreads. Best to hand wash them; dishwasher detergent is harmful to the paint. It is difficult to pick a favorite, but I like the mallard lamp. I have a small collection of figural lamps and clocks, and I would enjoy having a lamp like yours!

  2. Kathy ,
    Great haul ! think I like the metal flowers holder , not sure how much space it has behind the flowers but a candle behind them would lend a pretty glow behind them.
    I think that Easter Island tissue holder would lend a sense of humor in popular grey and white bathroom decor that’s so popular right now. Have to say the the potato ricer and the hand beater are more up my alley. I have many of my Mom’s antique (?) utensils that I still use (particularly when the power goes out) , wire french fry cutter, hand beater like the one you got, small tart tins (still actively make those) and wire whips, old hand crank version of cookie press, dual ended melon baller green wooden middle on that.
    Loved the old keys too. Always love to see what you do with it all.

  3. Good Stuff. I like the vintage glasses with holder best. You can use that Asian thing to hold chop sticks and it looks like that pretty flower metal thing might hold a plate on the wall. It would look cute with a milk glass plate.

  4. Love the glasses. I used to go to auctions a lot back when I had some antique booths. We are planning a trip to Brimfield in July. We haven’t been in awhile.

  5. I keep mine on my Grandmother’s Hoosier in my great-grandmother’s dough bowl.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing what you got. I, too, like the potato masher. You got some neat things and good prices for all.

  7. I used to go to auctions in Orange, CA a lot when I lived there pre 1998. Not as many here near me in Oregon. It is always exciting.

  8. What a great haul! So jealous, we don’int see many auctions in Southern California, and definitely not for those great prices.

  9. I *love* the vintage glass set, I would have bid against you on that one 🙂 I’ve furnished most of my house with auction buys – all of the furniture (solid wood, vintage if not actual antique) cost FAR less than new particle board/laminate stuff. I’m fortunate to live in an area (Texas hill country) with a fair number of ‘country auctions’. I also love the box lot stuff. My husband rolls his eyes at me, but is pleased with my thriftiness, lol. I look forward to seeing what you do with everything – if you bring the glasses, I’ll make us some real southern sweet tea 🙂

  10. Wow you got some interesting stuff. Auctions aren’t as common as they used to be around here. The duck lamp, keys, glasses with rack and train pic are the best! I like the train picture because of the trestle-it is awesome.

  11. I think the bowl of the wooden strainer is made from a coconut. You came home with some fun finds!

  12. Hi Kathy. Always hand wash the vintage glasses as the dishwasher can destroy the design. I learned the hard way with a couple of mine. I don’t even use a China setting. I missed what you paid for them but maybe I’d cry if I knew. Enjoy them.

  13. What a fabulous haul! So nice that your husband likes to go to auctions too. I think that the flower glasses in the metal carrier is my favorite. Followed by Kermit, who would look cute out in the garden.

  14. The last item is called a Rotary Beater. We used at home as a child to make whipping cream from the cream of freshly milked cow milk adding some sugar and vanilla flavoring. I still have my Mother’s.

  15. Kathy Hello… I love the bottle set with the led votives and the vintage glasses… I haven’t been to many auctions… I might need to start…looks like fun…

  16. Hi, Kathy: The vintage glasses in the metal holder would be a keeper for me. I also loved the mirror. Lots of possibilities there. I’ll be watching to see what you do with it. Thank you for sharing all your goodies.

  17. Kathy
    What do you do with the rusty, metal kitchen utensils. Thanks Dianne

  18. The strainers appear to be ice fishing scoops – removes the chunks of ice from the fishing hole.

  19. Hi Kathy. That is a tissue holder – I have one that my brother gave me years ago for my cottage. There should be an elastic strap across the back to hold the tissue box in, and the holder itself can hang on the wall.