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Bird Nest In a Vintage Water Dipper Display Idea

I made a cute Spring display by gluing a faux bird nest with eggs in a vintage water dipper. The enamelware water dipper came from my favorite junk shop and it’s perfectly old and rusty.

bird nest displayed in a vintage water dipper

I added a bit of greenery and a small fabric tie to make the display a little more colorful. I have all the details for you and today is Thrift Store Decor Day so you know what that means.

vintge enamelware water dipper to upcyle recycle

I’ve had the water dipper for a while and added it to my porch decor last year to display succulents, faux and real. The dipper is one of those pieces you can do a lot of things with. Or you can just hang it on the wall as is.

faux bird eggs and nest for display idea

The left over faux eggs and nest from a previous project where I made a cute little bird nest in a basket display  came in handy.

hot glue project

I first hot glued a bit of moss to the dipper cup then added the bird nest but I didn’t like the moss so I took it out.

glue a faux bird nest and eggs into a water dipper

Then I just hot glued the nest to the dipper and hot glued the eggs to the nest.

adding greenery to a recycle bird nest project

The look was a little plain so I cut pieces of greenery from an artificial vine and hot glued those to the dipper handle about half way up.

how to make a bird nest display in an enamelware water dipper

Then I over did things again by adding more greenery and a gold looking ribbon at the top of the dipper handle. Not liking that at all.

bird nest in a vintage water dipper display idea (3)

So I removed the extra greenery and the gold bow and tied a bit of fabric cut from an old curtain to the middle of the dipper handle. Next, I added a bit of twine for hanging the dipper. The hole at the top of the dipper handle is for hanging the dipper with the open cup against the wall.

add greenery and a ribbon and hang a vintage water dipper holding a bird nest and eggs (2)

I was all finished taking photos when I looked down at the workshop floor and noticed the little sprig of yellow flowers. One more addition to the display, lol. I have junk laying everywhere in the workshop including the floor, every table surface, every shelf surface, and all the chairs so finding a sprig of flowers on the floor isn’t unusual.

faux bird nest in a water dipper

I left the dipper hanging for a few days then decided to see how it looked with the nest and eggs sitting flat in the bottom of the cup. That works too!

Spring display idea with bird nest and a rabbit (2)

Nice little Spring display with the bunny and flowers. Well, you guys see how easy that project was. Nothing to it.

display a faux bird nest and eggs in an old rusty lantern
Display a faux bird nest and eggs in an old rusty lantern.

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  1. This is absolutely the sweetest and most creative idea for spring. You couldn’t have asked for a better color!

  2. What a cute springy project! If I hung that on my door I’m pretty sure a bird would park its fat butt in the ladle and make its own nest in it ☺️!

  3. This is just adorable Kathy! I have a copper dipper I could use this idea! Pinning ?

  4. I love the dipper Kathy, the colors and the rust–so perfect together! I love the addition of the bird nest and eggs!