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I Spent $200 At An Auction And This Is What I bought

Yes, you read that headline right. I went overboard at the auction, and I got a ton of stuff. My booth at Warehouse 41 Vintage Market was looking a little bare, but it isn’t anymore. I’m sharing photos of some of the things I bought. There are so many, and you guys don’t want to look at 50 photos of stuff. Some of the things, like the vintage ice skates, are staying at my house!

auction purchases vintage items and new items (15)

The piggy banks are too cute. I really like the Milk Money Cow!

auction purchases vintage items and new items (14)

And who can pass up vintage blue glassware?

auction purchases vintage items and new items (1)

Look at these old glasses. I was trying to research them and discovered that some antique glasses were made of gold. I looked for markings on these but didn’t find any.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (6)

I’ve found that teapots sell well in my booth.

auction buys

I made a couple of photo collages grouping photos together since there were so many. As you can see, I got a few sets of old door knobs, including crystal knobs. Also in the group are vintage salt and pepper shakers.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (9)

The green enamel pan is larger than it looks in this photo. I would say it is probably 12 inches by 24 inches. I’m keeping it for myself.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (16)

I’m also keeping the cool vintage cake stand. I have a thing for cake stands, and I don’t have one like this.


auction purchases vintage items and new items (8)

How about the ice skates? I plan to keep those too, and make a winter wreath display using them as the centerpiece.

what to buy at an auction

Another grouping of photos. I like the tall blue bottle, but the praying hands, not so much. I got two antique mother-of-pearl decorated wood frames, a lot of brass pieces, and also cut glass pieces. The wood drawer is full of old wood knobs and door hardware.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (19)

I cleaned up one of the antique frames and it is in really good shape.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (36)

I also like antique matted black and white photos.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (7)

A set of silverplated flatware.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (21)

The blue pieces are so pretty—my favorite shade of blue for glassware. The tall glass urn with a lid is cool and might be a great DIY piece in the future.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (25)

This silent butler with the copper design is soooo pretty. I bought this group of stuff a few weeks ago, and I googled the silent butler then and found an identical piece. It was selling for a pretty good price, but I can’t find it online anymore.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (27)

The two copper pots are great finds too. They are a lot larger than they look in the photo.

auction purchases vintage items and new items (31)

The large bear is a cookie jar. I also got a big red apple cookie jar. Some things I got that I didn’t share photos of are a Ryobi 18v battery and charger (and they work), a ton of motorcycle parts, wood boxes, and so many things I can’t name them all.

View this video from my favorite junk shop…..

What did you like out of my haul? Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Love the blue glass for sure and the copper pots as well as the green enamel basin. Also the old photos with the fabulous old frames. You got some great stuff, Kathy! Thanks for sharing it! I went on the 127 yard sale once long time a go. I bought a little book shelf I think. I wouldn’t mind going again but not the whole way. I live in Michigan so I would only go a short way south probably. I wonder where it starts in Michigan. I’ll have to research that. I liked reading your report on your experience of that long, long sale. Oh , just realized that I had already commented on this post! Oh, well!

  2. The cobalt blue bottles are my favorite! I have a china cabinet full of cobalt glassware and bottles/jars! The green enamel pan is nice too.

  3. Kathy I love the green pan. I have a thing for enamel pans and that color is really unusual. Also, I love all the old photos and frames and all the pieces of blue glassware. The little copper pots are great finds, too. I would use them to hold plants. You made a great haul!

  4. The black & white photo of the people sitting on the porch & the silent butler are my favorites! I love both of these!

  5. Some cool finds. I have the piggy bank style that says for my Cadillac only my says For Baby. Got it as a gift when I was born and will be 66 this fall. Never seen one like yours around the local antique malls here.

  6. When I was growing up, we used an enamel pan like the one you show as a dishpan inside the sink. Not sure why, but my mother did not like filling the sink directly with water to wash dishes, she always put a pan inside the sink and filled it. In later years, we used a plastic pan, not sure where our old enamel one went! I would keep it too! : )

  7. That is some really cool stuff. That green pan is a real find. Where was this auction?

  8. I have a cake stand like yours that belonged to my grandmother, and it’s so versatile! I love the green enamelware pan. And what is a silent butler? Cool stuff!

  9. Kathy, I love your postings. I can’t wait to see what you do with those skates. They are so unique. All the door knobs, interesting how you use them. And even though you’re not a fan of the praying hands, I love them. Would really like to see what you do with them. If course I could go on and on. Just can’t wait to see how you use all of these finds. Thank you for the postings.

  10. Wish I lived in your area. Would enjoy going thru your booth. Loved the old glass door knobs.