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Nashville Flea Market Vendors

I have come to know and make friends with many of the Nashville Flea Market vendors.

The Hearland Hoarder Favorite Nashville Flea Market Vendors

The Heartland Hoarder! Nashville Flea Market Vendors

You guys have heard me talk about them before. Carol and Rodney are so nice and they always have great junky stuff and even better prices. If you visit their Facebook page you can see all the goodies they find on their pickin’ adventures. Almost like taking a trip to the flea market….almost.

white trunk Nashville Flea Market Petticoat Junktion


red tractor seat Nashville Flea Market Petticoat Junktion

Love the red tractor seat. I should have grabbed it but forgot!

It would be great in a Christmas craft project.


large metal star Nasvhille Flea Market Petticoat Junktion

The star would be nice with Christmas lights wrapped around it.

Can you guys see where my mind is?

double wash tub Nashville Flea Market Petticoat Junktion

The blue logo on the tub stand caught my eye.

Favorite Nashville Flea Market Vendors

And these colorful bird prints too.

furniture Nashville Flea Market Petticoat Junktion

Not sure about all the upholstered furniture.

More Vendors

Debbie and Jimbo vendors

Debbie paints furniture and she rocks it. Jimbo creates metal yard art. The big guy in the middle was promoting haunted houses in the Nashville area in October.

Eric and Caleb Oddly Amazing Antiques

Eric and Caleb live in Clarksville where I’m from and they have a shop called Oddly Amazing Antiques….and they do have some odd stuff. You can find them at the flea market every month.

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Butlers Antiques at the Nashville Flea Market

The Butler’s pictured above sometimes set up at the market. Lately they are more focused on their shop in Hopkinsville, Ky, my favorite junk shop.

Bradley Metal Works

Jimbo of Bradley Metal Works is always fun to talk to. He has a great attitude and is lawn/garden ornaments are works of art.

Things found at the market include but are not limited to:

antiques, vintage furniture, new furniture, rusty junk, architectural findings, vintage advertising signs, reclaimed doors and windows, new clothes, new shoes, sunglasses, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, handcrafted items of all kinds, food, vitamin supplements, handbags, new and vintage jewelry, gold and silver coins, custom embroidery, custom lawn games, metal yard art….etc., etc., etc..

Find all my shopping info including hours, dates, etc. here…Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Nashville Flea Market.


Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. OH every time you show all the goodies at Nashville flea mkt I can’t stop thinking about all great goodies I see just in few photos you show us. I saw several things I’d love.
    Yeah I saw that star and was thinking same thing you were, how great it would look with lights all around it.
    Hubs used to make things for decorating our house and yard but since his stroke he’s not up to doing as much. We used to have lights all around our front yard, on the front porch, in windows. The holidays after his stroke (10/18/10) we didn’t do much of anything, he didn’t even want to think about me doing some things so kept it very simple and easy.
    Two years ago he made a tree out of two tomato cages, strings of lights and bunch of my garlands wrapped around it, used it last year for our tree also. I’d love to have a small real tree this year, love that smell in house Doesn’t bother me to clean up the needles.
    Hubs gets frustrated with job of putting it all away. Couple years ago I went thru many years of accumulated Christmas decos and gave much of it to thrift store in closest town to us. Still have way too much, accumulations of many years.
    I’m getting so going thru all of it, deciding what to use and then having to pack it up is not my favorite job. We try to keep it less cluttered and simpler, yay. When it comes down to it I enjoy simpler much more. Will most likely be giving away more stuff when we go thru again before holidays.
    At least we feel we’re helping out the community as the thrift store does much for Fruita. We do much of our shopping in Fruita and our daughter/family live there. It’s about 6 miles east of us and they’re about 8 miles east of us.
    Do you and your hubs do a lot of decorating for holidays? Seems like I’ve subscribed to your blog for while but didn’t know about you til this year. So glad I found your blog Kathy. I’ve so enjoyed your projects and hearing about your life, finding out about Nashville flea mkt.
    Time for our coffee. Time to wind down. Stayed up too late last night. Take care, enjoy your week. Look forward to seeing that chair finished.

  2. YAYYYY INDIANA FOLK!!! I haven’t trekked down state to visit Heartland Horder yet….. but I will!!!

  3. I love the tubs and stand, and the colorful bird prints. I was at my favorite junk store a couple months ago in Indiana and there was a red tractor seat attached to an old milk can, it was so cute and you could actually sit on it I thought it would be so cut in the garden. I didn’t buy it and I have been kicking myself ever since.