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Fun Porch Decor Featuring Junk Finds And The Color Yellow

Looking at my Spring porch decor today. As usual I found a place for my latest junk finds on the porch. I spray painted a wicker plant stand that belonged to my Mom and it’s on the porch! And it’s YELLOW.

Fun Porch Decor Featuring Junk Finds And The Color Yellow

Can you see the wood parrot sitting in the fern? That parrot is all beat up but he still shows up in my decor occasionally. I took him off of an old sign that was in worse shape than the parrot.

front porch decor for Spring (15)

Anything yellow really makes a showing so I gathered all the yellow stuff I could find but still saved room for the rusty junky stuff.

wicker plant stand

This is the wicker plant stand I brought home a couple of years ago from Mom and Dad’s house. It was just sitting in a shed not being used. Then it set in our workshop for a while then on the carport holding flowers, then sitting empty.

Spray paint a chair
Spray paint a chair

I do love spray paint because it is so easy to use and the projects go fast. The old chair I spray painted with metallic gold spray paint is a real winner and metallic decor works just about anywhere. Find the chair project here…Spray Paint A Chair Soft Metallic Gold. So with that easy project in mind I decided it was time to spray paint the wicker plant stand. No cleaning or anything. I just grabbed the spray paint and went to work.

spray painting wicker

I started with Rustoleum Gloss spray paint color Tuscan Sun. I just grabbed any yellow color in my spray paint stash.

Rustoleum Spray Paint Color Summer Squash for painting wicker

The Tuscan Sun was very bold so I used Rustoleum Summer Squash to lighten the look just by spraying lightly over a few areas on the plant stand. This way the color wasn’t just one note.

front porch decor for Spring (12)

And I have to say the wicker plant stand looks so much better with the new color. I put a large fern in the stand. I love ferns. If you like my colorful vintage junky porch decorations you have to see this time I decorated the porch….Fancy Flowers In Rusty Containers | Porch Perk Up

front porch decor for Spring (6)

That side of the porch also has my old rusty folding chair and the bird nests displays I made last week. I went to Walmart and stocked up on pretty plants. I don’t know what the name of the purple flowering plant is but the price was $1. The yellow pots are from IKEA and I’ve had them for a while.

front porch decor for Spring (11)

Then we have one of my rusty pots filled with Pansy’s.

front porch decor for Spring (7)

Another view of the parrot in the fern. I placed a black shutter behind the yellow wicker stand. It makes a nice backdrop instead of the multi-color house brick.

front porch decor for Spring (10)

On the right side of the porch I have all kinds of goodies. The brown board leaning against the brick was on the opposite side for the past few porch decorating seasons.

front porch decor for Spring (9)

The yellow bucket with Cola Concentrated Syrup written on the side in red is an auction buy. I think I paid around $15 for the bucket and it was worth every penny. I placed a couple of bricks in the bottom of the bucket and then plopped in the fern, container and all.

front porch decor for Spring (8)

The rabbit is from TJMaxx. I fell in love with him. The crusty yellow top table is usually in the workshop or outside the workshop being used as a project table.

front porch decor for Spring (17)

I mixed in a couple of different plants in the metal and wood box that is also an auction buy.

front porch decor for Spring (16)

Another view of the rabbit and yellow cola syrup can.

flowers in thrifty plant containers for Spring

The colorful flower bucket was an auction purchase. That little bucket just makes me smile. Sometimes it’s the little things.


I have the same flowering plant, and again I don’t know what kind it is, on the opposite side of the porch in a rusty bucket sitting on the wicker plants stand bottom shelf. In case I haven’t mentioned it to you guys before I don’t have a green thumb and I don’t know a whole lot about flowers.

front porch decor for Spring (14)

And that about wraps it up. What do you think about the yellow? I have a plan for a door wreath but haven’t put it together yet. Maybe in a couple of days. There is going to be some yellow in the wreath too. That will bring everything together.

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Tell me your favorite thing on the porch. Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Love the different yellows … one of my favorite colors, especially for Spring! Love the wicker plant stand!

  2. The purple plants are Muscari, also known as grape hyacinth. They are bulbs planted in the fall and grow and bloom in the spring. I’m not sure if they will come back next year in Tennessee’s climate since they need a cold dormant winter. Plant them in the garden to give it a try. They are pretty much care free.
    BTW junk finds are the best, very cute porch decor!

  3. I loved the wicket plant stand! But it all come together so beautiful!! Thank you!!

  4. Looks so colorful and happy. Very uplifting to see these bright colors arranged in such a clever way!

  5. It looks great. So innovative! I think I have the same paint color on my front door. Do you remember the name of yours? I believe mine is Behr’s Glacial Stream.

  6. Very pretty! The little plant….”I don’t know what the name of the purple flowering plant is but the price was $1.”, is called Liriope. I have it all over my yard, comes back every spring, flowers and then dies back to come up again the next spring.

  7. Your porch is lovely with all the pops of yellow, rust and the plants. I think I love the wicker plant stand the best.

  8. I love yellow. It’s just makes me smile. I can’t wear it,but, love splashes of yellow in decor.

  9. Awesome display! The little purple plant is a grape hyacinth. Just like tulips and daffodils, if you plant 5hem in your garden, they will come back every year.

  10. love it all. love all of your stuff. a pleasure receiving emails with updates and cool things from you. inspiring!!! thank you.

    Angela from NJ