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The Best Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint Colors For Home Decor

I get emails from you guys, my loyal readers, asking about the best spray paint to use for decor makeovers. Rustoleum and Krylon are both really good spray paints but I tend to use Rustoleum more often. Today I’m sharing the best Rustoleum metallic spray paint colors for DIY projects. The best in my opinion.

Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint Colors

Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint Colors

When I need to update a home decor accessory fast I always grab the spray paint. I was in a rush to do a couple of pieces over the weekend and I used my new favorite Rustoleum Metallic Color……Copper.

Boho chic furniture makeover

The vintage stool above was painted with the copper metallic spray paint and it turned out great. The seat cover is a recycled skirt! I’m sharing two new pieces today and then I’ll tell you all about my other favorite Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint colors!

5 Best Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint Colors For Home Decor

I bought the stainless steel container at Ikea in Memphis. When I go to Arkansas for a visit, I stop in and shop for just a bit. The Memphis Ikea is at the halfway point of the seven-hour drive between my parents’ home and our home.

The mirror is one I bought at an auction. I think I paid $5 for this mirror and another mirror. I love good deals.

5 Metallic Spray Paint Colors Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Life

I forgot to take photos of the stainless steel container after taping it off and before painting it. That’s what happens when I’m really into a project. I used painter’s tape to make a geometrical design on the container….just willy-nilly for the design….don’t overthink it.

The tape is 3M painter’s tape. You can actually snap off pieces of this tape, and the edge is straight. You give a sharp tug and a piece of the  tape snaps right off.

Rustoleum Metallic Bright Coat in Copper

I taped around the edges of the mirror too but didn’t cover the whole glass. There was just a bit of paint on the mirror when I finished and I scrapped it off with a razor blade. I missed getting a photo of the mirror before painting too. It was antique gold, and not a pretty antique gold. Copper is in now…..at least with me.

Metallic Copper Spray Paint for home decor

It took less than 10 minutes to spray both of these pieces. The mirror is already sold. The stainless steel container can be used as a utensil holder, candleholder, etc. Maybe you have some other ideas?

1. Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Copper Spray Paint

5 Best Metallic Spray Paint Colors For Home Decor

So, the copper color is my number one favorite right now. I used it on the hardware for the gray mid-century piece you see behind the mirror and on a vintage vanity stool, and for a Fall/Halloween centerpiece too. 

2. The Best Silver Spray Paint – Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Silver Spray Paint


At one time, I wouldn’t even consider painting furniture with spray paint. Then I ran across this paint. I used this metallic silver on several small accessories in the past and noticed how smooth the finish was and the coverage is great. The paint completely covered the area with just a couple of light coats. The dry time is really fast too. So why not try it on furniture? I started small with the drawer fronts. The silver is perfect with the turquoise.

Rustoleum Silver Metallic Paint

Then I spray painted the drawer on another table with metallic silver. And I used Rustoleum Pure Gold Spray Paint on the pull.

diy platter from candlestick and white dinner plate

I also painted the candlestick base of the DIY serving stand with metallic silver.

rustoleum bright coat metallic for furniture project

Now, this project was a lot of fun. I was really into polka dots and I still like them. After the spray paint dried, I aged the silver paint with Caromal Colours Toner. The toner adds depth and character to the paint.

3. Rustoleum Metallic Rose Gold Spray Paint

rose gold metallic spray paint from Rustoleum for furniture

I wasn’t sure about adding the gold paint stripe to the black chest of drawers but I’m glad I did. The rose gold metallic color has just a hint of rose or pink. This is my favorite of the gold finishes. It really isn’t noticeable until you have it next to metallic gold then you can see the difference. I liked the stripped chest of drawers so much I moved it into the master bedroom. Then I sold the chest of drawers it replaced.

rose gold metallic spray paint from Rustoleum

The original hardware on the coral chest needed a new look and the metallic rose gold made the pulls better than new. The paint adheres well to metal surfaces.

4. Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the oil rubbed bronze spray paint. The neutral color works just about anywhere.

oil rubbed bronze Rustoleum spray paint project

The chairs that go with our outdoor table set have been falling apart one by one. I redid the chairs a few years ago, adding new fabric. Boy, was that a job. The original color of the chair was blue…..an outdated blue. It definitely looks better in oil rubbed bronze.

oil rubbed bronze spray paint for furniture projects

The stenciled table is an oldie but a goody. You need to see this project. I laid out stencils all over the table and used the oil rubbed bronze spray paint over the whole thing. You can always test and spray paint color on paint sticks before using.

5. Rustoleum Metallic Antique Bronze Spray Paint

antique bronze spray piant for door hardware

Funny story about the door knocker…..the upside-down door knocker. One of you guys had to tell me I put the door knocker on upside down and I do depend on you to keep me straight. Guess what? Five years later, it’s still upside down. I used metallic antique bronze on the door hardware. It was shiny brass. When I painted the front door I updated the hardware.

5 Metallic Spray Paints Guaranteed To Up Your Home Décor Game

The cute little lamp got a makeover with metallic bronze too.

Rust-oleum Metallic Antique Brass

These two projects are older than the others. I searched for the paint online but I guess they discontinued it. I think the Metallic Antique Brass is very similar in color. I’m being totally serious when I talk about how easy it is to spray paint a small……….or large project. It takes no time at all. There has been a big improvement in canned spray paint over the years.

6. The Best Gold Spray Paint – Rustoleum Metallic Gold Bright and Shiny Finish

Mercury glass is one of my favorite decor items. Making my own mercury glass allows me to choose the colors for the glass.

Rust oleum Metallic Spray Paint for Home Decor
Rust oleum Metallic Spray Paint for Home Decor

For this mercury glass project, I used 3 different metallic colors. See the project here……,DIY Multi-Colored Mercury Glass With Silver, Gold, And Bronze Spray Paints 

Do you use spray paint? What are your favorite colors and brands? Find my favorite metallic spray paints here….Petticoat Junktion On Amazon.

Check out my video on painting and distressing home decor….

Spray Paint Video Tutorial

As always, thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Hi Kathy, Don’t you just love spray paint? I use it all the time. Love the cute serving tray made out of the candle stick. Stay warm up there. Hang in just a few more weeks and it’ll be time for beautiful spring projects. You’ve got a head start already!

  2. Hi Kathy! I think these were all great projects. Even the polka dot table. Thank you for showing them all.

  3. After refinishing bathtub and changing 3 handle to one in oil rubbed bronze i decided to change out the accessories but not only expensive but moen didn’t have the two towel holders. So i decided to look at the paint and discovered there is a oil rubbed bronze paint. Decided to try on a small piece and i must say it is beautiful. I have saved hundreds of dollars. You cannot tell the difference..

  4. Rustoleum is the only spray paint I’ll use – have tried all the metallic colors but rose gold. Must try the rose gold. You’ve got some great projects using metallics in here!

  5. We’ve used a little bit of spray paint, and we love how it turns out. I especially like seeing your use of the silver and copper. I have some in the cupboard, but I haven’t used it yet, but I will at some point.