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My latest Auction Buys And Junk Deals

I got some great junk deals last week at my favorite shop and also a few furniture pieces from a local online auction. I’m already looking forward to Christmas and picking up inexpensive Christmas items or colorful items that will fit the Christmas theme.

junk shopping and great junk deals with Petticoat Junktion

I bought this solid wood bookshelf. It has contact paper on the back and it’s kind of cool. The antiqued green finish is just like one my Mom did on a bedroom set when I was growing up. This “antiquing” process was really popular at the time. Any of you guys grow up with this look? I’m not really a fan.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (9)

I fell in love with the two green vases. They will look great in some kind of Christmas display. You know what, they would look great holding a washcloth or two on the bathroom counter.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (4)

The tablecloth was only $2 and I really like it. Although it’s a bit small for my dining room table I’ll find somewhere to use it. It’s already washed, dried, and put away.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (10)

The red bowl had a few scratches but the color was pretty. The bowl has “flashing” meaning the red color is applied to the surface of the glass. This is different from vintage or antique glass where the glass itself is colored.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (6)

The orange, green, and yellow bowl is just lovely. It has all my favorite colors. On one side there were a couple of tiny scratches but who looks at the backside. I haven’t decided where or how to use the bowl.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (7)

The small green frame and metal angel will also fit the Christmas theme.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (1)

Ribbon is really pricey and anytime I can buy it on the cheap I grab it. The red and plaid ribbon is especially pretty.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (5)

I’m not really a fan of the red and green braided fabric wreath but I can see using it in a project.

junk treasures Petticoat Junktion (8)

The greenery wreath with the gold and white accents is more my style. I got all these purchases from the junk shop for $38. I thought that was pretty good. The price included the bookcase which I took to the shop and sold the first day.

Goodwill buy

The wood frame and bag of ribbon came from the Goodwill. I stop at the Goodwill on my way to the junk shop.

desk I bought at an auction Petticoat Junktion

The desk was an auction buy. The price was $22 with all fees added. I like the straight lines. I can see it painted with new knobs. I just have to decide on the color. I may go to Hobby Lobby and look at knobs. I sometimes find knobs I like and select the paint to highlight the knobs. A good way to get inspiration.

things I bought at auction Petticoat Junktion

I bought the three beds above at the same auction. Do those look like twin beds to you? They did to me. I was sure surprised when I picked them up because two of the beds are double or full size. Does anyone buy or use full size beds anymore?

What piece or pieces did you like the best? Do you have paint colors or ideas for the desk? Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Hi, Lyn! Your description of your “odd bed” brought back warm memories. My grandma had a bed like yours. It was called a “three-quarter bed”, sometimes a “youth bed”. This was before fitted sheets came on the scene, so grandma just used flat, double-sized sheets.

  2. I have a mirror that was from my parents bedroom set. I painted it avocado green in the 80’s. I just took it out of storage and will repaint it probably turquoise or something that reminds of the sea.. When I was a child (50’s-60’s) I had a 3/4 bed. Your “junk shop” trips are .always.interesting.

  3. Kathy: I love the green vases. And I agree with Naomi, please don’t paint them. They would look great with your rusty treasures in a vignette on the mantle or with some Christmas greenery.

    Thank you for sharing. I live vicariously through your junking expeditions!

  4. I would never paint them and there are no markings on the bottom but they look like McCoy. I’m not sure about the desk yet….stay tuned. And thanks for all of your comments!

  5. Thanks for the info Lyn. I had no idea what those pegs were for. I’m wondering if I will be able to sell the beds. I thought they might be an odd size. I haven’t had time to really look at them yet.

  6. HI Kathy,
    Love all the beds, The one on top of the pile is part of an old rope bed. That is what the pegs are for on the bottom of the support rail. I have one that is an odd size. It is wider than a twin but not quite a full and a little shorter too. I’m considering making it into a bench since any mattress would have to be custom made.
    Congrats on a great haul!

  7. Green vases!!!! ” Be still my heart” ,Yes, people do sleep in double beds– I love your site!,thank you

  8. Kathy, I love, love, love those two pale green vases! Are they McCoys? They certainly look like they could be. Anyway, I’m “green with envy” that you have them and not me! They will look fabulous with some holly and ivy in them for the holidays. (Don’t paint them, okay??!

    Also, I will be interested to see what you do with the desk as I have one very much like it I’ve been wondering what to do with in order to maybe sell it.

    Always enjoy seeing your “junk” hauls. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Yes, unfortunately (I guess) we have a small master bedroom and can only utilize a full size bed. But we’ve survived it for almost 60 years! LOL. Every time we travel and sleep in a queen or king bed we say only if … But when you live in a 153 year old home, bedrooms and closets were not important back then.

  10. Hi Kathy, I know the “antiquing” well. My mother and grandmother went wild with it. It also came in red and white. Mother talked me into doing my childhood desk in white. After I was grown I removed it. The desk is exactly like the one you bought.I think mine was bought around 1950/52. It was a Christmas present .I think I was 10/12. I’m 82 and still use it. It has been well used and loved.

  11. I have a smaller guest bedroom that rarely gets used and I purposely looked for a full size bed to paint to use in there.
    It takes up less room and with a small dresser and one small side table for a night stand the room still has plenty of space for the guest to get to the closet and hang their clothes etc. A queen would have been too big and a waste of space. I also have a full size bed in another room so if I have two guests that feel they need more room they can each have a bed:):):):):).)

  12. Hi Kathy, a long time follower but never poster. 🙂 I love your junk shop and auction finds posts. The creativity just makes me happy. Also, in re the green bookcase – I know that finish very well. My Mom was a big fan of that look and growing up we had many pieces done in the same way in our house. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Christmas finds. Thank you for your inspiration.

  13. I love the tablecloth and enjoyed looking at your other selections. These are my favorite posts of yours to read. I’m anxious to see what you do with the braided fabric wreath, and want to add that my husband and I sleep in a full-sized bed…it’s cozy 🙂