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Spray Paint Glass Bottles Then Dry-Brush With White Paint

Don’t just spray paint glass bottles……dry-brush them with a bit of white paint for a one-of-a-kind look. Spray paint is one of my best friends. Did you know you can spray paint glass bottles, decanters, vases, milk bottles, etc.? You can!

Spray paint is one of the easiest ways to upcycle, update, make new, any item. Spray paint has definitely improved over the years. Now you can spray paint just about anything and not only will it be beautiful but the spray paint will stick….for good. Think before you toss stuff out. Look at everything and think how you can repurpose the items. You might have new home decor on the cheap.

DIY-Spray Paint Glass Decanters For Home Decor


I used Rust-Oleum spray paint to beautify these decanters or liquor bottles. How about those glass stoppers too? They make unique decorator items. I’ve used a bottle stoppers as miniature vases for small single flower stems.


I purchased several of the glass decanters at the Nashville Flea Market . On the last day of the market you can get some really good deals.


I used Rust-Oleum Black Night Metallic on a few of the pieces. This is such a pretty color, deep and rich. Not black, not brown, not gray! Be sure and clean the bottles well inside and out. Oil or price tag residue will keep the paint from sticking.


And on the others I used Rust-Oleum Satin Lagoon. This is another of my favorite spray paint colors. Got to have a fun bright color. The knobs on my Nautical Makeover are satin lagoon, my detailed picture frames are satin lagoon, and my faux mirror with frame is sprayed with satin lagoon. Told you I loved this color.

dry-brush paint technique

If I had to describe the Black Night Metallic spray paint I would say it is closer to a dark, dark, gray than black.

After the spray paint was dry, I dry brushed white paint on the raised details. To do this you need to get paint on your brush then dab basically all the paint off on a paper towel.

Your brush must be very dry. Then just swipe your brush over the details until you get the look you want. Trust me…..you’ll be surprised how easy it is! The flower bush came from Hobby Lobby. I cut the blooms apart with wire cutters.

Spray Paint Glass Bottles And Decanters Then Dry Brush

I love the contrast of the white with the dark bottles. It’s cute to put a small flower in the decanter stoppers also, but it was a little much for this display. Don’t you think painting the stoppers are fun! They do look great with small flower stems in them. Give it a try.

Spray Paint Glass Bottles And Decanters

The pretty bottles make me smile and also do the happy dance. They looked great with my Aqua and White furniture makeover  Do you like the colorful decanters? Or do you prefer the clear glass? Now how about another project where I spray painted vases and mason jars white.

Spray Paint Glass Jars petticoat junktion project

Spray paint projects are quick and fun. When the weather is nice I grab a few items, set them up outside and start painting. I was trying to stage photos for the Radiant Orchid Chest of Drawers a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find a darn thing that worked! The Radiant Orchid is a beautiful rich color and I spray painted the hardware white for a bold contrast.

spray painting glass jars

So I decided to spray paint a few glass jars in the same white, in hopes that I could use them in the display. I gathered a few mason jars, ball jars, and assorted glass pieces I had in my stash. The white spray paint is the Wal-Mart brand. If I haven’t used a can of spray paint in a few days I set the can upside down for a few minutes then shake it really well before using it.

white spray paint for glass jars

It only took 10 minutes to spray the jars.

spray paint glass jars petticoat junktion

I added a few branches of small white flowers and …..ta-dah! Approximate cost of  the project is $2. I had all the supplies on hand. Such a simple project, yet the white jars and flowers make such an impact. What do you think?

If you’ve never dry brushed anything guess what. I have a video for you where I am  dry brushing furniture. Same deal for any project. See the video…..

Dry Brush Paint Technique Video

Did you know you could spray paint glass? I even use spray paint on furniture. At one time I considered this a no-no. I still haven’t spray painted a whole piece of furniture.

Painting drawer fronts on a couple of projects is as far as I’ve gone with spray paint for furniture. One of my favorite turquoise projects has silver drawer fronts. You can see it here….Turquoise and Silver Nightstand.

Silver Metallic spray paint makes a nice contrast to white paint. I have a small side table with this paint finish. See it here…..White Table With Silver Highlights. This makeover also features Gold Metallic spray paint for the furniture pull.

I’m always glad to see you guys. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Your jars are so beautiful! I always call that dark grayish color greige. Lol. The metallic seems to add a hint of brown or beige. Love this tutorial so much! Thanks for sharing you awesome ideas!!

  2. Yes, I think they look like ceramics too! Maybe the type of spray paint? Glad I could give you a few ideas. I keep things too until I run across a good idea for repurposing them. We lived in the panhandle of Florida for a few years and we didn’t get much Fall weather either. Fall is my favorite time of the year! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi, Kathy—

    I know that you posted this on 9/13, but I saved it because we are doing a major “purge” of “too much stuff”, and I haven`t had a spare moment until today. I am so excited that you posted this tutorial! I have two storage boxes full of bottles and jars that are too full of possibility to throw away. I`ve tried a couple of painting techniques already and just wasn`t satisfied with the results. Your tutorial looks so easy, and the bottles look lovely! Is it just me, or do yours remind me of ceramic?
    Also—Fall is my favorite season, but we rarely get anything that resembles Fall where I live. The two seasons we have are Almost Summer and Summer. 🙁 As a result, Fall has to be a state of mind for me. Bring on the pumpkins and the spiced apple cider! 🙂

  4. I have a heavy hand with sprays of any type, but I certainly appreciate what YOU can do!

    Your Creativity is boundless!

    Thank you!

  5. Kathy,
    Just found your site and love all of your ideas. This painted bottle idea is great. I have some leftover spray paint and will give this a try.

  6. Turquoise is my color! Lovin’ it with the black & the white highlights are a great accent. Just took a little lookie into my ¨inventory¨& quickly came up with two decanters. Will have to see if I can find a few more. Definately going to try this! Thanks for a fab idea!

    Nancy @ Junk Smarts

  7. One more way to reuse & upcycle – fantastic! Although I am not sure I can find room for any more “treasures”. My grandmothers would flip – spray painting glass/crystal – what?!?

  8. Will this stuff adhere to ceramic? I’m afraid it will run and then I’ve ruined my bowl that I want to paint.:)

  9. love them, I’m definitely going to try this. Much cheaper than buying them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love how those turned out! Did you use any kind of primer or anything under the spray paint? I just tried to do a white glossy bowl – in a color VERY similar to lagoon (also Rust-Oleum)but it was glossy – the finish did not turn out very well.

  11. Thanks Stephanie, I’m glad you like the bottles. Cleaning….really….I haven’t cleaned them yet…lol. Probably a damp rag would be fine. I didn’t clean the bottles before I painted them and the spray paint is awesome. It sticks great and I haven’t had any problem with it coming off, even when I banged them around!

  12. Hi Kathy! OMG I love this! Thaks so much for sharing this tutorial, I can’t wait to start experimenting on my many glass bottles. My only 2 questions is about cleaning them: I assume the spray paint stays on pretty well, but it’s probably just best to clean them using a soft damp cloth, right? I imagine soapy and maybe hot water would be too hard on the spray paint. Also, did you primer these before you sprayed them with your main color? Tnanks again, this is the best!

  13. These look so great! I loved my visit to the Nashville Flea Market. I need to go on the last day next time and get some good deals! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the B&A party!

  14. Love them! I save jars and even pick up neat bottle at garage sales. I’ve just recently discovered using spray paint on jars, much easier then using my acrylic paint, and sticks so much better. I haven’t tried the dry brushing on them yet, but I really like the dry brushing effect. Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Oh how lovely!!! Will keep this in mind! Saw it via Hometalk. Thanks for sharing with us!

  16. I used to collect decanters for years and have at least a tub of them in the attic and to think that I was just going to donate them….not anymore. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks

  17. Saw your stuff on Hometalk. I think it depends on the overall decor as to whether I would prefer clear glass or painted items.

    Of course, once I redid a dresser for my mother that had been painted like in the 50’s, over wood and MARBLE. I wish I could have been there back then so I could talk some sense into whomever did THAT! Ugh. :p

  18. These are beautiful! I saw piles of vases that looked exactly like this at Indigo this spring & they were a pretty penny, let me tell you! This is a thrifty way to achieve the same look for a lot less. Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Hi Kathy, I found you over at Hometalk. This is a great idea! Your bottles look amazing. I would never have thought to dry brush them, but that was exactly what they needed. Thanks for sharing!


  20. Sarah, if your brush is really dry then just swipe the brush over the whole bottle. The paint will hit all the raised details and you may get a little paint on the rest of the bottle but not much. Start with the brush extra dry and you can always add more paint but it’s hard to remove if you get too much paint! Can’t help you with the oil problem 🙂

  21. I just washed a few cool looking bottles I want to reuse from the grocery store. When you use the mostly dry brush with white paint, how do you get it just on the details & not on the bottle? Did you use the corner of the brush to go over each raised line or swipe with all the bristles touching downwards while tipping the bottle? Hah if that makes sense!
    I am trying to dry out a cool olive oil bottle, but it doesn’t seems to want to completely dry up the oil inside when it air dries.

  22. Love these Kathy! (And I guess I’m not surprised that anything you touch with paint will look as fantastic as your furniture pieces!)

  23. Love them, you did an awesome job. I will most likely steal this ideal. lol

  24. I love these. Great idea. Perfect for bridal or shower table decorations

  25. I love them painted… I am always looking for new ways to use old bottles and jars and these are awesome…