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Small Blue Antique Mason Jar And More From Auction

We went to an auction on Sunday afternoon and came home with a truck full of stuff. No furniture but that’s ok. I am furniture happy right now. I took a really short video showing a little of the auction for those of you who  haven’t been to an auction before. Hope you take a look at it!

mason fruit jar old

The blue antique Mason jar is one of my favorite buys. I can’t find a jar online similar to this one so don’t know the age of it.

ball jars from auction

Two Ball jars with glass lids and wire closures. And the thermometer is plastic and it is still intact.

box lot from auction

This box lot shows the blue Mason jar from my first photo with the metal lid on it. I had the lid in my stash and I put the lid on to see if it fit the jar. You can see I got all kinds of things in that box lot. I really like the green clamp.

vintage alarm clock

The Westclox Big Ben clock is working but not correctly. It keeps loosing time and the case is also really rusty. It is still a cool piece just to display. If it ever quits running….the ticking is loud and driving everyone crazy. It is in the workshop right now. I’m hoping it will wind down soon.


vintage mirror bought at auction

I love the mirror and plan to keep it for myself. Not sure where I’m going to hang it yet or if I will paint it.

vintage mirror from auction

I probably will paint it because some of the detail on the top middle is damaged or missing.

design on vintage mmirror

The mirror isn’t cracked or broken and it has the pretty flower design on the two end mirrors.

metal pair with Easter design

I would have fell in love with the Easter tin even if it wasn’t Springtime. The bucket is really large too.


auction (9)

The hubby got the three colorful plastic trays in one of his box lots.

iron brackets

I have a thing for old iron brackets and I bought a box lot that has two matched pairs then two odd balls.

large ball jars vintage

Two gallon size Ball jars with lids. Someone is going to be busy washing stuff. Then a friend didn’t want the folding trench shovel that came with one of his auction box lots so I got it. Take a look at just about a 40 second video from the live auction below then view the rest of my auction buys…..

Scenes from a Live Auction

rusty old dust pan

Also loving this dust pan with long metal handle. It might turn become a wreath!

used wood stuff from auction

The tool caddy will get a paint job and the two wood candle holders will be used in a display someway.

teakettle from auction (1)

The white teakettle with blue speckles in one of my favorites of the lot.

auction lamp

The lamp was the most interesting buy of the day. It of course is homemade but the trunk part is actually a doll trunk made around 1920.

antique lamp

It has a paper lined wood tray inside and a card telling about the piece.

lamp made out of a doll trunk

It is also signed inside. Someone turned the trunk into a lamp in 2010.

auction (8)

The card is pictured in the photo above and you can read all the details.

In case you missed my junk haul I shared yesterday see it here…Spring Decor Junk Finds Of The Week

Well, that’s all my purchases from Sunday. This Thursday is Furniture Fixer Upper day and you might have spotted a painted piece of furniture in the background of a few of the photos. That is my piece for Thursday and it is fabulous if I do say so myself. Be sure and stop by on Thursday and thanks for being here today. Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. My favorite is the mirror , and I also love it just like it is . I have wanted one like that for years, But I have no wall space for one. I also love the kettle ,splatter wear and the speckled wear always catches my eye.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love it all literally. What great finds. The mirror is to die for. I have a thing for antique mirrors. And old rust is just cool. Another fav is glass knobs. They are like jewels to me! I hauled around loads of such items for my lifetime and the last 3 years finally let them go. (Long story!) I can’t wait to move to KY this fall and visit your shop and go junkin! Im ready to get going again and find an outlet to sell at somewhere. I have missed having a space and working all the furniture etc. it’s just what I was made to do! I’ll be living in Corbin. I spoke with you before and I’m excited to meet you. I’m Kate altho as a kid was called Kathi. Keep at it. I love your stuff. ❤️

  3. If you lived near me I might just have to give you that mirror. Good thing you don’t, lol. Yes, I almost bought something by accident. You have to be careful at auctions. One of our friends bought something a few weeks ago when he was waving at a friend. Too funny!

  4. Kathy, I am so darn jealous of you getting that mirror! I’ve been looking for exactly that same type for over my upright piano for years! Whenever I’ve found one it has been too expensive or had some funky feature that I didn’t want. But yours is perfect–the beautiful frame and the etching on the glass–oh, be still my beating heart!

    I have been to quite a few auctions but not recently, They are always lots of fun, especially those boxes with all the surprises in them. You have to be careful, though, or a slight nod of the head or scratch of the ear can land you in deep debt!

    I also love the white speckled tea kettle and those iron brackets which are also one of my favorite old things. You made a great haul altogether. You’re gonna be a busy lady for a while! Thanks for sharing all the goods!

  5. Hi Kathy! Lots of neat little things. I have never been to a live auction but I could not understand a word he said. ? dont paint the mirror. Just take a gold gilding wax and go over the entire thing
    It’s a beautiful mirror and if you paint it well, it just wont do the poor thing justice. Well that’s just my opinion. The trunk lamp was interesting for sure.