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Funky Flower Pot Ideas For Spring Decorating That Will Make You Smile

These upcycled flower pot ideas will have you searching for your own funky items to fill with flowers.

I went crazy with the flowers when I decorated the porch and other outdoor areas for Spring. I found a new place to buy flowers which is actually an old place. It’s locally owned and located at the owner’s home.

IMG_8871 (2)

I am so glad I checked it out. The gentleman also has canned jams, fresh vegetables in season, and all kinds of beautiful flowers. And the flower stand is only about 5 minutes from my house. I pass by the place all the time but you can’t see the flower stand from the highway.

how to decorate the porch for Spring using rusty junk finds

I have my usual cast iron pots and rusty chairs, along with upcycled flower pots and they are doozies. I found the plaster lady at my favorite junk shop. She was smashed up on the bottom and glued back together but I bought her anyway because she was cheap. Her feet fell apart when Miss Sofi was carrying her to the porch for me. That’s why the pot is sitting in front of her feet.

I spray painted the container sitting in the rusty chair using Rustoleum High Gloss Spray Paint, color majestic red. It was a metal container with a Fall scene on all sides. I need to stencil the container or maybe distress the paint.

rusty iron flower pot

My favorite thing about this iron pot is the crack running all the way down the side. I’m kind of weird like that.

DIY painted Cherub

I painted the little cherub with a concrete-like finish. The cherub is porcelain or something similar. I will have a tutorial on the process for you later this week.

use old cast iron pots as flower planters

I did the same faux finish on the owl which was made of plastic and really ugly.

vintage Christmas tree stand

I bought the rusty Christmas tree stand a couple of years ago and took it to my booth but it never sold. Inspiration hit when I walked by it in the workshop this week.

how to use a vintage Christmas tree stand as a flower planter (2)

The tree stand makes a great flower planter. I just filled it with potting soil and plopped the Geranium into the center of the thing.

use lawn statues in Spring porch decorations

When I purchased the flowers they were in regular plastic pots and plastic hanging baskets. I took them out of the plastic pots because they were getting root bound. The flowers in the mop bucket were $15. Great price! I’ve had the boy and girl lawn ornament for a few years now. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

use an old mop bucket as a flower planter

The mop bucket has been around for a few years too. I knew when I bought it that I would use it for flowers or big ferns.

wood box painted red to use as a flower pot

The wood box painted red is sitting under our carport in the corner made by the brick fireplace that’s in our den.

unique flower planters

The blue pot is a junk find and was broken but glued back together on the top of one side.

use an old metal toy truck as a flower pot

How about that metal truck? I also bought it with the idea to use it as a planter.

vintage metal tomato strainer or juicer

Next up is this old rusty metal tomato juicer or strainer. We used these with tomatoes when I was growing up.

vintage rusty metal strainer upcycled to a flower pot

I set the Geranium in the strainer then stuffed moss around the inside of the strainer.

spray paint a wicker basket flower planter pot

This is the wicker planter that belonged to my Mom. I spray-painted it yellow last year and yesterday I spray-painted it red using the same Rustoleum paint mentioned earlier.

Spring grapevine and flower wreath DIY

I put this wreath together using a grapevine wreath I’ve recycled several times. I needed bold flowers on the wreath because of the bold color flowers in the pots.

how to decorate the porch for Spring

One last look at the porch. Do you like my flower pot ideas? Which was your favorite? Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Wow look at all the “planters”. I showed my husband and if he finds a Christmas tree stand at a yard sale I know that will be our next planter. This year he has gone BIG with planters and garden art. I always love your ideas. Tell your father Happy Birthday for me. How wonderful for him to be 92 (?) I hope.

  2. My favorite is the red whicker flower stand. Love that. Never found one I could afford.

  3. This is my new favorite post! I am finding that I veer to outdoor finds: )
    I love that you hung the wreath on the outside glass door! I will copy that immediately!!! My wreath is smooshed in between the door and glass door at the moment.
    Thank you!!!! : )

  4. Hi Kathy — I was inspired by all your planter projects, but especially the toy truck — very inventive! I love that you re-use and recycle.

  5. Love the mop bucket and truck planters! You have done a lot and it all looks great. Glad you shared with us!

  6. Your porch looks great. I love how you repurpose things and make them look fabulous. I don’t think I can pick a favorite but if I had to it would be the strainer. Really enjoy your site.

  7. I love all the items you used to plant your flowers so much nicer than plain plastic pots.

  8. I love wicker and red, so that really caught my eye, but the tree holder is my favorite, favorite, favorite. I would not have ever thought of that. I just love all of your stuff, and ideas.

  9. I love your style. It isn’t my style, but you do such lovely and innovative things with your “junk” as is. Your front door setting is absolutely beautiful. You are very talented and I try to never miss your posts. Perhaps one day you will inspire me to at least do one corner in your fun style.

  10. Can I just love it all??? I adore the use or shall I say reuse of discarded or unloved items in the garden…. nature always finds a way to make it better! So why cant we help nature along with some paint & placement right? Thanks for sharing all your beauties….just gorgeous!

  11. Love the rusted porch planters and the flowers are beautiful. You’ve given me a load of ideas. Thanks, Kathy!

  12. I love all your junky planters Kathy! I especially like the truck and the tree holder with the geranium 🙂 Great ideas!