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DIY Fall Rake Wreath Idea And Wood Birdhouse Flower Container

Wait until you see how I made a birdhouse flower container out of a $5 rustic birdhouse. And I put together the Fall rake wreath out of flea market finds. Decorating the front porch with my rusty junk collection and tossing in a few pots of flowers is my go-to decor for any season. I just finished decorating the porch for Fall. Yep, I’m ready. Bring it on. The weather even feels like Fall this week.

Fall rake wreath for the door

Let me tell you about my easy-to-put-together rake wreath. The three parts…. rake, grapevine wreath, and floral piece, are thrift store finds. I wired the flowers to the grapevine wreath and then wired the wreath to the rake. Easy Peasy. The rake fits perfectly onto a wreath hanger.

Birdhouse Flower Container And Rake Wreath Fall Porch Decor

The only thing left to do was hang it on the storm door. I love when a project comes together without any glitches. That doesn’t happen very often. Last year I made a Christmas wreath to hang from the rake. I can see that rake going through several transformations in the coming months.

porch decorating using a Wood Birdhouse Flower Container and a rake wreath

After hanging the wreath, I pulled all kinds of funky junky pots and stools from the workshop. The brass pot and galvanized bucket are recent finds from my favorite junk shop. The metal frog candle holder was a $3 purchase from the Nashville Flea Market.

Birdhouse Flower Container Decorating Idea 5

The cute little bark/woodsy-looking pumpkin was a real budget find from the store Bargain Hunt. I bought it last year. It’s too early for our local pumpkin patch to open, but I’ll be heading there for the real thing on October 1.

The birdhouse has been sitting on a shelf in the workshop for a couple of months. I planned to have the JTS (aka hubby, aka Junktion Technical Specialist) hang it on a tree, but then I had another idea.

Birdhouse Flower Container

I lifted the roof of the birdhouse and plopped a Gerber Daisy in the house. How pretty is that? The birdhouse can still be used for it’s intended purpose when it’s not subbing as a flower container. The rusty stool is another fun piece from my fav junk shop. I wish you guys could go junkin’ with me. You would love it.

Porch Decorating ideas for Fall

You probably remember the chair I found at the August Nashville Flea Market. I couldn’t resist the orangy color. I knew it would be perfection on the front porch holding a pot of mums. And it is! The velvet pumpkin is a thrift store find from a few years ago.

Fall rake wreath craft by Petticoat Junktion

Another look at my pretty rake wreath.

Birdhouse Flower Container And Rake Wreath

The mums came from Home Depot. The yellow ones are my favorite because they scream, “Here I am.” I like white mums too but there were none in stock the day I bought these.

Thanks for being here and have a great day, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. What a fantastic idea with the rake and I love the birdhouse transformation.
    I visited you via Happiness is Homemade 106
    I linked up this week with = 31+32. This is a friendly reminder and invitation to come and join us at SeniorSalonPitStop. You will find the linkup information under BLOGGING.

  2. I love all your junky finds! That rake wreath is inspired! Love it!

    Thanks for letting me be part of the tour.

  3. I absolutely love your wreath! Such a unique and gorgeous piece of fall decor. Your entire porch is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us at Merry Monday this week!

  4. Kathy – you know I love that rake, but all the fun baskets and décor is wonderful. Your porch looks so ready for the season. I think I have a broken bird feeder I’m about to pull out and copy you!

  5. Your front porch looks amazing, Kathy! I love all of the beautiful, vintage, junky decor. You put it together perfectly, as usual! Have a wonderful fall.

  6. I love your porch I must admit though the birdhouse planter, I’m head over heels for that sweet idea!

  7. Your porch is so inviting, Kathy! I love your rake wreath and the mums in the basket and metal bucket. My vintage loving heart did a pitter patter when I saw the thermoses you used in your display.

  8. The frog tin is a Home Interiors’ item from years ago. Over the years it has lost its color, can put a candle inside. I have kept all of them for each season/holiday but do not leave them outside long enough to lose their colors.

  9. Kathy, I would love to go junking with you because you find the best things! I have a thing for frogs, too, and I adore yours. Shared that gorgeous rake wreath on our FB page!

  10. Thank you Naomi! I did remove the rake handle but I still have it. I lucked upon the velvet pumpkin. It doesn’t have a real stem and yes you are so right. The new ones are too expensive for this girl.

  11. Kathy, the rake wreath really is inspired! But did you take the rake handle off? Or maybe it was already apart.

    The whole porch looks great! I am amazed that you found that velvet pumpkin in a thrift shop. There’s a shop called Love Feast Shop that sells them for, to me, what are outrageous prices. Theirs have actual pumpkin stems. I tho’t yours looked like it might have, too. I really like them and want to make some of my own. Probably not with real stems, though!

    Oh, and the bird house “planter” is cute, too. You did a great job!

  12. Love all of this fall decor on your porch Kathy! So welcoming and full of color! Happy Fall!

  13. What a great, fun fall ‘wreath’ with that rake! Very whimsical. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. There you go again Kathy, being the most creative person I follow! Love that rake wreath! Thanks for the inspiration too.

  15. Kathy,
    I love your eye for fun and detailed decorating. Everything from the rake to the mums and the birdhouse is absolutely Fall with a fun twist. I love it.
    Thanks for encouraging me to get out and decorate my porch.
    Thanks, my friend.

  16. I just passed on a birdhouse at our local community thrift! Boogers, oh well. Love you creativiness. Do have an old bucket, but I planted Cracker Jack marigolds in it for Fall. Very large and showy flowers that simply glow in Fall’s air. Also, I have an old wooden vanity stool that is painted rusty red by my front door to hold various plants and “finds” thoughout the year. Found it under a pile of material in a junk/antique store. Now I always look under displays to see what is holding the goods. That’s how I came away with an robin’s egg blue enamel tray that sits on my kitchen island.
    Absolutely admire your great idea for the rake wreath!! Very clever!

  17. Kathy – you always have the most creative and fun ideas! Your rake wreath looks adorable and is a perfect fall greeting on your front door. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Fall.

  18. Oh how adorable is that rake wreath! Love it and wish I had one for my patio door! Also loving your other porch decor. It’s so fun to look through your photos and enjoy these lovely plants and vintage items. So inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Fall to you and yours. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  19. And a sweet picture of you in the door reflection! 🙂 Cute cute cute! I really like the roofless birdhouse idea. Never would have thought of doing that.

  20. I would love to go Junkin with you. You pick up the neatest finds. I go searching with my Hubby and even sometimes he shakes his head. I show him later what I have done with my treasure..and I say to him..yeah of no faith!!!! He justs laughs?

  21. Kathy,
    I plan on using your birdhouse flower holder idea.
    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.

  22. Oh I’m lovin’ your rake/wreath for your front door! It would be perfect to adapt for my Potting Shed door for fall! Your little birdhouse as a planter is too clever and cute too!

  23. That rake wreath is so cute!! … Your porch always look amazing in each season. The stool that you purchased at the Nashville Flea Market is perfect for your Fall porch. A most beautiful vintage Fall porch Kathy! Happy Fall!