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Silver Plate Succulent Planter Idea With Seashells

Try this super easy silver plate succulent planter idea. The planter makes a fun centerpiece. Today is easy project day. I know you guys are up for that. I filled a silver plate dish with seashells and faux succulents and what a beautiful display if I do say so myself!

silver plate succulent plant container
Silver Plate Succulent Planter Idea

I bought the faux succulents at the Dollar Tree which is one of my favorite stores. These caught my eye because of the color. The turquoise color is very soft but still eye-catching.

silver plate bowl to recycle upcycle into succulent planter

The silver plate dish was in a box lot of auction buys. There were several pieces in the box and this was one of my favorites. I saved it for just the right project and this is it. You can see the other silver plate pieces and more of my auction buys here….. Buying Vintage Suitcases At Auctions Plus More Stuff!

faux succulent plants from Dollar Tree

The faux succulents at Dollar Tree were a dollar each. Makes sense huh. I bought three because you should always go by the decorating rule of displaying groups or things in uneven numbers like 1, 3, 5, etc. I do admit to not always adhering to that rule. Rules are made to be broken.

seashells picked up on the beach

I  have a tone of seashells. Maybe not a ton, but a whole lot. When you go to the beach you have to pick up seashells. These came from the beaches in the panhandle of Florida and also some from the Alabama coast and the really large ones are from Kodiak Island. Our daughter and her family lived on Kodiak Island while her husband was in the Coast Guard. Kodiak is a beautiful place. Don’t think I would want to live there but nice to visit.

how to put a succulent plant container together with seashells

I filled the silver plate container with medium size shells then stuck the succulents into the dish. Next I placed smaller seashells around the succulents until the silver plate dish was full and the succulents stood firmly in place.

silver plate upcyle succlulent planter

I told you this project was easy. If you don’t have a silver plate dish no problem. I bet you have something in your cabinets or garage that would make the perfect succulent planter. No seashells, no problem. Try using small rocks and you can also buy these at the Dollar Tree.

Silver Plate Succulent Planter Idea With Seashells

Turquoise is a color I can use in almost any room of our home. Here it is sitting on a glass tray on the master bedroom dresser.


Silver Plate Succulent Planter Idea

Here the planter is sitting on a vintage glass tray on the kitchen table.

silver plate upcycle recycle idea
And of course the turquoise succulents look pretty in Sofi’s turquoise and orange bedroom.

Ready to make a succulent planter? You can email me photos of your planter ideas here….kathy@petticoatjunktion.com. I love when you share photos with me and when you leave comments. If you want more ideas on how to display faux succulents I have a bunch. Just click any of these links to see the project…..Succulent Container Idea Using Recycled Food Cans & Cartons…..Upcycled Craft: Succulent Plant Rake Wreath…..Indoor Succulent Plant Hanging Display Idea….Thrift Store Decor: DIY Succulents Display Idea

Video showing how to recycle old movie reels using faux succulents and sisal rope…..

Succulent Plant And Recycled Movie Reels Project

Have a great day, Kathy

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  1. Kathy!! Gret idea! Thank you. I live near the beach h so I have plenty of shells and I love succulents. Pinned

  2. Oh my! Your silver succulent planter is lovely. Gonna run to Dollar Tree to see if I can get some of those succulents. You are so inspiring!

  3. Thank you Rowena! If you received the email about the new post look on the bottom of the email and you will see a forward button. You can forward to 5 friends.

  4. Great idea on silver planter. Thanks! Love reading your posts every week. How do I pass on this particular project to a friend?