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How To Decorate A Small Guest Bedroom

It’s easy to decorate a small guest bedroom on a budget. Buy an inexpensive inspiration piece and work with what you already have at home. I was able to give our small guest bedroom a totally new look for just under $30. An inexpensive furniture find from a couple of weeks ago inspired me to re-decorate the bedroom. how to redecorate your bedroom for less than $30

The bedroom is the one we call Granddaughter Sofi’s room at the house. Sofi is turning into a young lady and it was time for the bedroom vibe to change.

You guys might remember this server I found at my favorite junk shop for $22.50. If you saw it before you might notice I changed the knobs again. The first knobs I put on the server looked awesome but when I moved the server into the house and started the small bedroom makeover the knob design was too busy and was competing for attention with the bedding.

How I Decorated Our Small Guest Bedroom For Less Than $30

This is the bedding. Do you love it as much as I do? This bedding change was fun. The first thing I did was flip the coverlet to the back side. It’s reversible which makes changing the bedroom decor easy and inexpensive.

how to decorate a small guest bedroom

This is how the guest bedroom looked after we painted it last year. The bold orange design of the coverlet is right up my alley. The coverlet was part of a set that came with two pillow shams and two decorative pillows. The eyelet dust ruffle came from Goodwill many, many years ago. I got the set at Bargain Hunt for $49. I looked back on the first post where I shared the new bedding and was surprised to see the date was September 2016. Time sure flies.

how to decorate a bedroom

The cowboy hat no longer hangs over the bed. I used the wood cabinet frame to make the mirror wall decor that hangs over the bed now.

orange bedroom furniture

I painted the orange chest white when we painted the bedroom and now the chest has been replaced with the vintage server. The white bedside table is an IKEA hack I did a few years ago. The bedside table is gone too. I’ve been working on open spaces and less stuff in our home for the past few years. The only furniture in this bedroom now is the vintage server and the bed.

Our bedrooms are all small because the house was built in 1965. They don’t look near as small with just a couple of pieces of furniture. The other guest bedroom also has just a bed and a short chest of drawers. Love seeing the walls and not a bunch of stuff.

vintage furniture piece for makeover

This is how the vintage server looked when I bought it. I knew it would make the perfect bedside piece for Sofi’s bedroom.

changing drawer knobs (2)

This photo shows the knobs I first put on the server. I really liked the look but as I mentioned earlier it the knobs were to much with the busy design of the bedding.

bedroom furniture for less than $30

The rattan, basket look, and furniture knobs came from Hobby Lobby. The basket that holds DVDs came from Burkes. The server has plenty of storage and I can always change things out if we have guests stay in the bedroom. The basket could hold magazines and I could put a candle, bowl of small treats, and other things guests would find handy on the top. The orange metal box is a cool junk find and the yellow flower pots are covered with the funky pom-pom magnets I made. The lamp is from Target.

decorating a small bedroom on a budget (4)

The pillow shams were also reversible as was the “paradise” pillow I bought at TJ Maxx.

decorative pillows on the bed (3)

The large velvet pillow cover was a sale item from IKEA. The bird pillow and bright yellow pillow came with the bedding set.

How To Redecorate A Small Guest Bedroom For Less Than $30

It’s no secret I love orange and turquoise. I spied the handmade quilt at the shop where I have my booth a few months ago and had to have it. The quilt is in great condition and I paid $45 for it. A deal.beautiful handmade quilt with turquoise and orange design

I tried using the quilt with the coverlet when I had the bold orange design face up but it was too buys. I love that it goes perfectly with the reverse side.

Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom for added cooling (2)

The hubby and I installed that ceiling fan when we painted the room white last year. The room still had the square inset light from 1965. That was a doozy for us to change out but we did it. The ceiling fan came from Lowes. The cost was $39. It’s a builder-grade fan but it works great. It’s quiet and moves a lot of air. I found the ceiling fan on Amazon but the price is higher. It may have gone up since we bought ours last year.

diy wall decor for a small guest bedroom (2)

The flower lights are Miss Sofi’s addition to the decor. She loves string lights and she put some up in the Navy bedroom too.

Sofi stringing lights on the headboard (4)

She enjoys decorating things just like her Mamaw. Sofi spotted the flower lights when we were walking through the flea market/antique shop where I have a booth. Ten minutes later and six dollars out of my pocket and she was a happy girl.


This is how the new mirror wall decor started out. You can see the whole project here.

bedroom makeover, budget decorating

The basket came from TJMaxx and the ugly fake plant came from Tuesday Morning. I filled the basket with seashells! I really need to find a prettier artificial plant. I forgot to mention the curtains which I’ve had for years. The lightweight cotton curtains are by Martha Stewart and I bought them at K-Mart. The curtains are really thin and don’t block much of the street light.

I added sheers to the clips on the backside of the curtains. They give the curtains more body and I’m sure guests appreciate the added room-darkening effect. I’m waiting for the day the curtains fall apart after so many washings.


The shutter sign hanging on the wall opposite the bed is another of my DIYs. You can find the Hello Sunshine Shutter Sign Wall Decor project here. Want to know how we painted our louvered closet doors? We did it the easy way. See my short video below…..

The Fast Way To Paint Louvered Doors Or Shutters

how to decorate a smal bedroom

Budget Decorating

So the new look for the small guest bedroom came in at less than $30. I didn’t buy a thing except for the server and the new knobs. Everything else was already in the room…..just changed up a bit. Budget decorating at its best. Actually, I came out ahead on this makeover because I sold the small chest and the IKEA bedside table at my booth for more money than the server cost. Win-Win.

I was anxious to see Sofi’s reaction because she doesn’t like change much unless it’s her idea. Glad to say she loved the new look. How about you? What do you think?

Ready to redecorate a bedroom? You might have a reversible comforter or quilt. Even if the other side is white….try that. I still have to share our Master Bedroom Makeover now that I have all the decor done. We have a solid white comforter on the bed. Yikes! It’s pretty. Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  3. What a pretty room. Love the quilt.
    Sofi had a great idea for the lights.
    We’ve always had a room for our granddaughter too. She is about to get married. I guess I’ll have to call it Hannah’s and Matt’s room now.?

  4. Fantastic job! Great choice and use of colors. I would have loved having this growing up.

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