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Succulent Rake Wreath With Leather Belt Hanger

My rusty rake has a new life as door decor. Rake heads make great backdrops for wreaths, and the succulent wreath I created can be displayed year-round. Faux succulents are so colorful, and I love the bold earth tones of the ones I used for this project.

recycle a garden rake and make a wreath or door display

An old rake head is a multi-purpose piece that’s good to have in your junk stash. I got this one from the junk shop for $3.

The rake wreaths I make always have the tines hanging down but I’ve seen some really pretty ones hung the opposite way. Hanging the tines down seems more logical to me.

Of course, you could hang the whole rake, wood handle and all. I don’t see why not, except for maybe the weight.

faux succulent plants for craft project rake wreath

When I decided on the wreath plan, I looked through all the shelves in the workshop and found these faux succulents from past projects.

I’ve made succulent displays using martini glasses, vintage movie reels, and even a wood billiard ball rack

succulent plants from the Dollar Tree

I have a lot of faux succulents, but I headed to the Dollar Tree and picked up a few more just in case. I would hate to run short in the middle of a project. The succulent display on the rake needed to be really full, or it would look inexpensive and tacky—that’s my thinking anyway.

The reddish-orange succulent in the pot was a pretty color, so I grabbed it, too. All I had to do was pull the succulent out of the pot and remove the stem before gluing it to the rake.

thrift store belt for hanging rake wreath

The rake wreath needed a cool hanger, and I thought this belt would be perfect. Plus, it was the only belt I had in my stash. I got it at the thrift store for 50% off. 

I just thought of trying the belt as a rake hanger. I usually use the crossbar on the rake to hang the wreath.

pull the stems from faux succulents

I removed the stems from the succulents and put them in a baggie in case I wanted to put them back together later. I will take the wreath apart at some point and reuse everything in new projects.

remove clip from faux succulents

Some of the succulents had clips instead of stems, and I removed those, too. I just needed a pair of pliers to pull the stems from the heads.
twist wire onto reclaimed rake for hanging

Next, I pulled a piece of wire through the two screw holes at the top of the rake head and twisted the wire together so the belt wouldn’t slip through the open area at the top. 

pull the belt through the top of the rake to make a hanger

Then I pulled the belt through and buckled it. Now it’s time to hot glue the succulents to the rake.

succulent plant rake wreath project

This is the part where you have to wing it. I laid out the succulents in a pattern I thought looked okay, and then I grabbed the glue gun. I started with the top left succulent and then went down the rack with succulents. 

I eye-balled the overall look as I went, trying to place the succulents in a pleasing arrangement, considering color, shape, and size. The display turned out well.

how to make a front door wreath using succulents

I didn’t have to shift any of the pieces. It would have been easy to remove them and reposition them of I needed to.

Recycle Upcycle Succulent Rake Wreath Idea

Maybe I did a good job? I think so. I’m patting myself on the back. I hung the rake on our front door, but the blue door in my reclaimed door stash makes the colors of the succulents really pop, so that’s mostly where I took the photos.

make a succulent wreath for the front door

The wreath is pretty darn classy considering the backdrop is a rusty rake. I tried something different and looped the belt hanger over a chippy lawn chair sitting on the front porch. There are all kinds of ways to display a wreath.

Upcycled Craft Succulent Plant Rake Wreath

I had a few sheets of moss and tried using those under the succulents, but it wasn’t a good look, so I used the little green plant thingies as filler. I don’t know the name of the plant. Someone help me out.

Succulent Rake Door Display

What do you think of the belt as a hanger? I think It adds a bit of character to the display and looks much better than a plain old metal wreath hanger.

succulent rake wreath


I enjoyed putting this project together. Junk DIY’s are my favorite thing.

If you like recycling and upcycling in general, take a look at my video below. It contains three quick craft project ideas using lamp shades, wood picture frames, and terra cotta pots. 

3 Easy Upcyle Craft Projects

funky flower planters

How about circling a teakettle with a cool belt or using a water dipper as a planter….click here.

Leave a note if you have the time and thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Just too cute for words! I gotta do this and have faux succulents from a wedding I did and I’m sure here at the beginning of Spring I can find a rake in a trash pile! I love the blue door!

  2. Kathy, you are so clever! Such a good idea to use a rusty old rake and save it from the junk pile. And the belt hanger is perfect. You could also use a heavy natural-colored twine, I think if you didn’t have an old belt handy. Guess I’ll have to go looking for an old rake! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Living in snow country (Wyoming) I’m a huge fan of faux succulents and Dollar Tree happens to be one of the few national stores we have! I received a heart-shaped succulent holder and filled it from Dollar Tree succulents. I also have a vintage rake and I’ve never been satisfied with the baby’s breath and lily of the valley I wove through the tines. My only ‘problem’ is my rake has its original long handle and I can’t get myself to cut it off, so mine is on a French door hanging with the rake up. But I love the belt you used to hang yours! Thanks for your ideas Kathy! It took me a long time to get through this one since I was also watching all your videos on the side!

  4. LOVE succulents! I have them all over my house and have sold several at my booth. The belt was a great idea!

  5. Cute idea. When my old rake wears out and I need a new one, I’m going to make one of these to hang on my She Shed. Thanks for the inspiration and detailed instructions. I enjoy your daily postings. Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands and stay home. We are all in this together.

  6. Love the leather belt with the metal of the rake!. Well done!. I always look forward to your emails in my box and can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.