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Reclaimed Wood Pineapple Welcome Sign

Reclaimed Wood Pineapple Welcome Sign DIY

pineapple welcome signs bought at a yard sale

I bought the metal pineapple welcome signs on the Junk Hunt yard sale in Arkansas. I couldn’t pass them up at 50 cents for both. They just needed to be spiced up a bit. Today is Thrift Store Decor Tour Day. Be sure and check out the other thrifty projects at the end of the post.

pineapple welcome sign

I didn’t realize pineapple welcome signs were a thing until I did a Google search. This is what I found out……

The pineapple originally calls Brazil it’s home. It spread from there due to the movements of the Tupi Indians. It was the Portuguese and Spanish who spread it throughout the world. In fact, it was the Spanish who eventually gave the fruit the name “pineapple” due to their appearance, as they resembled pine cones.

finding reclaimed wood for project

To add depth to the signs I decided to attach them to wood. I searched my stash and came up with two reclaimed wood pieces. The first wood piece is an old drawer bottom.

reclaimed wood

The second is a plain piece of wood. The back side is unfinished and I painted the other side with sample colors a long time ago.

cleaning wood with Howards feed n wax

I cleaned the wood drawer bottom with a damp rag then shined it up with Howard’s Feed N Wax. What a difference.

painting reclaimed wood

I painted the unfinished piece of wood then distressed it with sandpaper and aged the paint with Howard’s Wax in Golden Oak.

remove hanger from sign

First thing I did to the metal signs was remove the hangers using a pair of pliers.

how to attach metal sign to wood

Then I attached the signs to the wood boards using small short screws. I didn’t want the screw tips to go through the back of the board.

making wall decor for the home (2)

I rethought the sign project idea using the drawer bottom and reattached the hanger to the pineapple welcome sign. The wood drawer bottom was quite a bit longer than the pineapple sign and I bent the tip top of the metal hanger just a bit. This allowed the hanger to be used to hang the sign on the wall instead of needing a hanger on the back side of the wood. I made a bow out of light colored ribbon and stapled it to the top of the board. The ribbon filled in the blank area above the welcome sign.

use a magic marker to color screws

The screws I used to attach the sign to the wood were a bit shiny and I used a black magic marker to darken them.

add wire hanger and wall protectors to home decor wall projects

I added a hanger to the back of the smaller welcome sign using two screws and a piece of wire. I also added foam wall protectors to the back of each sign on the corners. There is no need to use a big round foam protector on each corner so I cut the big round pieces into 4 pieces. Save where you can.

Pineapple Welcome Sign Wall Decor

That’s all it took to make two cool welcome signs. I love the dark wood of the reclaimed drawer bottom. I hung the sign on our master bedroom wall for this photo. I plan to sell the signs in my booth at the antique/vintage shop. You might have noticed the bright shiny silver screw on the bottom part of the metal sign. I forgot to cover it with black magic marker but I’m on it!

how to make a wall sign

The smaller painted wood sign is cool to but the other one is my favorite.

Pineapple Welcome Sign DIY Wall Decor (2)

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As always thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Love this Kathy! I like the dark wood but they are both beautiful. You certainly gave it new life and it turned out lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Kathy,

    I join the dark wood club. I think it really looks awesome. I love the pineapple history of welcoming guests!



  3. I like the darker wood sign. I did know the pineapple was a sign of hospitality. While working in the hospitality business years ago, we had a customer service training session which ended with receiving a small pineapple pin to wear on our jacket.

  4. I think they turned out great. I like the darker one too. Wonder if painting the medal sign on the other white and distressing it would give it a pop?? You always do a great job?

  5. I definitely like the one with the bow better. I think the rich stained wood is beautiful!

  6. I love how you made two different versions! I think I prefer the darker colored one with the bow, but both are fun!