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Buying Vintage Suitcases At Auctions Plus More Stuff!

Vintage suitcases are great for storage around the house. You can decorate them to match your decor or just leave as is!

It’s time for another round of sharing my thrift store, online auction, and junk shop finds. I got a variety of things this past week but only one piece of furniture and that’s a bench.

vintage Samsonite luggage auction buy

The two white Samsonite suitcases are an auction buy. I paid $8.80 for the two including the buyer’s premium. One of them is a little scratched up and I plan to paint it and either stencil a design or add a vinyl decal.

vintage luggage auction buys

I also got these three suitcases at auction. I paid just under $10 for the three. I googled the yellow American Tourister piece and it is selling for more than the Samsonite. I didn’t expect that.

auction box lot with salt and pepper shakers

I got this box lot of stuff. I wanted the tropical salt and pepper with the pink flamingo. I like the bucket/vase with handle too. It’s actually made of ceramic or glass…..something heavy.

box lot auction win

I also bought this box lot. Will sell most of this stuff in my booth. I might redo the wood caddy.

shiny silverplate dishes, trays, and salt and pepper shakers

I bought all the silver plate for $17.50. I ‘m keeping the covered dish, the large pot, and the silverware. The rest goes to my booth to sell.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (1)

The JTS bought the bench at auction for $25. He and our friend Tom go to all day auctions. I can’t stay at an auction all day. I go nuts. I asked him to buy this bench for me if it didn’t go too high in price. I will paint it then decide if I want to keep it or sell it.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (2)

That’s it for the auction buys now we’re moving on to my favorite junk shop. I bought the double lawn chair bench and the single rusty metal lawn chair and gave $45 for both pieces. I plan to clean them up and then apply a coat or two of clear wax. No painting.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (3)

The small plant stand came home with me and it’s a bit wobbly to say the least.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (4)

The hydrangea burlap wall hanging was cute and I bought it too.


the best thrift store and flea market finds, hanging flower planter

The hanging basket is really nice and I can use it for my Summer flowers.

Christmas tree new in box from Goodwill

How about buying a brand new Christmas tree in the box in March! I paid $5.99 for this one. They had a bunch of them in boxes at Goodwill and they had a few put up on display and they were really pretty. They have lights and all.

Hope I can put it up for Christmas this year. We never put our tree up in 2020 and were not at home any during the holidays. This year has to be better.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (5)

I bought the enamel pot lids with a plan in mind. I saw a photo and of course I can’t find it now where the lids were used as the flower bloom or petals on a board and there was a stem made out of wire or something else. I have also seen the colorful garden spigots used this way.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (10)

The “Johnny Clock”, what a fun novelty or conversation piece. I couldn’t pass it up.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (12)

It was homemade by someone for Aunt Elois in 1978. I put a battery in the clock and it ran but made a loud ticking noise and the hands didn’t move. I don’t care. It’s still a fun piece.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (8)

I bought the gold frame. It is so shabby in places with missing details but oh……the details that are there are lovely.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (13)

The wood piece from the top of a vintage dresser will come in handy for someone.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (11)

The little chair came for Goodwill for $2.

the best thrift store and flea market finds (9)

I paid $5 for the red metal box at the junk shop. The red is much prettier than it shows in this photo. The color is way off.

vintage fruit picture from the thrift store

The last piece in the show is a fruit painting I bought for $3 at Goodwill.

thrift store finds to upcycle and recycle

Did you have a favorite out of all of my finds? I think my favorite was the double lawn chair bench. Leave a note if you have time and thanks for being here, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I would love love to see your ideas on the red toolbox. I just bought one while on vacation with my sweetie at a local thrift store for $5.00. I was thinking of storing my small gardening tools in it and just keeping it as is.

  2. You always do great things with your finds, just wondering what are you going to do with the suitcases? Thanks

  3. Kathy,
    I love the double chairs! I love the idea of just waxing! They will look so cool. I have an antique metal stool that I just waxed. It looks great. Thanks for all your inspirations!
    Smiles, alice

  4. I have a few of those things you have listed here. I’d was hoping you were going to show what you did with them. Hope that is next…

  5. I loved the double lawn chair bench. I have those chairs! Anxious to see what you do with them. Mine have been painted 3x: tan, yellow and blue. Oh, and rust. Also loved the red tool box

  6. Love a good auction. In Canada we are only having on line auctions because of covid. I miss the atmosphere of the live auction. The double metal lawn chair is my favorite as well. I have never seen one for sale. I have four of the single chairs and had them sanded and spray painted dark green at a vehicle body shop.

  7. Hi, Kathy. I’m interested in what you will do with the luggage. I just donated a piece very similar to the yellow one you bought. Thanks for sharing all your cool purchases.