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How To Create An Artificial Succulents Bird Bath Display That Looks Real

How to create a realistic artificial succulents display in a bird bath using potting soil and rocks. 

I decorate with artificial succulents and other artificial plants and flowers because I’m not great with live plants. I either over water, under water, or do something equally dreadful and the plants are doomed. 

small concrete bird bath

The Thrift Store Decor Team is sharing succulent projects today. So with my plant history, I’m working with artificial succulents and a bird bath. The bird bath was gifted to me by the daughter of a dear neighbor who passed away last year. The bird bath is small and has been sitting empty outside our family room window. 

rocks for crafts

When getting ready for the project, I found a couple of bags of rocks in my craft stash. 

artificial succulent plants

And I have artificial succulents from prior projects, most purchased at Dollar Tree and JOANN Fabrics (on sale). 

fill bird bath with dirt for plants

First, I filled the bird bath with potting soil and added the rocks on top.

layer rocks on bird bath

Now I have a nice-looking base for the faux succulents

how to make an artificial succulent bird bath display that looks real

All I needed to do at this point was place the succulents in the bird bath, arranging them just so-so to make a pleasing display.

concrete bird bath filled with artificial succulents

After finishing the display and taking photos, I rearranged the succulents just a bit.

how to make an outdoor succulent display

The succulents in the bird bath look pretty and I’m just waiting to see if the soil and rocks hold the artificial succulents in place or if the wind will play havoc with the display.

artificial succulents in a concrete bird bath look real (2)

One last look and now it’s time to take the Succulent Tour with the Thrift Store Team. Click the text links below the “before” makeovers photo collage….

succulent post collage thrift store decor May 2023

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artificial succulents bird bath display idea
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  1. Very nice idea love the bird bath and almost maintains free and being fuax you can have it anywhere…. beautiful

  2. LOVE the idea of using an old birdbath like this, Kathy! And I’m with you- I can’t keep real succulents alive for anything. And there are so many REALLY nice looking fake ones available for those of us with brown thumbs!

  3. I love the color Kathy. And the fact that you don’t have to water them!!! I’d better slow down with the planting or I’ll have to quit my day job.

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