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The Weekly Auction And Why I Should Sit On My Hands

A local weekly auction is back open and I guess I’m trying to make up for lost time. You know the Nashville Flea Market has been closed for months now and I miss the shopping. The auction is a poor substitute but it has it’s good points.

I bought a whole bunch of stuff again but at least I got to see it in person and bid live. That’s a lot more fun than looking at pictures on line and clicking a button to bid.

things I bought at the auction

We came home with a truck load of stuff. The auction is on Thursday night and we didn’t feel like unloading when we got home. I unloaded everything the next morning and took photos you guys could see everything and the prices I paid.

kitchen scales

The green kitchen scales were $7.50. I collect scales but these aren’t calling my name so they’re going to the booth. I’ll be selling just about everything. There are a few things I’m saving for future projects.

handmade wood stool

The handmade wood stool was too nice to pass up at $6.

log cabin birdhouse

The log house birdhouse is a bit different. I paid $7.50 for it and I took it to the booth. If it doesn’t sell soon I’ll bring it home and junk it up like the old weathered birdhouse from last month.

box lot of stuff from the auction

The box lot of stuff was my best deal and has my favorite buy of the night in it. I paid $2 for the box lot.

The Weekly Auction And Why I Should Sit On My Hands

The only reason I wanted the box was for the old clock body. The details are awesome and I have a plan for it.

ornate wood clock case

I just need to nail the base to the top. I’m thinking to make a jewelry hanger out of it. Hang the clock case on the wall after placing a few nails or cute hangy things on the inside for necklaces and bracelets. What do you guys think of that idea?

box lot of junk

The rest of the box went in the garbage.

Avon perfume jars from the weekly auction

The two pretty glass containers were $1 each. Do you see why this weekly auction is a favorite of mine. It’s also very entertaining watching the going’s on.

drawer from old sewing machine

I think the wood drawer was part of a sewing machine cabinet but I’m not sure. I paid $2 for it. It went to the booth but I may have a project in mind for it.

Armour wood box

The “Armour” wood box was $3.

folding wood chair bought at the weekly auction

The folding wood chair was cool. I haven’t seen one like it before. The price was $6.

modern folding chair

It’s very modern looking and is comfy too.

wood crate marked Holland

Not sure what was in the wood crate. Price was $7. I can see maybe putting hairpin legs on it and making a table?

rusty bins on a wall hanging

This old rusty thing was $2 and should be good for hanging in a guy shop somewhere. This auction is almost as good as visiting my favorite junk shop or flea market shopping…..just a different kind of good. 

small wood and metal box from the auction

A combination of wood and metal gets me every time. This box was also $3. I kept it and am thinking about stenciling the side and using the box for storage. Just not sure what stencil to use. Any suggestions for me?

seed box

This wood box is in perfect condition outside and cost $8.

store seed box

It has the original seed company paper inside.

glass towel rods

I bought the 3 glass towel rods for $1 each. I planned to keep them but they went to the booth too. I can see using the short one in a project…..maybe with the sewing machine drawer?

old galvanized watering can

The old galvanized watering can was $7.

red Cosco kitchen stool

I probably paid too much for the red Cosco kitchen stool. It’s really rusty and the red seat is a bit scarred up. I paid $7.50 for the stool.

metal and wood box similar to a find from flea market shopping

Another wood and metal box/drawer for $2.

ornate frames for mirrors or photos

I bought the 6 ornate frames (?) for $20. A bit pricey and I don’t have a clue what to do with them yet but I couldn’t pass them up. They are made of metal and I can leave them as is, paint them, use them as picture frames….to dress up furniture……add a mirror…….what else?

That’s it. What did you see that you liked? I know you have a few project ideas for me. Please share, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. The “rusty thing” for a guy project is a conveyor belt for grain. I sealed mine and hung it on a tree and plant impatiens in it every spring.

  2. What cool treasures! I especially love the galvanized watering can and flower seed box. Cant wait to see what transformations you perform on everything!

  3. Oh, Kathy, i can’t believe the rest of that box went in the garbage. I can understand you not having a use for the fabric stuff, but there are so many people that would. Instead of landfill, please reconsider donating these items to your local thrift shop.

  4. Loved the red Cosco step stool.my family had one just like it in green when I was growing up. Lots of great memories made on that stool.

    Can someone recommend a wood sealer to prevent wood from rotting so I can turn a box into a planter? TIA!

  5. Love it all!!!! They are all my faves so can’t choose just one? I’m like you, I love wood and metal boxes? Great auction…

  6. I need to go to a good auction. I hate that Red River is online only now. Where is this one.

  7. Love that old kitchen stool! and the galvanized watering can. Those ornate pic frames might make a beautiful lantern/sconce! I love that metal box with the wood corners. Gorgeous!

  8. You got great deals!! I went to an estate auction a few weeks back. I was surprised and a bit shocked when a lady paid $30 each for a coal bucket and a watering can. I guess people were a bit stir crazy because the prices were really high. I didn’t stay long. lol

  9. What a haul! I love the watering can! And, I live near Holland, Michigan . Wondering if that crate was used for shipping tulip bulbs from Holland, Netherlands. We have a huge tulip festival here. Worth looking into!

  10. Wow! I love it all especially the drawers. I’m sure you will make some terrific things out of them.

  11. Kathy, you got alot of really cool stuff. I have no idea what those ornate frames were for but they are really pretty. I love the step tool. I have always wanted one of thos vintage ones. Have fun painting and creating.

  12. I’m with Sandy! I think they look like register covers….how great! Now what to do with them!? Hmmm. ?
    Love all your finds. Always a good time at the auction.

  13. I’m lusting after the glass towel rods. I’ve been wanting one for my kitchen.

  14. Do you think the frames may be floor register that covers the duck work opening? They look like victorian

  15. Great finds! I love the small wooden stool?makes me want to get creative with some stuff I have stored away. Stay inspired ?

  16. I loved seeing what you bought and I can see why you go to the auction. They have great stuff. My favorite was the galvanized watering can.