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10 Amazing Garage Sale Finds That Will Leave You Speechless

Everyone enjoys a great garage sale story. Countless people have stories of garage sale triumphs, from purchasing hard-to-find items to obtaining expensive memorabilia for rock-bottom prices. Recently, these people came together in an online discussion to reveal the garage sale finds that still take their breath away.

1. An Underappreciated Guitar

Woman with guitar
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Often, unused and unappreciated musical instruments are found at garage sales – and in many cases, the seller doesn’t know the value of them whatsoever. For example, one buyer remembers buying a Yamaha guitar without strings for $50. But, as it turns out when he inspected it more closely at home, he discovered it was nearly brand-new and worth over $600!

2. A High-End Discovery

Louis Vuitton bag
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One woman remembers the time she stumbled across an older woman selling her handbag collection at a garage sale. She was shocked to see an authentic, mint-condition Louis Vuitton bag with a price tag of only $30. Needless to say, she happily paid the meager amount and walked away with one of the best finds ever.

3. Pokemon Cards Worth $30,000

Pokemon Cards
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There are finds, and then there are FINDS written in all-capital letters, people. One garage sale frequenter found the motherlode in the form of a binder of Pokemon cards in 2019. “I asked the lady if she was sure and if she wanted to ask her kids first before she sold it for $20, but she said nope,” one lucky person reports. “Honestly, I made like 30k off it.” Wow, what a find.

4. An Arcade Masterpiece

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Okay, I’m a little jealous here. One man reports finding a mint-condition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles full-size arcade game for less than a hundred dollars! Anyone born in the 1980s remembers standing shoulder-to-shoulder with three of their friends in a dimly-lit arcade room playing this classic beat-em-up. 

5. A Mystery Novel

Old books at flea market
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Sometimes sellers don’t know the value of their items, and savvy sellers always jump on the opportunity to capitalize. “My wife found some kind of first-edition print of a very highly desired fiction book about vampires (not Twilight) at a garage sale in 2002,” confesses one man.

“It was signed by the author too. I wish I could remember the author or the title, but I know we sold it on Amazon for several thousand dollars. We went to Disney World just from the proceeds of that single book sale.”

6. A Life-Sized C3PO

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Not every garage sale story ends with the buyer flipping the item for profit. One man, an admitted diehard Star Wars fan, remembers finding a life-size cutout of C3PO at a New Jersey garage sale in the 90s for just a few dollars. He proudly recalls that C3PO lived in the passenger seat of his car for an entire summer – now that’s cool!

7. A New Pet

Woman with cat
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I’d be very excited if a chance visit at a garage sale ended with a new best friend. “No lie, a lady gave me her cat at her garage sale because she liked my vibe – and he was the absolute best cat of all time,” remembers one woman. “He was absolute perfection, and he was ten when we took him home and lived to be almost twenty.” Now that’s an adorable and unexpected garage sale find!

8. Vintage Tea Cups

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To the seller, vintage tea cups could be a relic of a forgotten era, destined for the trash – but for specific buyers, vintage tea cups are the holy grail of garage sales. Countless people recall stories of fantastic vintage tea cup finds that they were happy to add to their collections. While these finds aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I can see why people go crazy over them!

9. An Important Part of Film History

Woman surprised reaction saying o
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You’ll never know what historical item you’ll come across at a garage sale, and if you show enough interest, the seller often drops the price out of appreciation! “I once bought a 1940s workbench and vice that used to make props in some of the earliest Disney live-action movies,” one man proudly says.

“Once the family saw how taken I was with it, they told me its story and even lowered the price if I promised to appreciate and take care of it (it was the woman’s late father’s workbench).”

10. A Priceless Apple Computer

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When you find an Apple IIC personal computer that’s nearly 40 years old at a garage sale, you must buy it. However, if you find out the seller is willing to let it go for two dollars, you must buy it and refrain from jumping up and down excitedly! Some people have all the luck. 

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