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Upcycled Lamp Parts Candle Holder | Planter | Candy Dish

The upcycled lamp parts candle holder is actually a muti-purpose piece. It would make a great Valentine’s Day candy dish. Or it could be used to display faux succulents. I have 3 different styles of lamp parts in my stash of treasures and I show you how to use all three in various ways.

Upcycled lamp parts candle holder
Upcycled Lamp Part Candle Holder with Bed Spring Stand

Today is Thrift Store Decor Day and my thrifty friends have some great projects for you. Visit their blogs by clicking the links at the bottom of the post. Now on with my project tutorial.

brass lamp parts to recycle and upcycle into candle holders and candy dishes

The three lamp parts are all a bit different. The white piece is one I painted for an earlier project but I don’t remember what that was. I may not have used the piece after I painted it. That’s how it goes sometimes. You can see the gold-tone brass piece is damaged but I worked around that.

The black lamp piece was originally part of a Victorian Style Wall Bracket Lamp. I’m assuming the other two pieces were part of a similar lamp. You guys may be able to help me out.

metal pieces for upcycle project

The old bed spring and the metal stand are more pieces I used in this project.

clean and shine old parts with Howards Feed n Wax

Some of the pieces needed a good cleaning and shining up. I used Howard’s Feed-n-Wax for the shine.

cleaning old lamp parts to upcycle

You can see where I applied the Feed-n-Wax to the dark lamp part. That stuff can work miracles.

use an old toothbrush to clean small parts

To get into all the detailed areas and the crevices I used an old toothbrush.

use twine to hang a candle holder

Since the dark lamp piece had a rounded bottom I tied twine to it and hung it from the metal stand. Now I can use this combination of stand and lamp part for all kinds of things.

how to spray paint LED candle votives

Moving on to the candle for the candle holder. Real candles make me nervous so I prefer LED Candles. I bought a box of 12 LED votive candles at Walmart and they were white-white. Never fear, I pulled out my favorite paint color, Rustoleum Satin Heirloom White, and spray painted the LED candle. This color is a really pretty 0ff-white almost white!

I didn’t cover the “wick” part because as usual, I was in a hurry. The paint adhered to the candle with no problem and actually looks like it was made that color. I could see the light through the paint but I’m sure it would be brighter without the coat of paint.

how to repurpose an old lamp part into an led candle holder

Now, let’s run through all the different display ideas for these lamp parts and metal stands. First I made a simple candle holder using the white lamp part, decorative rocks, and the spray painted LED votive candle.

how to repurpose thrift store finds into a candle holder (2)

Then I added the decorative rocks and the votive candle to the hanging lamp part on the metal stand.

upcycled candy holder

Next, I tried the white piece as a candy dish and set it on the bed spring. Valentine Kisses.


how to upcycle an old bed spring and lamp parts into a candy dish or candle holder

Now about the gold-tone brass piece with the damaged side. All I did was tie a pretty ribbon over the damaged area.


upcycled brass lamp part into a candy dish

Then I filled it with chocolate kisses. When looking around for things to upcycle don’t over look the imperfect.

make a hanging succulent plant holder using lamp parts

And I removed the candle from the hanging stand and added faux succulents to the rocks.

how to upcycle old bed springs and light fixture parts into home decor (2)

I just couldn’t stop. I found two terra cotta trays in my stash and set the white piece on them.


how to use upcycled lamp parts to make a unique candle holder
How to use upcycled lamp parts to make a unique candle holder.

The contrast between the terra cotta color and the white paint is perfect. I could go on and on with displays but that’s it for now. If you have time leave a note and let me know what display you liked the best and if you have any more ideas for these pieces. I would love to hear from you.

Upcycle lamp parts and bed springs into candle holders and candy dishes


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Thanks for being here, Kathy

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  1. Love every one of these Kathy! I have a box full of bedsprings – I might have to pull that box out and get to work! 😊

  2. Candles are my jam so I love the white one with the votive!! You are so creative. I’m learning to look at things with a different perspective these days!

  3. Very creative and such wonderful inspirational ideas. Wish I had your creative mind.
    Love them all. I know I will be going treasure hunting. :}
    Thank you
    You have a wonderful day

  4. These are all FANTASTIC, Kathy!! I can’t decide which version is my favorite- maybe the hanging one?? But I really do love them all…