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12 Fondest Teenage Memories From Baby Boomers

I’m a baby boomer born in 1954 into the boomer generation. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, the first space walk, and so much more. I also recall many fun things I miss. Here is my partial list. If you are a baby boomer, chime in with other memories in the comments.

1. Discos

Disco Club
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Those were the days. I loved disco music and going to discos in the 70s. I could dance the night away. Dancing wasn’t just for fun; it was exercise too. I could use that now.

2. Drive-In Theaters

drive-in theater
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In this day and time, drive-in theaters would probably be a dangerous place. But in my day, they were a cool place to go on a date. I’ve heard stories of moviegoers sneaking people into the theater in the trunk of their car. We never did that.

3. Love Beads

hippie with love beads
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So many styles of beads. We used to make our own necklaces with the colors and designs we preferred then wear multiple necklaces.

4. Feathered Hair-Dos

feathered hair style 70s (3)
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I still want a feathered do. Even the guys had feathered hair. Remember Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy?

5. Drive-In Diners

drive in diner tray black and white photo
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There is still a drive-in diner in Sheridan, Arkansas, like the old-style diners. It has a covered parking area surrounding the diner. They probably don’t have the trays to hang on the doors. That was the coolest part of the diners.

6. Jovan Musk Oil

Jovan musk oil (5)
Image Credit: eBay

I see they still make musk oil but I bet it doesn’t smell like the original. Jovan Musk Oil had a scent of it’s own you could recognize anywhere.

7. Study Hall

student sleeping at desk
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Study hall could be good or bad depending on the teacher who was monitoring the hall. Sometimes we could sleep but most of the time we were busy passing notes.

8. Bell Bottoms

bell bottom jeans
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There was a time when I could actually use a sewing machine and I made several pairs of bell bottoms. Can you believe that?

9. Corduroy

corduroy pants
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So soft. The texture of corduroy and softness after being washed numerous times was definitely a sign of the 70s. The colors were phenomenal too.

10. Stuckey’s

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Traveling and Stuckey’s stores. I understand there are still a few around the United States but I haven’t seen any lately. My Mom always bought one of those pecan roll things. The reality is that many old-time fun places are going by the wayside. 

11. United States Savings Stamps

us savings bond stamp book (2)
Image Credit: thevintagecollectorco eBay

Did you guys have a stamp album for U.S. Savings Bonds? I remember buying stamps and one or more books but I don’t know what happened to them. I don’t know if I completed a book. We did not have a lot of extra money when I was growing up but I remember how excited I was for stamp day.

12. Pencil-Sharpeners

wall mounted pencil sharpener
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Sharpening your pencil was a good excuse to get up and wander around the school room and waste a little time. I could sharpen a pencil down to the nub in no time flat. Do you guys miss any of this stuff? Of course, you would have to be a baby boomer to know what I was talking about for most things on the list. 

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