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DIY Pink Flamingo Sign: Add Some Whimsy To Your Home With Pink Flamingo Decor

The DIY pink flamingo sign is fun and whimsical and the project is quick and easy. I’ve always loved pink flamingo decor but after living in Florida for a few years, I’m a flamingo fanatic. 

FolkArt Pink Flamingo Stencil

I received the cute flamingo stencil in the mail a couple of months ago and have been waiting for the perfect project. When I caught a glimpse of the stencil in the workshop on Sunday, I had to do something with it right then.

white board for pink flamingo stencil project

I found a reclaimed board in my wood pile. It was the perfect size for the stencil and had been painted white at some point. All I had to do was distress the paint a bit.

sisal rope for hanging the stenciled sign

I stapled sisal rope to the back of the white painted board before starting the paint job on the front.

FolkArt acrylic paints for stenciling

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know how I talk about using several colors in a stencil project to add depth. That’s what I did here. I picked out three colors for the flamingo and two colors for the water. Keep reading because I had to pull out more colors before the project was all done.

tape the stencil down before beginning project

I used painter’s tape to adhere the stencil to the board. I’m not a fan of stencil adhesive….never use it.

stencil brush for perfect stenciling

I started stenciling with the light pink color. Stenciling takes just a bit of practice. For the perfect stencil finish you need to dab your stencil brush in the paint then wipe almost all the paint from the brush onto a paper towel or something similar. Now it’s time to stencil by tapping the stencil brush onto the stencil or gently swirling the brush over the stencil. 

second color for stencil

Once the first color was dry I added the coral color by just dabbing it here and there.

more paint colors

Next I added the purple color but it didn’t look right so I went back to my paint stash and found a light, light pinkish/coral color. I also had to select a brighter blue for the water and find a bottle of black acrylic paint for the feet and beak.

still need to add color to the project

After brushing on the additional paint colors, I pulled the stencil back to take a look. Something still didn’t look right.


I pulled out the stencil packaging and noticed the flamingo beaks were black. I laid the stencil back over the project and added black to the beaks.

pink flamingo stencil project all done

All done except for a thin layer of clear wax.

diy pink flamingo sign

Sometimes it’s the little things that add a punch to the project. In this case, I think it was the bit of sisal rope tied to the side of the sisal rope hanger. Do you also notice the various color shades in the body of the Flamingo? So different from using one color.

Pink flamingos stenciled sign


You’ll be seeing more of the flamingo stencil this Spring and Summer…..oh….and the sisal rope too. I’m addicted to both.

stenciled flamingo sign

Maybe a piece of furniture with pink flamingos?

how to stencil a flamingo sign wall decor

What do you guys think of the flamingo sign? Are you a fan of pink flamingos and do you decorate with them? Leave a note if you have time. As always, thanks for being here, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
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