1. How long do you wait after the base coat paint before you stencil? I don’t want to mess up the new paint by sticking a stencil on to it.

  2. I came upon your page to see how to add a personal touch to my furniture. What you have done is truly beautiful. You have turned furniture into art which has inspired me to go ahead and try to do the same. The depth and colour choices are perfect.

  3. Kathy, I’m a beginner crafter. So take what I say as minimal. When I first looked at the finished product I gasped. It is an eye illusion. I could see 3-D with the green hanging over the orange. Beautiful.

  4. That turned out amazing! I freaked about cutting the stencil LOL but I understand why you did it.

  5. Oh Kathy, the trunk is beautiful. I love the contrasts between the green and metallic color. Just beautiful!

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