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How To Make A Seashell Wreath

This seashell wreath is a great way to display those seashells picked up while on vacation and a fun way to save your memories. I began this wreath project with a basic apple wood wreath. I first decided on the theme and then gathered my items before putting the wreath together. 

DIY Sisal Rope And Seashell Wreath | Vacation Memories

Since it’s the beginning of Summer, I dug out the seashells we picked up on the beach from past beach vacations.

wood wreath

I started with the apple wood wreath I bought at Target last fall. I hot glued white wood pumpkins to the wreath for Fall—time to pull the pumpkins off and move on to Summer.

wreath from Target

I whitewashed one side of the wreath, but when getting ready to put the seashell wreath together, I decided to flip it and go with the natural side.

sisal rope beach inspired wreath

Looking for something to add more interest to the wreath, and I thought of sisal rope…..I know that’s a surprise to you. I kind of had a sisal rope fixation a couple of years ago.

seashells and starfish diy beach inspired wreath idea

I have several boxes of seashells and I use them in projects or just to fill pretty containers for Summer displays. The seashells are beach vacation finds—the starfish I ordered on eBay or Amazon. We don’t find many starfish on the beach.

how to decorate a wood wreath with seashells

The first step to making the wreath was adding the sisal rope. I took a length of rope and knotted it in several places.

hot glue for wreath projects

Then I glued it to the wreath. I use a popsicle stick or something similar to hold the glued item. Saves my fingertips. A hot glue gun makes everything stick right away and is easy to use if you protect your fingertips but sometimes I use wire to hold things in place. It really depends on what type of wreath I am putting together.

starfish diy

Next, I added the starfish. I used three starfish and placed them in a random pattern. Always use odd numbers in decorating….even when making a wreath.

making a beach inspired wreath and adding seashells, sisal rope, and starfish

Then I started adding some of the larger seashells to the spaces between the starfish.

hot glue and a wreath project

I continued by filling the empty spaces with smaller seashells. I stopped before I overdid it…..I think.


seashell wreath with sisal rope and starfish

Before hanging the wreath, I pulled all the hot glue stringy pieces from the wreath.

Make an easy wreath to show off your beach vacation seashell finds

I was reading up on starfish and learned the average lifespan of a starfish is 35 years. I had no idea, did you?

Grab Your Hot Glue Gun It's Time To Make A Wreath

This wreath can be turned different ways depending on your decorating style.

make a seashell wreath the easy way

I think I like it best hanging with the seashells and starfish at the 6 o’clock position.


Beach Inspired Wreath

Make A Wreath For Summer

That’s it for the wreath. What would you use to make a wreath? I can see things like yahtzee pieces, colorful drink umbrellas, Lego blocks, fast food toys, any whimsical thing as wreath filler. Give me some ideas.

As always, thanks for being here, Kathy

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  1. When I want something to really stick well; I use the Gorilla Clear Grip glue or you could try using a good glue gun

  2. My daughter had given me a bunch of sea shells and what a better way to give some of them back to her. 🙂
    I also like it at the 2 & 6 position.
    Did you use fishing line to hang or something else?
    Thank You and hope you have a wonderful week end

  3. This is adorable. I have a ton of shells, not any starfish though. I think i will try it.

  4. thanks for sharing! I have tried this but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. My shells keep falling off. Any suggestions ?

  5. Nice. Personally I like it hanging with the starfish going from 2 o’clock to 6 o’clock. That’s the way I would hang it. I don’t think you overdid with the filler shells – you put in just the right amount!!! Definitely another winner!!