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Nature Inspired: $2 Chair Makeover With Rub-On Transfers

You will love this folding chair makeover if you like bold colors and decorative rub-on transfers. The chair definitely has personality now. 

wood folding chair to paint

A few weeks ago, I bought four folding chairs at an online auction for $2 each. Three of the chairs were slatted, and I sold those in my booth at the shop here in town. I kept this one with the solid wood seat and back to paint. 

painting furniture with yellow paint mix

I wanted the color of the chair to be bold yellow and I had a deep, dark yellow paint from Dixie Belle. I mixed it with white paint, thinking it would make a pretty color. But it didn’t. The color was dull.

bold yellow paint

I went back to my paint shelf and found a plastic container of paint from an earlier project. This yellow is much better.

Re-Design with Prima My Findings Decor Transferr for Furniture

A friend gave me this Re-Design with Prima Decor Transfer named My Findings, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect project. The folding chair makeover is going to be extreme!

how to use transfers on painted furniture

The bold yellow on the chair is just the right backdrop for the earth-tone, nature-inspired transfers. I laid the chair on top of a table to apply the transfers to the front side of the back. 

applying Re-Design with Prima decor transfers to furniture

I cut and placed the transfer just so on the back and then rubbed and rubbed over the transfer to adhere it to the chair. The photo above shows the butterfly transfer on the chair. When the top vinyl layer is removed, the transfers have a matte appearance. 

Once I have some of the transfer adhered to the project surface, I will periodically trim away the clear vinyl where I have pulled it away from the transfer. I find it easier to work this way. 

how to apply decor transfers

I do not use the wooden sticks included in the transfer package to apply the transfers. I find a paint can key and a short wooden paint stirrer work best. The short paint stirrers have some give to them whereas the included wood stick is too rigid. 

folding chair makeover with yellow paint and decor transfers

That is one cool chair. Now that I have a little experience working with rub-on transfers, I’m hooked. Transfers do take a bit of elbow grease and patience! 

Furniture Decorated With Re-Design with Prima My Findings Decor Transfer

Since I focused heavily on the transfers for the back of the chair, I just added a couple of designs to the seat.

redesign with prima transfers on painted chair 1

The transfers are not like decals where you just pull the backing from the decal and stick it to your project. 

how to decorate furniture with decor transfers by Re-Design with Prima

I think this folding chair is the perfect Summertime piece for the front porch or patio. Do you like the bold yellow color as much as I do? How about the rub-on transfers? Have you tried them?

I have more transfer projects here….How To Apply Re-Design By Prima Rub On Floral Transfers To Furniture and hereHow to Decorate Furniture Drawers With Rub On Transfers

how to paint a folding chair and add decor transfers for decoration
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  1. Kathy, you rock. But I do wish you had scooted the transfer down to the bottom of the chair back. I don’t care for the transfer centered on the chair. But that’s me. Keep on keeping on!