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10 Ideas To Update Your Home In One Day

If you are looking around your house, thinking the decor is outdated and boring, you aren’t alone. We all tend to decorate our home when we first move in and then forget about it. Ten years later the decor is outdated. 

I have 10 simple ways I updated my home decor and my space is much more inviting and modern looking.

1. New Window Treatments

Woman near window
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Ready-to-hang window treatments are easy to install and are available in many designs and styles. Shop until you find the perfect ones to fit your personality. They can transform your dull room into a bright and vibrant one. 

2. Statement Wall

Bright colored living room
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A statement or accent wall is an easy way to give any room a new look. You can paint a bright color on one wall in a room or even add wallpaper.

The best part about this option is that while it might feel permanent, it isn’t. You can simply choose another color in the future and switch things up again.

3. Flowers

Woman smelling fresh flowers in room
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Bringing the outside in is a beautiful way to make a home feel fresh. Flowers are literally a breath of fresh air as they add oxygen to the room they are in. The focal point of the display doesn’t have to be only the greenery; go ahead and get yourself a new vase or two, too.

4. An Area Rug

Rugs in living room
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A simple area rug can dramatically change the feel of a room. They can be used to brighten up a dark room or make a room feel more cozy. If you already own several area rugs, switching them around from room to room can make things feel fresh and fun.

5. Mirrors

white bedroom with mirror
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The old wives’ tale is true; hanging up a mirror in a room can make it feel bigger than it is. It will really open a space up. With lots of options for designs, too, you can choose a mirror that you feel suits your home and style.

6. Trunk

trunk at foot of bed
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Adding a trunk to the foot of the beds in your home is a brilliant idea, and not only because it can make your room look fuller or offer another place to sit. Trunks can be functional, too, as they are a great place to hide your change of sheets or extra pillows for guests.

7. Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps
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If you already have floor lamps throughout your home, updating them to suit your new style can spruce up a room. Not only are lights functional, but they can also add to the design of a room.

8. Display Shelves

Shelf decor
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Installing shelves is easy and a great way to remove clutter in your home, ultimately giving it a much more appealing look. You’ll solve storage and decorating issues at the same time.

Don’t hide your collections so that others will never see them. Instead, proudly put them on display while simultaneously giving your room a whole new vibe.

9. Throw Pillows & Blankets

Beautiful Abstract of Inviting Colorful Couch Sitting Area and Table.
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Everyone loves a pillow. They have many practical uses, but you would be surprised how much changing the pillows on your couch, chairs, or beds can do for a home. The proper selections will brighten things up by adding a pop of color. Blankets will do the same thing, making old furniture feel new again.

10. New Bedding

Beautiful bedroom with soft painting
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Along those same lines, getting new bedding can do wonders. Beds are the centerpiece of their bedroom, so if they look more tired than you are before tucking yourself in, it is time to switch them out for new ones. Doing this for all the bedrooms in your house has the opportunity to brighten and refresh every room.

Jazz Up Your Space

Kitchen flooring
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All you need to make your living space a happy place is a little bit of time. Simple additions such as adding green plants or small changes like modernizing drawer pulls are easy ways to jazz up a room. These changes won’t break the bank either.

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