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Tutorial On Martha Stewart Metallic Paint For Furniture

Monday, March 25th, 2013
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martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

Martha Stewart Metallic Paint, Special Mixture by ME!

I love the shiny stuff.

You were introduced to this beauty last week in

 Text 10 Now To Vote For This Metallic Painted Showstopper

martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy


This is how she started out.

furniture makeover silver metallic paint petticoat junktion

Now I’m going to tell you how I got the look.

martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

Glidden Gripper Primer in grey (or gray)

  Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals Specialty Finish in Mirror

Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint in Vintage  Gold


martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

I used the Mirror finish on A Pair of Debutantes and the gorgeous Prom Queen. It’s a really bright silver and in your face.

I like that….but not the look I’m going for this time.

I mixed the two paints together to get a really pale silvery tan. Or that’s what I call it.

You can see where I mixed the two together in the plastic container.

The end of the paint stick has the new paint mix on it and the upper color is the Mirror Silver. The Metallic Mirror has a slight lavender tint!

I guess because of the elements in the paint it tends to separate, so it’s really good to stir it occasionally during the painting process.

martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

The inside of this piece was a little dirty but in great shape.

I always tape off the inside when not painting it so I won’t have a lot of messy looking paint marks.

I did paint the backside of the doors so they would look nice when opened.


martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

after one coat of primer and one coat of metallic

martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

After two coats of Martha Stewart Metallic Paint special mix I applied Caromal Colours Toner very, very, lightly over the whole piece then went a little heavier on the detailed parts.

And this is the miracle product, Caromal Colours Toner.

update 3/2/2014 Many of you encountered problems when trying to order the Toner from the company online so I am now selling the toner on  Etsy. Just click the photo below.


order caromal colours toner for antiquing furniture

As you can see the toner is very dark. It’s best to brush it on then almost immediately go over it with a damp rag to remove almost all the toner…or a dry rag to leave more of the toner on.


martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

I apply the toner unevenly because I think it looks more natural that way and not like it came from a bigbox store.

It’s not necessary to use a sealer over the paint and toner.


martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

There is a significant difference in the colors. This is the curvy leg of the Prom Queen in Mirror Silver.

martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

new tutorial……update Dec. 2013   Complete Toner Tutorial Here

new tutorial  …..update Feb. 27, 2014   Best Antiquing Process For Metallic Silver Paint

Ready for her photo op.

Well, what do you guys think?

Do you like my special paint mix?

I love hearing from you.

You only have to leave your name (first name is ok) and your email address, then your comment.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great week,


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martha stewart-metallic-paint-tutorial-diy

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49 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    You inspire me! I really like this look!

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  3. Diane says:

    Appreciate you giving up your secret on the paint. It is really a beautiful piece. I would like to try it out on a small piece myself. Hope it turns out as well as yours. Thanks 😉

    • Kathy Owen says:

      thanks Diane, I don’t mind sharing the how-to on my projects. Everyone puts their own spin on things. Be sure and share a pic if you do a makeover with the metallics!

  4. Sandy says:

    this is amazing! I LOVE it! I will have to give it a go sometime, thank you for the tutorial :)

  5. arod says:

    wow great job it looks fabulous now awesome transformation

  6. What a great outcome! I love the metallic look too, but it sometimes comes out looking pretty brassy. Your extra step of “antiquing” with the dark stuff and wiping it off I think gives it quite the finished look. So very nice!

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  8. Angie says:

    I love the way it turned out, I just recently bought a piece of furniture that I would like to try this technique on. Great Job, it looks awesome

  9. denise hile says:

    I always loved the antique silvered furniture and the mirrored furniture. Now im not afraid too do this on my own.thanks so much for giving me the know how and the confidence too try it! The piece looks Awesome!

  10. Jessica says:

    How long after applying primer did you wait to paint?

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hello. What brush did you use to apply the metallic paint? Did you roll with a sponge foam roller, use a brush, or use the special roller in the Martha Stewart line?

    Thanks for any info,

  12. DeeDee Wilson says:

    I love the job on this piece. For some time I have been looking for the perfect silver paint DIY project. I have 4 pieces in my bedroom (French Provincial) that I have wanted to redo. I couldn’t believe the prices on the silver finish furniture in the stores. The wood is new and not the quality of used or vintage furniture. I have a piece very similar to yours. The oak criss cross top and the heavy plaques on the doors. I am going to start with a small end table in my bedroom. To be clear, I paint one coat of primer, one coat of the Precious Metals mirror silver base, then apply two coats 2 coats of your special mix of Martha Living Precious Metal Mirror silver base mirror and the Martha Living Metallic Paint in gold. A total of four coats of paint. Lastly I apply the toner. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday weekend. Look forward to hearing from you, DeeDee W.

  13. Mal says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for explaining your process. Most people only share pictures. This is so helpful.

  14. Jennette says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Appreciate the tutorial.

  15. Shannon says:

    I would love to try metallic paint on my dining room set, after I fell in love with a metallic silver table at Z Gallerie. How do you get an even finish? I don’t like brush marks. Do you use a brush and if so, what kind?

  16. merrill says:

    Hi there….LOVE LOVE LOVE all that you do…do you strip the furniture before or do a quick sanding on it??? Or just go straigh for the grey primer?

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  18. […] Tutorial On Martha Stewart Metallic Paint For Furniture […]

  19. Brenda says:

    I love this look and can’t wait to try it! You inspire me! I am going to order the toner…how much would it take to do a medium sized three drawer chest?

  20. Leslie says:

    Hi Kathy, I found the Martha Stewart metallic paints at Home Depot but they are discontinuing the Glidden Gray Primer. Any suggestions for a substitute? I’m trying this silver and gold mix to get that beautiful silver-taupe color!!! Love the color! Leslie

  21. Sheree says:

    Attempting my first piece using metallic glaze on a very detailed table. I sanded the top cleaned the entire piece, will need to repaint it a cream color and I’m glazing with copper. I tested it on the white paint that’s already on the table and it’s gorgeous.

  22. Jacqueline says:

    Love it! I am going to try it on my dresser and a nightstand tonight!

  23. Martha says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Quicky question. I’m working on a dresser that I have already roughly sanded. I was going to paint it a shade of red but have changed my mind. I’m going to us MS metallic silver on it. So here’s the question… do I need to prime before using it? I’ve only used it on raw wood before and it adhered well. Do you think I need to prime the dresser first since I’ve only roughed up the old finish rather than completely removing it. Thanks for the advice!!

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  26. Michaela says:

    I just purchased a bottle of Martha Stewarts Metallic Glaze in a Mercury silver, love the color and tested it on a piece of wood trim, will not dry… I painted three coats to get a fully covered look but the paint is still moist or damp, its been like 2-3 hours. I have the piece in my garage so I’m thinking it maybe too cool to dry? Im going to wait until tomorrow to see if it has fully dried. If not Im thinking of blow drying the piece to see if that will dry it. Do you have any solutions or does it normally take this long to dry? Home Depot online instructions says “dry’s in 30 minutes…”

    Michaela recently posted…Removing Peeling VeneerMy Profile

    • Kathy Owen says:

      Michaela, I’m not sure what the glaze is. I always use the paint called Martha Stewart Precious Metals in the quart can and get them to mix the silver color tint I pick out. I will email you in case you don’t see this reply!

  27. Missy says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Home Depot has discontinued the Martha Stewart metallic paint (the gold specialty finish) ! Do you have any knowledge of a similar product to use instead?


  28. Rose says:

    It’s really great look after painting the furniture you give very good idea to improve looks of furniture.
    Rose recently posted…SEI Mirage Mirrored Accent TableMy Profile

  29. Tracy says:

    I finally tracked down the Martha Stewart paint required for this (Home Depot is discontinuing). I need to know what proportion you mixed the Mirror with the Vintage Gold. Please let me know as I’m ready to start! Thanks so much!

    • Kathy Owen says:

      Tracy, I just mixed until I had the color I wanted. Sorry I can’t be more helpful with the measurements. I know the ratio of gold to silver was very low…not much gold. Let me know how it turns out!!

  30. Gloria says:

    Do you really need to use the Precious Metals Specialty Finish WITH the Metallic Paint? Can’t you use the Metallic Paint by itself?

    Gloria recently posted…Champagne wine cork message board by LolailoMy Profile

  31. Belkis McPhee says:


    I am new to the specialty paint movement. I tried to get Martha Stewart 1-Qt. Silver Semi-Gloss Precious Metals Specialty Finish, but found out that Home Depot is discontinuing the paint. Do you know where I can get it? Do you know any substitutes? I am also having trouble finding the primer. Please help.

    • Kathy Owen says:

      I know it’s nuts!! You can get the Glidden white primer and have Home Depot tint it gray. There are other silver paints. There is Modern Masters that you can order online. I haven’t used it but several of my friends have.

  32. […] I had the primer tinted gray because that’s the color that works best for me under any paint color. […]

  33. charlsey says:

    HI where can you purchase the specialty finish quart size Martha Stewart. Thanks loved the tutorial will be back. Charlsey

  34. […] Tutorial On Martha Stewart Metallic Paint For Furniture […]

  35. Michelle says:

    Hello, did you sand down furniture?

    • Kathy Owen says:

      I don’t sand the furniture unless it has rough spots on it or things like finger nail polish or permanent marker that will leech through the paint. So 95% of the time I don’t sand!

  36. Kay says:

    What Modern Masters metallic paint color would you substitute for the Martha Stewart Precious Metals Mirror?

  37. Celena says:

    Can u use this same method on porous tile on a backsplash kitchen. Thanks Celena.

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