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My Favorite Junk Shop, The Story

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013



You guys seem to really like the posts about My Favorite Junk Shop and the Nashville Flea Market.

I know I get lots of email wanting to know the location of “that cool junk shop”.




Here’s a nice big picture with the name of the shop and the phone no. What more could you ask for.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Butler’s Antiques and I don’t really know how long I’ve been making the trip to Hopkinsville just to look at junk. That’s where the shop is…… Hopkinsville, Kentucky…. a 45-50 minute drive from my home.

Mr. Raymond Butler is the shop owner and he gets help from his sisters running the shop on different days. The shop is open Monday-Saturday 9-5, flexible closing hours depending on the season. He’s not open on the fourth weekend of the month from Thursday- Saturday because he loads up and sets up shop at the Nashville Flea Market. His booth is my first stop at the flea market.

This is not a paid advertisement!!!  You guys are interested and I thought it was time to share.


And now…as I do after every trip…’s the pics….














I came home with this beauty. Her legs are in really bad shape and she’s very rickety but for the price I couldn’t leave her there.

No, I’m not telling you the price. I can’t divulge (big word for me, thank God for spell check) everything.







I meant to get the yardsticks and forgot about them. I’ve seen a lot of cool projects lately using these.










Poor little girl, her flower pot is broken. She’s still a beauty and somehow I left without her too.

I meant to bring her home and got sidetracked. That happens a lot!

Well, that’s the info on My Favorite Junk Shop.

Thanks for stopping by,


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