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My Hoard Of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments

The hubby bought a bunch of vintage glass Christmas ornaments and aluminum filigree ornaments at an auction over the weekend. He also bought a string of vintage tinsel ball lights and a bunch of porcelain collectibles. He did good.

Vintage West Germany Glass Christmas Ornaments Bought At The Auction

What about this load of stuff. The JTS knows how much I love the vintage glass ornaments so he stocked up at the auction.

Boxes & Boxes of Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments Bought At The Auction

These beauties are made in West Germany. I know because that’s what is stamped on the hanger cap.

vintage glass Christmas ornaments from Germany

What about the tear drop ornaments. The colors are so pretty.

vintage Christmas ornaments

There are so many different designs. I decorated my tree last week and it’s full of vintage (and new) glass ornaments but guess what. I’m hanging all of these on there too.

Fantasia ornaments vintage from Germany

This box said Fantasia brand and I googled to find out those were made in Poland. The colors aren’t quite as bright, but I like the soft look, too.

metal filigree ornaments vintage from Germany or Poland

These ornaments are different from any I’ve seen in the past. I think they are made of aluminum. I tried Googling them and found some on eBay.

Christmas ornaments on eBay

source: eBay

The price listed in green is the price they sold for. I can’t believe the ornaments are worth that price. I’m not a big fan of the filigree ones. I may list them on eBay and see what happens. I buy stuff on eBay but I’ve never sold anything on eBay.

bell and star shaped vintage filigree ornaments

The ornament hoard also included filigree stars and filigree bells.

vintage star ornaments

The pastel colors are nice. These guys almost look like starfish!

vintage tinsel Christmas light string made in Italy

There was a box of string lights made of tinsel-wrapped balls with lights inside. The lights still work. The set was made in Italy. Some of the balls had red lights and some white lights. I’m keeping these and all of the glass ornaments for sure.

vintage glass ornaments

I like to display ornaments in glass jars.

Sometimes, I mix the ornaments in with collectible Hallmark ornaments.

vintage ornaments and antique iron Christmas Tree Stand

I took this photo of the Shiny Brite ornament boxes last year. The boxes are as pretty as the ornaments.



Christmas tree

I haven’t taken a photo of this year’s tree yet. But I wanted to show you all of my vintage glass Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Tree, Petticoat Junktion

This photo is really old because my fake flocked tree has been gone for a few years. The lights died. I loved that tree. I need to get another flocked tree…..maybe next year.

Get a look at more ornaments and the antique iron Christmas Tree stand (here) the JTS bought me at an auction. He’s the best.

Do you have any vintage ornaments? Do you even like glass ornaments? Leave a note if you have the time and have a great day. Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I have about 30 antique store jars that house many of my vintage glass ornaments. I have a lot of vintage Santas as I have been collecting for about 30 years. My husband and I are members of the local Hallmark collectors club so I have many Hallmark ornaments dating back to their inception of 1973. I usually decorate about 15 trees at Christmas…so bottom line… I love Christmas!!

  2. You lucky girl!!!! Wish my husband would bring home some beautiful vintage ornaments!!!! Love them all!!!

  3. SCORE! Lucky you! I’d be stringing them on a string then stringing them around the living room.

  4. Wow,lovely ornaments. We had the same kind of ornaments growing up but I think my mom fave them away. She wanted newer. I remember my sister being like ‘Oh my gosh mom!’ You know you are getting older when items you grew up with are now considered “collectible”! Gotta love it. Thanks for the post.

  5. I love vintage ornaments! Have collected them over the years, especially pine cone ornaments.

    The year after my father died, my mom moved into an apartment and she couldn’t bear to have the sentimental family ornaments used over the years. That first Christmas I purchased a whole bunch of vintage and antique pink ornaments on eBay. (Pink was her favorite color.) The whole project was a surprise. She was thrilled and it reminded her of her childhood. (She was in her 80s at the time.) All her guests loved them too as they were from the same era. Mom has since passed away and I have them all. Pink is not exactly my favorite color, but blush is this year’s big trend, so I’ve decided to decorate my tree with her ornaments this year. It will be a nice way to remember my dear Mom and her love of pink.

    Congrats on your good fortune and have fun decorating!

  6. I have my mothers vintage ornaments and I display them thru out the house and on our tree at Christmas. They bring back so many memories. Your husband really hauled them in!!!

  7. I’M SO JEALOUS!!!! Finding vintage ornaments here in the Seattle area is next to impossible. If you happen to find a box of them, you are looking at a price tag of $100 or more. I wish I lived in TN near the flea markets and auction houses!

  8. WHOA, what the????? I am so jealous, I have been collecting for 20 years all the vintage and have never been so fortunate to run into such an awesome deal like that. Feel free to forward any unused items to me, ;-).

    thanks for all your awesome inspirations and have a awesome Christmas.

  9. This is a sweet story. When we married (55 years ago), we bought bubble lights for our first tree. We were so excited. Go forward to 1979, our home burned down but we were all o.k. and that’s what counts. Now we still had those bubble lights but of course, they went down with the house. Our youngest son was in kindergarten and his teacher knew how much we liked our bubble lights. They took up a collection and purchased a new set of bubble lights, which we still have. I love vintage ornaments and those bubble lights!! Blessings to all!

  10. I have been selling on eBay for over a year. There’s a learning curve, but it becomes second nature after awhile. If you don’t mind the packing and shipping part of it, it’s a great place to flip your vintage finds.

  11. I love vintage ornaments!!! I have some from when my mother first got married!! I have several that are from my grandmother. They are so fragile though!!! I am actually putting them on display around the house rather than putting them on the tree because I have so many.
    Regarding eBay – it’s a pain. We’ve tried to sell a few things over the last year and have had no luck. But you might be able to sell these beauties.

  12. Hi Kathy, I too have ornaments that look like your newest find from my great aunts. Each year when I bring them out and display them I feel like they are here with us during the holidays. I have some teardrop ones also and the same boxes. I’ll have to look at the hangers to see if anything is stamped on them.

  13. So jealous of your ornaments AND having a hubby who would go to auction to buy them! lol Love those old ornaments. Reminds me of my grandmothers ornaments. I have one of hers that was saved from the fire and I treasure it. I have this thing for old and/or pretty ornaments.
    Love your tree too!

  14. What a treasure your husband found and so thoughtful of him. The ornaments are going to be great on your tree—I hope you post an “after” picture.

  15. How sweet that you have the ornaments from your mom and grandmother. Yes, I have to have a flocked tree!

  16. Love your treasures best husband ever!! I have several I put in huge glass vases and display on my buffet they belonged to my mother and grandmother and are so precious to me –your tree is stellar In January you’ll be able to get a good deal on a flocked tree –then next year you’ll have the perfect back drop for your pretties!!

  17. Wow!! This is really treasure for sure. Your tree is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas to you and your family?

  18. I found a set at the thrift store last year that were still in the box, They are the ones that when heated up the oil in them bubbles at the top in the tall glass stems. Hope I’m explaining them correctly. Just a few days after I found them, I was looking at my Country Living magazine and they had a set of 10 (mine have 8) that appraised for $125.00. Which I had enough of them to go on a big tree but have them on a small tree. Love them.

  19. The ornaments are really nice! Great job JTS! I have sold a little on eBay, you have to be aware of the listing and PayPal fees but otherwise it’s a good way to move things. Merry Christmas!

  20. WOW!! These bring back memories of my childhood and all of my mother’s ornaments from Germany. I have no clue how she got them out when she moved to the states after marring my father in 1950-ish. Also no clue where they went over the years. Your find is absolutely gorgeous! So is your tree! 🙂
    Merry Christmas Kathy!!

  21. Selling on eBay can be a hassle, especially for just a few items. Do a give-a-way for your loyal subscribers. All of your ornaments are beautiful!

  22. I love all your antique ornaments. We use a lot of my DHs grandmothers things from the 30/40’s to decorate.