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Tour Our Home One Room At A Time | Blue Guest Bedroom

Blue Guest Bedroom

The blue guest bedroom is first up on our home tour. My friend Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage suggested I clean my whole house (super clean) and take like a thousand photos so I could share them with you over the next few months. Well, thanks for the suggestion Gina but I can only handle cleaning one room at a time and I can guarantee my friends don’t want to see thousands of photos of our home. It’s not that big.

So,  I’m taking you guys through our home one room at a time touring one room a week. And don’t look too closely at the photos or you might see a bit of dust on the tables and the picture frames. I forgot to dust. That’s how I roll.

Home Tour One Room At A Time Blue Guest Bedroom 1

Blue Guest Bedroom

The blue bedroom was our son’s room. He picked out the color and painted the room when he was a teenager. He’s now 34. Yep, we don’t paint very often. He did a great job with the paint color but I’m about ready to move on. I’m thinking white, not white white. I want our whole house to have white walls. If you guys have a suggestion for white paint I’m all ears. White leaning toward gray tones and brown tones, in the middle of the two. I know.

Home Tour One Room At A Time Blue Guest Bedroom

I decorated this room with comfort in mind. I love texture so the chenille spread was a must. I bought it at an estate sale. The quilts are antique shop, auction, or flea market finds.

The carpet was installed in 1988 when we bought the house. I think it’s time for new flooring. How do you guys feel about hardwood, fake hardwood, or linoleum that looks like wood?

vintage quilts. blue and orange made by my grandmotherjpg

The blue and orange quilt was a gift from my grandmother on my high school graduation. I can’t tell you how many quilts my grandmother made in her lifetime. We have a really large family and she made quilts for births, graduations, birthdays, weddings, just for warmth, you name it. I cherish the 3 quilts my grandmother gave me.

antique table

The antique table was in our family room until recently. I tend to move furniture around, a lot.

faux succulents

The display on the table is the faux succulents I put in thrift store glasses earlier this year. The mirrored tray is a thrifty find. I decorate with mostly thrifty finds.

chair from the 50’s or 60’s, manufactured by Plycraft and designed by George Mulhauser

The chair is a Plycraft from the 60’s and designed by George Mulhauser. I purchased a pair of them along with a table for $5 at an auction several years ago. I’ve found similar chairs online priced at between $150 and $300. The pair of chairs tend to move around the house also.

mounted full length wall mirror for guests

I put the full length wall mirror up just after Jay painted the room. It’s a nice touch for our guests. The walls are filled with framed prints the JTS received while in the Army. We call this bedroom the grandsons room. I know the chenille spread and some of the other elements are a little feminine but oh well.

decorative iron bedside table

The decorative iron table with the yellow top was a thrift store find also. I fell in love and had to have it. It’s been around for a few years and I don’t  remember the price. Maybe $40.

layers of antique quilts

I enjoy showcasing the quilts. The iron bed we bought when our son left home is a very simple, modern design.

grandmother's pillowcase

The pillowcase came from my other grandmother. My mom’s mom. I really don’t know if she did the needlework or not.

closet doors

The wall at the foot of the bed is furnitureless (new word) . I’m tired of wall to wall furniture and decluttered a few years ago. I’m thinking of getting rid of more furniture. It’s just stuff.

Tour Our Home One Room At A Time Blue Guest Bedroom

The curtains are plain white sheers.

Do you guys like the bedroom decor or is it too country? How about the blue walls and the quilts?

Do you have any decorating tips you would like to share with me? I’m always looking for new ideas. Leave me a note please. Thanks for being here and have a great day.

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. It is me again. My daughter is building a new house and they have chosen a laminate that looks exactly like wood for all their floors. What they have chosen is either water proof or water resistant. Which means, it can be used in the kitchen and the bathrooms, giving the house a larger look. According to the salesperson, the “wood” snaps together and creates a barrier for water. However, the edges near the wall and other areas that are exposed need to have something added to prevent water getting down under the flooring. I am old and misunderstand things at times. Don’t take my word for all this. It is best to verify everything with the experts. 🙂

  2. I love the accumulated furniture in the room. It gives a warm, cozy feel. Just what you want for a bedroom.. I am a quilter, so the quilts are a must. I would paint the walls a lighter color. I love blue and for many, many years I had a blue bedroom. It was not pastel, but much lighter than this one. Other than that, it looks comfortable and welcoming. I also love books. So, a few books scattered about would be nice. But, in the end, it is not my bedroom. It is yours and it should reflect those things and colors you like.

  3. We painted over a dark blue room when we moved here, with two coats of a green-tinted white and the blue still comes through in sun. So, be aware of how many coats you might have to do and maybe go with a blue-white or white-white…or perhaps you might want to do some faux wainscoting and make the bottom white and keep the blue on top? That would look lovely!

  4. I love your guest bedroom including the blue walls and the quilts. I think the framed military prints look great with that color of blue as a background. Thanks so much for sharing this bedroom of your home.

  5. I like the idea of the engineered hardwood. Our carpet has been down since 1988 and it was good quality but time to go.

  6. That’s funny Effie because I took the chair out of the room this morning. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  7. Love the blue and the quilts. “Fake ” wood floors I found out the hard way, do not stay nice for a long amount of time. Pet’s nails will leave marks, kids running and playing will leave even bigger marks that can not be removed. The gray – white I believe is being over used in homes but if you do go with grays make sure they are all have the same tint to them so they blend, flow together. My mother went with grays in one area of her house but she mixed the tints from having a brick red floor paired with a blue /yellow tint grays. Sorry the rooms drive me nuts right down to the silver carpet. Good luck but I love the blue bedroom

  8. I think you’ve done a great job decorating with that blue wall color. Love the quilts too.

    A coupe of my favorite whites are from Sherwin Williams. Incredible White (SW 7028), Eider White (SW7014) and Zurich White (SW7626). Each of those are a nice mix with gray/taupe undertones.

    I know what ever you do with the room will be almost as cute as you!

  9. Hi Kathy. I too love the dark blue but I am in the process of painting my whole house a white and I like the suggestion of painting different whites all over the house. I guess it depends on what your accent colors would be as far as furniture, accessories, etc. as to the color white. I would definitely use my hardwood floors if you have them under the carpet. If not you could go for the laminate wood floors that are really easy to take care of. Would keep everything else the same except the chair (sorry but my preference is not the 60’s). LOL to you and myself. It is going to be a lot of work and I think I might wait to retire before I tackle it.

  10. My bedrooms are still carpeted and I’d love to change them because I”m tired of the color. We put in a very good quality carpet in 1998 and the carpet is still in great condition so, even thought I”d like to do it, changing the carpet isn’t going to happen any time soon! I put engineered hardwood in the rest of the house–even the kitchen–about 4 1/2 years ago. I love it! I just had luxury vinyl plank flooring installed in a large public room at my church. It looks and feels like real wood.

  11. I think you should get high quality wood look floors. We got them in our entire house, several years sgo, and I LOVE them! They are more durable than real wood, (we have 3 kids and 2 large dogs). They are easy to clean and make our house look so much bigger. Get wide planks, and make sure to get good under padding, so they aren’t “clicky” sounding…. I’ve also heard that the new vinyl wood look flooring is really good as well.

  12. I love the color blue and all the beautiful quilts. I would only change the flooring to laminate wood.

  13. I purchased a house at the end of August.
    I am currently in the process of getting things done BEFORE I move in.
    The family room was a dark heavy paneling.
    It is now Sherwin Williams Westhighland White. I have used that white thru most of the house with accent walls of different shades of blue in the living room and a couple of the bedrooms. The woodwork will also be painted the same white. The upper kitchen cabinets were also painted that color. The house has a lot of tall trees in the neighborhood and seemed so dark when I first saw it but now it is looking so much brighter. So paint the whole room white and then if you need a little color pick one of the colors from your most favorite quilt and put that on one wall and display that quilt on the bed.
    You could lose some of the furniture and if it won’t upset you paint that cute antique table in another color from the same quilt.

    Good look with picking your white.

  14. Hi Kathy! I love that room – I love the color, the white trim and ALL the quilts. I would also love to paint all my walls some color of white so I’m curious what color you decide on.
    Regarding flooring, we have hardwood floors throughout our house but they are currently covered up by wall-to-wall carpeting. It’s starting to wear in spots so I think eventually we are going to tear it out (haven’t told my husband this yet). I would like to re-finish them in a darker stain. So my choice would be to go with hardwood floors if you can and that’s only because they’re hiding underneath the carpet.

  15. Kathy – consider BM1100. It’s sortof a cross between white and buttercup. It’s on almost every wall in my house. It is a great neutral against brights, pastels, deep colors. I’ve been happy with it for 20+ years and it still looks “vogue”.

  16. I have living room walls sky blue painted in 1981!!!!!!!! Yikes!
    I love the room. I love the pictures on the walls. I love the tables and chair, quilts!!
    My youngest teen son has a military look to his room design. He wants to join the Air Force. Since my Dad (retired Army) and husband (Army 3 yrs, Reserves 8) were Army I always think OD Green as a color for an “Army” room- LOL!! Anyhoo, my son’s room is yellow. It’s been yellow of some sort since the 80s. The rooms I re-paint usually stay the same color only lighter. I have poor vision so whites sound great to me for your pallet. I’m thinking of painting some rooms white too. My bedroom is a wheat color and I’m sick of it. I don’t think I’d tire of white. My adult daughters think the walls are too bright now! :o)

  17. I LOVE all the quilts. The blue is a pretty color, though an all white palate would be nice.
    As to floors when we built our house my one request was hardwood, I love it. There are also some really nice not wood wood floors out there, I’d definitely swap out the carpet.

  18. I like the simplicity of the room. The color of the walls is strong, but I love it! It will look strange to you when you change it, but that might be fun! We put in a laminate floor about 20 years ago and it held up really well. It was easy to maintain. Have fun deciding what to do next!!

  19. Hi Kathy! I’ve been reading your posts for almost a year now and this is my first reply!! I’ll try to be easy! I feel you had it right in your post, this room is TOO country. I love quilts, but I think they should be in one area, displayed. Lose the chair. A nice soft greige paint for the walls. Put all of the JTS awards on one wall (Yes, even if it goes ceiling to floor!) Keep the bed and chenille. If the room houses a grand child on occasion, I’d put some vintage toys on display, maybe a trunk for other toys? You could keep the quilts on top!

  20. Hello from the UK! My living room is dark blue…… but the floor is pale grey engineered oak. I think a complete change of colour every now and again is a good thing, and takes you out of your comfort zone (that room was duck egg blue for 13 years!). If you are thinking of white walls, maybe a different white in every room might be good? Whatever white you choose, it will certainly show off your furniture better. Go for it!