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How To Make A Junk Art Owl Using Bling And Rust

Make teeny tiny owl decor using costume jewelry and a vintage hardware pull.

how to make junk art or steampunk art

I love putting bits and pieces of stuff together. I just pull out my junk stash and go through it until an idea hits me.

making junk art using old drawer pulls

Last week when I made a Mermaid and my granddaughter thought it was an Owl. I don’t know how she came up with that. I did think it was interesting because I had these pieces laid out just waiting for me to put them together.

The flower broach has been in my bling stash for a while. Every time I looked at the broach all I could see were owl eyes. I guess it’s the shape of the two blooms? Anyway, I would think about how to create the owl and always thought I would cut the broach in half …separate the eyes.

Luckily I spotted the drawer pull one day and ta-dah….an idea was born. I thought the shape of the white wood piece might work nicely but then decided it didn’t.

owl steampunk art Petticoat Junktion

I went searching through the wood bin again and came up with the rectangular piece that had been painted sometime ni the past.

wire hanger

Before I attached the bling and pull I finished the back by adding a hanger and then wall protectors on each corner.

using an electric drill

I drilled a screw hole for the furniture pull and attached it to the board. The pull has a screw attachment that has to be recessed into the wood….that’s important for this project. I was able to attach the pull and it holds the “eyes” in place.

reclaim diy project Petticoat Junktion Owl art

This is how it looks in the back with the pull attached. Just one screw.

make owl wall decor using old drawer pulls and jewelry (5)

I bent the broach slightly and slid it under the pull. Then I tightened the screw until it held the “eyes” in place. And that was it. How about those turquoise eyes….pretty.

See my mixed media Mermaid here.

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  1. I always enjoy your junk art pieces Kathy and Owl did not disappoint. Pinning to share ☺