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Antique Borden Milk Can | Silver Plate Finds | Goodwill Vase

Today I’m sharing my junk finds, auction buys, stuff from Goodwill, and more. I bought everything from an antique milk can, to a messed up MDF (medium density fiberboard) side table, to a vintage vase made in Japan.

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (10)
Antique Borden Milk Can

This milk can was in great condition and I couldn’t pass it up for $20. It’s not noticeable in the photo but the can has Borden’s and some more print stamped on the front.

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (7)

I bought the other two pieces in the photo also. They were in rough condition but the price was $5 for the table and the stool so I brought them home.

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (5)

This is the table made of MDF or as I like to call it “fake wood”. I loved the shape of the table though and thought I might could save it. You have to love the shape

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (4)

The photo above shows the raw and puffed up areas where the fake wood got wet at one time or another. There are several areas like this on the table top. I’ve saved puffed up MDF furniture before so we will see with this one.

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (6)

And I didn’t realize what a mess this stool was or I would have left it! When I got it home I noticed how absolutely grungy it was. I started cleaning it but pulled on a pair of gloves first. Yuck. It’s going to take a while to clean it up enough that I would want to sit on it.

Petticoat Junktion shopping finds from Butlers Antiques (8)

This wood piece is really nice. I paid $25 for it and haven’t decided whether to keep it or sell it. What do you think?

junk shopping finds with Petticoat Junktion

This is a really old trunk and I passed on it. If I bought it I wouldn’t paint it and I don’t know if I could sell it. You never know what people are going to buy.

img (2)

The silver plate stuff in the photo above was a box lot I bought for $5 at an online auction.

silver plate auction buys (2)

I got a couple of these “crumb catchers” or “silent Butler’s”. I like these little pan things but I guess no one else does because I can never sell them at the shop. I need ideas on what to do with them.

silver plate auction buys (3)

Because there were two in the box. This one is missing one of it’s feet. I think maybe I could put artificial succulents in them? You guys know how I love the faux succulents.

silver plate auction buys (1)

I also got 3 sets of these small silver plated salt and pepper shakers with one tray. The three sets are Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Memphis.

silver plate auction buys (5)

Next I have one silver-plated salt shaker and a pair of silver plated salad tongs.

silver plate auction buys (6)

I’m not a fan of the trivets. The one with the circle thingy in the middle is an electric trivet. I have never seen one of these. There is a place on the bottom to attach a cord but the cord is gone.

silver plate auction buys (4)

The two souvenir Liberty Bells were in the box too. The larger bell is a bank and it’s kind of cool.

vase made in Japan found at Goodwill

Next up I got the vase at Goodwill for $1.99. I fell in love with the colors and the shape.

picture from the flea market shop

I bought the picture at one of the shops where I have a booth. I spotted it while wondering through the store and it caught my eye. I think it’s the colors and just the overall look. It was $16.

fireplace mantel waiting to be decorated

This is how my mantle has looked since I took down the Christmas display a couple of days after Christmas. I guess I’m waiting on inspiration to strike…..or maybe just a little energy. Call me a couch potato. The name is  very fitting these days.

Any ideas for my junk finds or what was your favorite thing? Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Take off handle and melt avoid smelling candle in it with wick after burning close lid to put it out
    It would look darling in bathroom!

  2. This is a very unique group. I have some milk cans myself. from a local dairy that once was. Also two cream cans, which are more popular. The electric “trivet” is (was) a coffee cup warmer. Someone’s Idea to keep cup of coffee warm.

  3. Love, love the vase. I also like the trivet with the black & white farmhouse scene. I have a couple as decor in my kitchen.

  4. I like the shape of the trivets, although not the design on them. I do think they would make a neat surface for decoupage or a mosaic. Maybe dry brush them with a nice farmhouse or cottage white to lighten them up, then use them as risers or layering boards. I love the small cutting boards with feet added to use as risers and think you could probably do the same with a trivet.

    Do you ever use alcohol or patina inks on your silverplate or other metals or glassware? I often see old metal and brass items where I love the shape or style but not the color. I used to paint them but more and more I like the effect of alcohol inks.

  5. About the table. If you could separate the top and the bottom pieces and refinish them, I think they would make unique food boards that are so popular today. I’m not sure you could make them food safe though. The shape of them is what is unique. Just an idea for you.

  6. You have some wonderful treasure.
    If I’m not mistaken; your milk can just may be a Borden’s Chicago Milk Can dating back to the early 40’s
    I really like them “crumb catchers” or “silent Butler’s. Not selling; may be because not many people know what they are; especially the young crowd.
    They are different and unique. Me; I would display them on the wall, right along with my other vintage kitchen items