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All-In-One Mineral Paint Two Tone Furniture Makeover

Painting furniture is quick and easy with an all-in-one mineral paint.

This vintage cedar chest had a style that was all its own. It sat in our family room for several months until I decided it really did need painting. So I painted it. I have the tutorial for you today along with something super exciting!

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cedar chest before makeover

This is the cedar chest. I first planned to leave it as is, but after looking at it for several months, I couldn’t take the diamond-shaped wood details anymore. They looked like pyramids sticking out from the sides.

dented and scratched furniture

And I wasn’t a fan of the arrow-looking wood applique in the front middle either. As you can tell from the photo above, the top of the cedar chest had deep scratches and places where the original finish was worn down. 

how to remove wood decals from furniture

The first order of business was to remove the pyramid diamonds. I wedged a paint scraper underneath and pulled the pieces off the chest. They were nailed in place but easy to remove. 

remove wood pieces from furniture

I also used the scraper to remove the wood piece in the middle.

how to remove nails from furniture

But it left all the tiny nails behind, and it took me about 30 minutes to remove them all.

furniture ready to paint

I left the two small panel appliques on the ends in place.

chipped furniture

There was a significant area on the side of the chest top where some of the wood was missing.

how to repair furniture

I filled the missing area with wood filler and sanded it to shape after the filler dried. Now, it’s time to paint the chest. 

Dixie Belle Paint sent me every color in their new National Parks Collection of paints. The description from the Dixie Belle website…. In this exclusive collection, we pay homage to the awe-inspiring landscapes of National Parks scattered across the United States….. allow yourself to experience an artistic experience that not only captures the essence of our parks but also features easy application, exceptional durability, and a flawless finish. 

Badlands paint color from Dixie Belle

My vision for the cedar chest was a tone-on-tone finish, with the base being darker than the top. I chose the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, Badlands, for the base. The color is warm and earthy, similar to a medium taupe. (this post contains affiliate links)


Dixie Belle Glacier paint color

For the body of the cedar chest, I chose the Glacier color.

Dixie Belle paint color Glacier

I didn’t realize how white it would be. I guess the name Glacier should have been a clue! The color is pretty, but it’s way too white against the Badlands’ color – too much contrast.

Mixing two paint colors together

If you’ve been around here for a while,, you know that I mix my paint colors all the time. Combining colors doesn’t scare me or make me nervous, especially if I’m only going a bit darker or lighter with the paint.

So, to achieve the tone-on-tone paint finish, I decided to mix a little of the Badlands color with the Glacier color. I started with small amounts of Badlands, then added more until I was happy with the color.

make custom color paint

I smudged small dabs of paint onto the cedar chest comparing the colors as I mixed them together.

how to make light paint darker 1

Then I applied one coat of the newly mixed color over the Glacier color.

faux distress paint or add color over another color on furniture

To finish the look, I decided to do some faux distressing using Badlands and the Dixie Belle Thing-a-ma-jig. I brushed paint onto the “thing.”

how to faux distress paint 2

Then, I ran the “thing” over all the edges and raised details for the faux distressed look. During this process, I brushed more paint onto the thing as needed. 

All-in-One Mineral Paint two tone furniture makeover with Dixie Belle Paint

And that was it. The new tone-on-tone paint finish is light, fresh, and very different from the original.

how to faux distress all in one paint

The faux distressing adds to the look. It’s very subtle but adds depth and character.

cedar chest painted with Dixie Belle All In One Mineral Paint

To tie the two colors together a bit more, I painted the decorative keyhole piece with Badlands and then lightly dry brushed the color-mixed paint over it. The locking mechanism had already been removed from this cedar chest, but the pretty decorative piece remained. 

two tone furniture makeover in neutral colors from Dixie Belle Paint

I didn’t bother distressing or faux-distressing the feet, although now that I think about it, I may go back and faux-distress them with the lighter paint. 

Dixie Belle All In One Mineral Paint two tone furniture makeover reveal

So that’s it. What do you think? Some of you will be unhappy because I painted the cedar chest. It was too old-fashioned looking for me. This piece would be perfect as extra storage at the foot of the bed or as a coffee table. I painted the backside of the cedar chest too.


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cedar chest makeover with Dixie Belle Paint

Which Dixie Belle paint color was your favorite? As always thanks for being here, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I have a cedar chest that I will be painting soon. The Glacier paint color will be perfect!

  2. Kathy,
    The colors are perfect! It looks refreshed yet somehow a bit nostalgic, like the painted blankets chests from Pennsylvania. It is SO much easier on the eye now. Lovely.

  3. I used Glacier, too, and I love how it lightens and brightens a tired piece. Your cedar chest turned out beautifully. Pinned

  4. Hi Kathy! I didn’t think Glacier would be that bright either. The final product came out really pretty. I haven’t ever faux distressed like that but I would like to try. Thank you for the. Han e to win some products. I sure need some.🙃

  5. I love the color you planted the coffee table. I would love to see something painted in Sequoia Silk.

  6. Good afternoon Kathy,
    I love the tone on tone and the special mix you made, it’s absolutely beautiful 😍

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I love the new color and it looks completely different without those appliques. Great job, as usual!

  8. I really love this transformation, Kathy! I agree all those original details detracted from the overall look. The legs/base, the edge on the lid, and the key hole give this piece all the detail that it needs. I love your custom colour mix — it suits this chest perfectly. And the distressing is just the right amount. Thank you for sharing! This one is a definite keeper. Love it!

  9. What a difference removing the appliques made! It is fresh and updated now. It would make a great coffee table too! XOXO

  10. This chest looks so clean and modern now, I LOVE the new look and these #nationalparkcollection colors. I also love you sharing and encouraging us to mix our paint. An excellent tip to make your paint go further and get that custom detail! XOXO Pinned!!

  11. Brilliant idea to distress with the darker color! I never thought of doing that but I will give this a try! The colors are gorgeous and the piece looks amazing Kathy! Pinned 😊

  12. The sequoia color is the one that sticks out the most to me. Thanks for sharing your projects. Love them all.