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Painting Furniture With Dixie Belle Paint

Easy no-mess distress technique on a twin headboard bench painted with Dixie Belle paint, color Peacock!

How to distress Dixie Belle Paint

This tutorial is short and sweet and today is Furniture Fixer Upper Day! You guys know what that means.

before makeover

The headboard bench is a thrifty find from a local flea market/furniture store and the price was $28. I don’t know who put the bench together but they did a great job.

Dixie Belle Paint Peacock color

A friend of mine gave me a jar of Dixie Belle paint to try. I have to admit although photos of beautiful projects featuring Dixie Belle have been all over the internet for years…..this is my first Dixie Belle project. I will let you know my views on the paint after I finish the project.

tips for painting furniture

Since the bench was small I was able to sit it on my worktable. The first thing I did was lay the bench on its back so I could paint the interior sides and back below the seat.

painting furniture with Dixie Belle paint Peacock color (2)

Then I turned the bench right side up and painted all those detailed spindles. That is a job.

headboard bench with one coat of Dixie Belle paint color Peacock
headboard bench with one coat of Dixie Belle paint color Peacock

The paint covered well and the photo above shows how the bench looked with one coat of paint. Drying time was really quick and I applied a second coat of paint and that was it.

how to use clorox wipes to distress painted furniture

I let the paint dry completely but not overnight. The wet distress method using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes works best if the paint hasn’t been cured for a long time.

how to wet distress painted furniture

I like to wet distress using the Clorox wipes or baby wipes because there is no sanding mess! The Clorox wipes are a little too wet so I have to wring them out before rubbing the wipes over the paint.

Now, it depends on the type of paint and of course how long the paint has cured as to how much rubbing it takes to remove the paint. Even though the bench was freshly painted it took a bit of elbow grease to distress the paint.

I found the best way to use the wipes was to go over a few areas with the wipe and let it set then wipe over the damp area to remove the paint. I lightly distressed a few areas on the bench. I didn’t go all out and remove a lot of paint.

Dixie Belle paint covers well and goes a long way

This jar of Dixie Belle paint was the 8-ounce size and you can see in the photo above I only used about half a jar. The paint is thicker than some of the latex paints I use. That’s fine. It covers really well and seems to adhere well. So, I’m impressed! I like the paint and I’m sure I will be using more of it.

painted headboard bench (4)

The twin headboard bench couldn’t have turned out better. The light distressing on the carved spindles looks great. Believe it or not I finished the bench project in an afternoon.

Painting furniture is not as time-consuming as most people think. The part of a makeover that takes the most time is the prep work. A furniture piece that is clean and in good condition can be painted in a day or less.

vintage quilt displayed on a painted bench

I staged the bench for photos using a few of my favorite quilts I’ve collected over the years. In case you guys are new here I’m a pushover for any orange and turquoise color combination.

paint a twin headboard bench with Dixie Bell Paint color Peacock a beautiful blue

The bench is the perfect size for a child’s room. Or you could just use the bench as a plant shelf or to display quilts!

how to distress painted furniture with Clorox wipes or wet wipes

I plan to sell the little bench in my booth. Much as I would like, I can’t keep everything I paint.


small Christmas wreath hanging from a twin headboard bench painted blue

Another look at the bench with a small Christmas wreath hanging on the rail. It’s getting close to the season.

My Favorite Dixie Belle Products:

How to paint a twin headboard bench with Dixie Belle Paint


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As always thanks for being here, Kathy

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